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Dear Deli Readers,

Issue #47 of The Deli NYC is now available online, you can read it here!

It's the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit issue! See section about pedals in the second half of the magazine, in part curated by Gearphoria.com.


The Folks at The Deli NYC

August 28, 2016

Doll Baby formed a little over a year ago in Richmond, and released their debut EP Polliwog in June. Their sound combines an energetic punk rock with guitar driven heaviness of alternative rock bands like Jawbox and The Smashing Pumpkins. The opening track “The Great Divide” puts frontwoman and guitarist Julie Stroey’s flexible vocals and introspective lyrics on display, while the layered guitars help to drive the track's moody atmosphere. Following song “Drift” was originally included on their 2015 demo, but appears on the EP with a reimagined sound characterized by swift, crashing drums, shouted vocals, and distorted glistening guitars that show the band’s versatility. Doll Baby will be playing Strange Matter on August 12th in support of Solids. - John Honan

August 05, 2016

 The Wimps could easily be mistaken for a 60s band that never quite made it big, instead they're a young Richmond based quartet who formed less than a year ago and take inspiration from prominent artists such as The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, and The Stooges. In April they released their debut self-titled full length, which features 10 garage pop tracks dripping with infectious melodies and catchy lyrics. The record highlights a variety of different sounds from the 60s that range from the easy going melodic pop of female singers like Lesley Gore to the R&B soul of artists like Percy Sledge. It also contains the energy and attitude of garage rock characterized by buzzing guitars and precise drumwork. The Wimps will be playing Strange Matter on August 9th in support of Lady God. - John Honan

August 04, 2016

If this is what bad magic is then I don’t even want to know what good magic is because I’m sure I will keep coming back to the beguiling clutch of Bad Magic’s music. The Richmond trio–consisting of Julie Karr, Jimmy Held and Tim Falen–hits a sweet spot between rough and tender, coaxing us listeners with the rugged charm of high strung guitars and then easing us down with languid vocals. Julie bewitches with her vocals, textured with longing and fire, and commandeers each track with a snaking guitar riff that sneaks up on you before exploding. Bad Magic’s music is raw but melodious, packing every inch of each chord and progression with feeling and desire, melting everything around you away. Luckily enough they’re performing at Strange Matter on August 8 so if you’re looking to be enchanted just take a listen below and catch their show on monday! - Adriana S. Ballester

August 04, 2016

Aerial View hail from Silver Spring, Maryland, and play a rather tranquil brand of indie rock that combines the ethereal sounds of shoegaze with the technical complexity of math rock. Their latest EP Wear breezes by with clean guitar tones that exhibit a different sound on each song. The track “Desiderium” (streaming) evokes the guitar playing of Hum, but with a more elegant and less crunchy tone. The EP’s closer “Hypnotist” ventures into prog rock reminiscent of the band Yes, while maintaining a dreamy guitar-driven shoegaze inspired sound. Aerial View will be playing at the Velvet Lounge on August 7th in support of HTML. - John Honan

August 04, 2016

If we were living in an '80s movie and the protagonist sees his love interest for the first time it would be as she’s dancing to “Violent Soul” in some dimly lit club, her hair primped to an effortlessly chic voluminous ‘do, neon flourescent lights flickering in the background. With an abundant amount of dark and ambient synths it’s difficult not to find ‘80s new wave as an influence on True Body. The distant, unpolished vocals on Demo ‘16 (streaming below) call to mind British alt rockers White Lies, with a touch of U2, but the spacey keys are reminiscent of Talking Head and DEVO–certainly something that belongs on the soundtrack to some John Hughes film. It’s brooding, yet bubbly, meant to be enjoyed in the late hours of the night when the idea of tomorrow is but a fleeting thought and you’re trying to forget who and where you are.

Accompanying True Body on stage that night is Fat Spirit, whose name does not deceive. Their tracks are perfused with an ecstatic sensation– spastic guitars shimmy throughout the album, swirling to life a sound that recalls a rough around the edges '60s psych rock guitar riff. The vocals teeter between tender and moving to distant and apathetic, a perfect combination when singing about love, as Fat Spirit does throughout the album, or more specifically the loss of love and disintegrating relationships.

Lose yourself in Fat Spirit and True Body’s music below and make sure to check them out at Strange Matter on August 4. - Adriana S. Ballester



August 03, 2016

Who's your favorite Emerging DC Area Artist on this list?

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