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Clear your schedules this Saturday night or you'll miss out on a good time with The Dough Rollers onstage. They're fresh, they're freaky, and they're kicking off their East Coast with us on 9/5 at the 9:30. Channeling the gravelly playing of the great blues men of the past and pouring some indie riffs like gravy over it all, The Dough Rollers have an unmistakable and unique energy that will reach into anyone and get them bumping to the music. Don't add another regret to your list and check out their show this weekend. -Jonathan Goodwin


September 03, 2015

The Summer 2015 issue of The Deli NYC is up in the clouds!


The real thing will hit the streets of NYC on September 10.

The Deli's Staff

September 03, 2015

Broke Royals are a bold duo hailing from Virginia, bringing with them an inspired sound and fun energy. Having played together for barely a year, members Philip Basnight and Colin Cross have recorded and released two stellar EPs, The Luxury of Time Pts. I & II, fusing their different creative spirits into a wondrous collaboration. Broke Royals are fresh and they're similar to the best parts of Bastille, but with an acoustic bent and heartstring-tugging lyrics. They're on the rise in the region: they opened for UK band Life in Film last week. You can catch this dynamic pairing live at the Tropicalia, 9/18, playing second between Skyline Hotel and Bencoolen. Doors at 7, $10, and a great time is assured. -Jonathan Goodwin

September 02, 2015

Need a new track that you can play on repeat and just let loose? Baltimore's own Bosley has you covered with his new single Are We In Love? A funky, soulful track, it lulls you in with dulcet tones and holds you down with a rich chorus and wonderful instrumentals. It’s a dance beat, it’s great for relaxation, it’s perfect for a montage, it can get you through the day. Check it out when Bosley plays at The Black Cat on 9/3. $10 backstage, doors at 7:30. -Jonathan Goodwin

August 31, 2015

Looking for new, versatile jam that makes you jump, dance, and lose your mind? Try on indie hard rock band The Milestones for size; it’s a good fit. They’re a brash and fun quartet from Baltimore with a distinct and diverse sound all their own and their live performances are unmissable.

Their performance at DC9 on 8/26 did not give this writer’s eardrums a break and infected the audience with an energy that didn’t quit, even after the band started tearing down their kit. Their set featured excellent guitar fades and mind-blowing drum solos. These guys know how to interact with the audience given their fun banter and focused showmanship, so make sure to catch them live or miss an experience worth remembering. They have an EP, Honey, coming out later this summer and some shows in NYC this weekend. Leftfield, 8/29 at 8pm and D’Herde East, 8/30 at 2pm. -Jonathan Goodwin

August 28, 2015

From across the pond comes one of the hardest working indie bands today. Founded in 2012, Life in Film is at the halfway point of their first headlining tour of the US. They just finished opening on the Wombats tour a couple months ago, but they’re back at it again, reaching out to new audiences and sharing their artistry with us Yanks. They also put out their debut album Get Closer in April and have more stuff in the works for a sophomore release.

I watched their performance Tuesday, 8/25, at the Rock & Roll Hotel, their first-ever show in DC and I was wowed from start to finish. I spoke briefly with frontman Samuel Fry before the show, who revealed the band all works together to produce their music and that his favorite part of playing live is the unpredictability, giving new life to songs that had only been written and recorded. While at the show, I certainly found new life in songs I had only heard on Spotify. Literally everyone in the crowded space was jamming to the music, dancing and bopping heads to the rich beats. The thick bass shook my beer bottle and the lefty lead guitarist rocked his glasses right off his face. Life in Film has a sound all its own, not derivative in the slightest. Their stage presence was simple and engaging in its appeal, avoiding unnecessary flash and hitting the essentials for a good time. Catch them at their remaining US shows or miss out on a fantastic experience. -Jonathan Goodwin

August 27, 2015


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