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Dirty Fences

Dirty Fences reveal pyramid scheme on recent singles

There are bands out there that are willing to form a human pyramid for the sake of their art and others that aren’t. For one example of the former take Radiohead for instance—no human pyramids happening there there. And they’ve even got a song called “Pyramid Song” but even with the help of Weird Al and Adele they couldn’t make it happen or couldn’t produce photographic evidence of it anyway.

Dirty Fences are clearly a band who are staunchly pro pyramid and they’ve got the esprit de corp and the overall musical moxie to pull it off convincingly too, with a sound falling in the Venn Diagram sweet spot between Bay City Rollers, Misfits, and Motörhead with some junk-shop glam a la Sweet and Slade thrown into the mix as well to sweeten the pot.

The band’s latest singles is called “Pony On” and it’s a power-popping toe tapper that could easily be a long forgotten ‘90s sitcom theme song and also you could do the pony to it pretty easily if you can do the pony. Plus it’s got a catchy b-side about a “Heartache Parade” where “high is fine and I can’t complain.lhAnd then there’s the single they put out earlier this year where both sides (“Pepper Ann / “One In Ten”) lean into the Misfits side of things, while their late 2020 single “Garbage Man”/“Sometimes Sunshine” is even more on the punkier side of things but still super melodic and if you need more musical examples they also put out a retrospective comp recently called Hand Pickled Melodies. Seriously these guys could be full time jingle writers if they didn’t already have too much integrity to go in such a crassly commercial direction.

But if you’re one of these people who subscribes to the theory that bands are best judged by how well they can pull off a Public Access TV live gig then check out the video above to make a fully informed verdict. (Jason Lee)

Buzz Alert: Dirty Fences drops new(ish) release

NYC's self-proclaimed "hardest working band," Dirty Fences, is back at it again with a re-release of their first EP and two totally new tracks. The release delivers 8 songs worth of blistering garage rock, combining thumping beats with fuzzy, blitzed-out guitars to create devilishly danceable tunes that still manage to stay dirty. With tracks typically topping out at the two minute mark, their sound has the feel of a bottle rocket--short, explosive and end with a bang. Check out the Dirty Fence's First "EP" Plus Two Xtra Songs streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



End Up at Another Know End Show Saturday

The Know End in Sight Series has featured some pretty good shows so far, and Saturday's will definitely be one of the best ways to both end this shitty year on and see off the Know from its northeast Alberta home.

We never miss a chance to see to heavy hitters Danava, who still manage to hold such a special place in our hearts even without having released any new material in a long time. Party rockers Mean Jeans will hopefully play almost all of this year's Tight New Dimension which, of course, has had us in a whole other dimension of rowdy punkness since April.

With the coolness of Andy Place and the Coolheads and NYC's Dirty Fences touring through to round out the bill, there's no doubt shit won't get crazy. 

Tickets are only $12, so it'd be smart to get there early and snag one before the night sells out.

Dirty Fences bring their drunken garage rock to Baby's All Right on 8/11

Brooklyn's Dirty Fences, a staple of the New York rock'n'roll scene, have the rare ability to sound tight and drunk at once, two things that hardly ever go hand in hand, and that Irish band The Pogues mastered to perfection. Their two singles in their most recent release, "Colleen and Michael & The Slipper Tree," are garage rock gems building in tension, and feature uplifting vocal arrangements and obvious '60s influences - check them out streaming below. If you want to release a bit of your pent-up energy, make sure to catch them at Baby’s All Right on August 11th. - Madeleine Grossman


New(YC) Releases: Dirty Fences, Young Magic, Paperwhite and Bird of Youth

Here's a quick look at some rad singles that were released in the past month or so by "not exactly emerging" NYC bands, enjoy! (In the picture: Dirty Fences).


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