Deli Magazine


Interview with GEMS

- by Natan Press

GEMS expoloded onto the DC scene last year, winning the Deli's DC Area Emerging Artist of the Year in 2013 with almost all of the juror votes. Their solid production, chill sounds and the beautiful voice of Lindsay Pitts combine to give the local listener a band they can cheer for as GEMS speeds along towards national recognition. In this interview, we tried to find out how GEMS was able to do so much in such a short time, and how they developed their thoughtful style and professional work-ethic.

How did the band begin? What were your goals and aspirations in the beginning? Why start a band?

We've been doing music together for years. It's really the only thing I can imagine doing.

How did you develop your aesthetic (your sound, your imagery, your look)? Where does the name come from?

I think one way to be creative is to limit yourself. When you're making art, it's easy to want to do everything. We decided to work within certain constraints, I think it forces you to think outside the box a little.

Why singles, and not albums? We do all of our own production and mixing and everything. When we would finish a song we were into, I didn’t want to wait until we had a bunch of songs to share it with people. I wanted to share it right away so people could be a part of the process with us. We did put out an EP a few months ago, so we stored some songs up for that.

How has the internet and social media helped or hurt you? How have you taken advantage of it, and how has it affected your progress?

The internet is an amazing tool! Soundcloud is an awesome community of people sharing music they love. Sites like that have allowed our music to spread to people all over the world.

Who’s on your team? How did you find help (management, publicity) if you did? How do they help you? What have you been able to do on your own to help make your music a success?

We have a wonderful team. They came to us because of the hard work we did ourselves in the beginning. We held ourselves to a really high standard with the production and songwriting. I think it spoke to people and the music spread online.

How do you see GEMS progressing from here? What‘s next, both creatively and professionally?

Lots of touring, probably another EP and an album. And always challenging ourselves, working to get better every day.