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NYC Record of the Month: Blasteroid's "Pretty Good" EP - live at Alphaville on 6.03

As their name implies, Blasteroid's sound is at times an explosive blast of noise, but can also be calm and composed. Since we covered them last (in October 2015) the Brooklynites released their debut EP Pretty Good, a carefully crafted but edgy sounding record, that channels genres as disparate as pop, noise rock, psychedelia and even prog-rock. Opening track “Artie and the Mountain” establishes this right away by starting off with a swirling ambient introduction that erupts about a minute into a bizarre song that juxtaposes monster math rock distorted riffs with more casual moments reminiscent of Pavement. On “Wet Dog” the verses feature hushed vocals and calm instrumentation that come to a head during the grungy chorus with fuzzy, distorted guitars. The band handles these transitions between soft and loud parts with poise, but its unpretentious, "semi-slacking" attitude prevents it from sounding pompous. 'Heater' strikes the best balance between classic song structure, and tension/release dynamics, with its memorable chorus and exploding bridge - while an out of key guitar solo contributes in making things a little bit more random. Enjoyable and imaginative, powerful and melodic, the Pretty Good EP is definitely more than that. 
Blasteroid will be playing Alphaville on June 3rd in support of Holy Tunics. - John Honan

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NYC's Blasteroid is equal parts ethereal and outrageous

Many musicians - electric guitarists and drummers in particular - dream of creating an insanely explosive sound, and often look for names that can express that effort. Enter NYC trio Blasteroid, a band that keeps its moniker's promises in the 20 seconds long, truly blasting intro to their - so far - only single available for streaming, entitled 'Oaf.' We can pretty much see the three of them, in awe, while listening for the first time to the finished song through the studio monitors, high fiving each other second later. After the intro, the song settles into a more tranquil psych pop territory, with a gentle, almost childish Barrettesque melody leading to a dreamy chorus drenched in reverb. The contrast - defined by the band as "equal parts ethereal and outrageous" - has the effect to make every section more enjoyable. Now... give us more please!

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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