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bronson kistler

Album review: Outsides - Million

(Photo by Todd Zimmer)

Though it isn’t actually summer yet, it’s not too late to start that summer playlist. You know, that one you blast when you’re cruising the highways, the back roads, side streets; when you’re headed to the neighborhood pool, the grocery store, so on and so on. Million, by electro-pop band Outsides is the best place to start.

A simple six tracks, Million will grab you by the ears and guide you deep into those wonderful summer vibes. Swelling synth sounds and ethereal “oh oh ohs” kickstart the album. “Just Curious” incorporates simplistic and poppy drum beats from Ryan Shank with delayed synthesizers from Bronson Kistler. A plucky guitar from frontman Tim Ellis creates a flow for the song to rise and fall seamlessly into the chorus and verses, none of which seem the same and create a sort of mini-symphony with several movements under the umbrella of an encompassing theme. The sheer catchiness of this song is a bit outrageous. Smooth vocals keep the song chill and put a smile on your face.
In fact, the whole album is similar to the opening track. Every song sounds like an ‘80s one-hit wonder dance-pop jam waiting to happen, but turns out to be completely different and so much more. The synths are always prominent. The guitars come second, building roads for the songs to travel. The drums aren’t overpowering and are only there to keep your foot tapping and your waist wiggling.
“When It’s Time” offers up a different arrangement with cool guitar work opening up, leading way for the classic piano tones that hide themselves in the crevasses of the otherwise slow jam. The album finishes off with the heavy-hitter, “It’s Gonna Be Alright,” which is by far the most upbeat, fast-paced, and layered track on Million.
Million is six songs that—throughout the duration of each—are ever evolving. No chorus is the same, no verse similar, no musical element static. Each song is dynamic and urges you to move, sing along, and delve deeper into the lyrics and sounds.
--Steven Ervay
Steven is an all-around awesome dude who works tirelessly for the KC music community.
Celebrate with Outsides tonight as they release Million at The Riot Room, with special guests White Girl and The Slowdown. Doors at 7:30 pm. Facebook event page. 

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