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Beth Israel

Laser Background Record Release Show at Ortlieb's May 13

Correct, the new LP from the Andy Moholt-led musical vehicle of Laser Background, was officially released today via La Société Expéditionnaire/Endless Daze. The album floats on a cozy cloud of psych-pop, cruising in the upper atmosphere of melodic mystery. The tones are invitingly transmitted from somewhere out there; however, invigorating trance-inducing tropical warmth maintains a sense of closeness twinkling in a mystical manner magnetizing the fantasy. Tonight, Ortlieb’s hosts a performance punctuating the album’s arrival. With their own new record Suspended Animation due out in roughly a month’s time, the infectious crisply stacked tunes of Brooklyn’s Leapling occupy the middle slot. The dreary captivating grit of Beth Israel kicks open the doors. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. 3rd St., 8pm, $10, 21+ (Photo by Natalie Piserchio) - Michael Colavita

Beth Israel- "Love"

If you weren’t familiar with Beth Israel’s music before, hearing new track “Love” all on its own might easily see you placing this band within the realm of some math-rockier 80s avant-garde synth-using stuff, but it just as easily feels like something that entirely (and almost gleefully) confuses genre labeling. The whole track is so washed out it actually does sound like you’re hearing it through tin, and the 80s comes in hard with the breakdown riff that starts the song and is dropped throughout it, chopping up the steady synthpop beat and the shoegaze drone that is laid over the track. It’s fucking fun shit, and it keeps up the tongue-in-cheek, “not doing it for the praise” attitude that the iconoclastic and semi-secretive Beth Israel has cultivated over the past few years.

“Love” is cut right out of Beth Israel’s recent The Loaner EP (which you can here in its weird-ass entirety here), and it’s one of like three parts of that 15~ minute record that could actually be called a traditional song. The rest is some strange, creative business, so if you’re into the weird factor of “Love” (or just weird abstract shit in general) you’ll find much to get into in The Loaner as well, because “Love” is probably the least weird part of the whole strange shebang (It literally starts with a minute+ of British imperial orchestra music, with no explanation. Our vote is that is pretty awesome, even if it doesn’t make for easy jamming.).

“Love” is below, The Loaner is here, and Beth Israel is all up in your brain with their whacked out post-punk.


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