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Alex Vans Offers New EP For Free

Alex Vans Offers New EP For Free

Alex Vans 

Singer-songwriter, Alex Vans, has released a new EP titled Old Souls and Other Cellar Songs that has been filling my stereo (alongside his self-titled EP, released in April of last year) this week with his ragged voice and blues guitar. He's also been cool enough to offer the new EP for free for a limited time if you sign up for his mailing list

The thing that will surprise you about these EP's is not Alex's emotional voice or his masterful guitar playing, it's just how versatile his songwriting is. The tracks span effortlessly between bright pop songs, wrenching and raunchy blues anthems (with harmonicas blaring) and delicately lamenting ballads. The common thread amongst these songs is a bare, exposed arrangement of chords and words that lets your ears know that what they're hearing is utterly honest.

You can wash away your Valentine's Day hangovers with Alex Vans next week at Iota on February 15th. He'll be opening for Star FK Radium along with a handful of other like-minded artists. (8:30, $10 Cover.) -Jarrett


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