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The Deli's folks

November 24, 2015

Emerging Bands and Artists,

The Deli's Regional Year End Polls for Emerging Artists are back!



Ugh, do you REALLY want to know? The process to determine these lists is rather complicated, and occurred to The Deli's fouding fathers during a collective nightmare back in 2006 - if you want to try and get your head around it be our guest and go here. But if all you are interested in is to be part of it and get some free exposure, then STAY AWAY FROM THAT PAGE!!!

Eligibility: To be eligible, your band needs to 
1. be based in one of the scenes we cover (list here), 
2. have music available online
3. have played live at least once in 2013
4. Have less than 15k Facebook friends. By the way, fake Facebook friends make us angry. 

The first phase of this poll allows ANY BAND OR SOLO ARTIST to submit their music for a minimum of 3 spots in the pool of the Best of your city nominees. This phase starts right now! 


The Deli Peeps

November 20, 2015

Bouncing around must be easier since dropping the "Dale Earnhardt" from their name this summer because JR JR's feet barely touched the ground and the audience kept pace. With vocals smooth as silk and matching checked jackets, these boys from Detroit put on a hell of a show. I caught the last few songs of the opener Brothertiger, which perfectly set up JR JR to capture the audience’s attention and never let it go. Playing their latest single, Gone (see below), engagement with the crowd reached a fever pitch as everybody sang along and jumped in time to the beat. Give the video a watch below and keep your eyes peeled for the next set of tour dates! -Jonathan Goodwin

November 14, 2015

They're from Baltimore and they know how to rock. The Milestones just put out a new EP, Honey, and it rocks. Flat out, the music rocks and knows it. The band's shows makes for great dance parties and they exude a solid confidence and love for the music. The EP has a deep spread, touching on different emotions and diverse rhythms, making it a great addition to a road trip playlist. Give it a listen or, better yet, step over to The Black Cat tomorrow, 11/10, and catch The Milestones open for Moving Units! -Jonathan Goodwin


November 09, 2015

Bouncing onto the Baltimore scene, Parks Landing has unveiled their very first music video exclusively with The Deli Magazine. "Voices in My Head" perfectly encapsulates the band's sound and energy: feel-good, upbeat, and serene. Mixing in fine bits of rock, pop, and indie, the vid captures the fun aura surrounding the band and is MTV-ready, that is if MTV still played music videos. Don't miss their record release party at Ottobar on 11/21! -Jonathan Goodwin

November 09, 2015

Bursting onto the DC punk scene earlier this year, The Split Seconds just put out an eponymous LP, their debut release, filled with sick riffs and raw, throaty vocals. Their influences range from The Buzzcocks to Screeching Weasel, distilling classic punk elements from decades of material and still making it sound like a modern album. If you’re in the mood for top-notch punk rock, check out their new album and keep an eye out for future show announcements. -Jonathan Goodwin

November 08, 2015


New Poll Coming Soon!

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