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Paperhaus’ “Silent Speaking” (streaming below) beckons you in unabashedly with chaotic rumblings resembling a stampede of cymbals, hi-hats, batucada-esque drumming, and jittery bursts of guitars. The arrhythmic clamor works at once both with and against one another before evening out and transforming into a high energy tune of angular riffs and melodic shifts. The Virginia based band, whose previous work gives a hearty nod towards psychedelic blues with hints of math rock, finds itself leaning ever further into the angular soundscapes of the latter with its most recent single. However, the fervent energy that made their self-titled debut so dynamically spectacular remains ever more present in their sound. If this single is any indication of what we should expect from Paperhaus in the future then color me intrigued. Definitely keeping an eye out for them! Catch Paperhaus on July 13 at DC Nine. - Adriana S. Ballester

June 24, 2016

Just a month ago Milo in the Doldrums, hailing from the sandy beaches of Northern Virginia, released their self-titled debut EP. The EP is tinged with a touch of melancholy but charged with an electrifying sense of life, a heart vibrantly pounding with every drum beat and a rush of blood coursing through the guttural strums of the guitars. May’s vocals, at times razor sharp and smooth and then quivering, glide elegantly over the weighted guitars, which break out in bouts of heavy and melodious riffs, often building up to a climax before stripping back down to merely vocals and then beginning the whole process again. Milo in the Doldrums will be playing DC’s Velvet Lounge on June 29 but you can listen to their EP streaming below.

June 21, 2016

You've certainly seen her name and probably heard her music around town. DC's own folk songstress Sara Curtin is set to headline a show at DC9 on Saturday, 6/18. She has a lovely, hypnotic voice that'll certainly entrance you into exploring more of her music. Hailed as one of DC's finest musicians, she pours out sultry, slow, almost haunting melodies akin to Sharon van Etten. Her latest album, Michigan Lilium, is a masterpiece of smart lyrics and alluring music and was recorded in her very own home studio. Come out and catch this wondrous singer-songwriter's early show at DC9, 6/18, headlining with Post Sixty-Five and Fellow Creatures. Doors at 6:30, $8. -Jonathan Goodwin 

June 10, 2016

You have plans for Saturday night now. If you had any already, you have new ones now. Richmond-based Cloak/Dagger will be shredding and thrashing and tearing up the Black Cat's backstage when they open for Texas bands Bad Sports and headlining Radioactivity. It's gonna be a hell of night for punk fans with these three fantastic acts. Cloak/Dagger burst right into furious, pounding guitars and roaring, raspy vocals that'll surely have the crowd headbanging along. They haven't put out an album in quite some time, it seems, but some signs suggest they'll be putting out new material for the masses soon. Give them a listen and catch what's bound to be a frenzy of punk rock this weekend. Doors at 7:30, $12. -Jonathan Goodwin


June 07, 2016

Shredding at insane speeds from the outset, Cherry Pits is the Richmond punk band you need to see live and don't want to mess with. Their stage presence is electric and defiant, blasting out all that's good about their noise punk flavor and keeping their Sunday night show at Strange Matter going full speed ahead even after a forced guitar switch. Each member of this fearsome foursome performed his piece flawlessly, effusing contagious energy and displaying a mastery of what it means to play in a punk band. Smooth, yet raw, Cherry Pits takes names until there aren't any left. Give these powerpop-influenced punks your ears and catch a show when you can. -Jonathan Goodwin



May 31, 2016

This Saturday, in support of restoring the Baltimore Book Thing to its former, unburnt glory, you can catch a killer charity show at Peabody Heights Brewery starting at noon. In what will practically be a small music festival, you can rock out to some of Baltimore's best and hottest bands of today. Tickets are $12 in advance here and $15 at the door. Go listen to some good tunes for a great cause to kick off your Memorial Day weekend.

Having just landed their recent EP on Spotify and iTunes, The Milestones will be sharing their beautiful alt-dance tomorrow. Playing a rash of shows in DC and Baltimore, this foursome features very talented performers and they know how to hypnotize your feet into a might fine dance. Be sure to see Sun Club's performance, as they've been mixing up their live show lately, experimenting with some Animal Collective-style atmospheric noise rock. They've recently shared the stage with the likes of Ra Ra Riot and PWR BTTM, so you know they have jams worth hearing. Bringing in some hot, spaced-out funk is Greasy Hands, a quartet that blends soulful riffs and synth-heavy key action into a merry-go-round of sound, making you move and dance along. Many more artists (too many to list here) will be also playing to support a meaningful fixture in the Baltimore community, so get out there! -Jonathan Goodwin







May 27, 2016


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