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Los Angeles dance-y noiserock GUIDES on second-half of winter tour

It's fitting that the trio GUIDES would buzz with visceral tone and asymmetric structure after spending their incubation period in recording studio comp'ny — womb to the sound babies of Nic Hessler, Ducktails, DRINKS, and more. The three have sculpted rock with defibrillating textures since 2012, into songs that exemplify the coastal resurgence of noise and agitas. Their fall EP "Abstract Mind" builds off 2013's self-titled 7", howling as it dances in pools of drone. And more recently, the bristling new wave release "Leave Me Alone", featuring pianist/singer Kristeen Young, shows GUIDES' aesthetic taking new form without dulling its edge.

GUIDES are coming up on the last days of their West Coast tour, places and dates below. - Ryan Mo

Dec. 11 @ Kelly's Olympian (Portland, OR)

Dec. 12 @ Wandering Goat (Eugene, OR)

Dec. 13 @ Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA)

Dec. 15 @ LowBrau (Sacramento, CA)

Dec. 16 @ El Rio (San Francisco, CA)

Dec. 17 @ Temblor Brewing Company (Bakersfield, CA)

Dec. 19 @ Audie's Olympic Tavern/Club Fred (Fresno, CA)


DRINKS Releases New Single – Laying Down Rock

We’re so into Laying Down Rock, the new single from the art rock duo, DRINKS, a new music project consisting of the San Francisco based musician, Tim Presley also known as White Fence and the lovely, Wales native Cate Le Bon. If you like Violent Femmes, the Magnetic Fields, Talking Heads and oddly composed art rock in general, DRINKS’ sense of humor and quirkiness is going to quickly earn your admiration.

Presley and Le Bon switch duties as lead vocalists from one track to another. Their previous single, the title track of their upcoming album, Hermits on Holiday had Le Bon sharing her angelic voice without any presence of Presley's vocal talents.

The tongue and cheek-ness of Laying Down Rock is only appropriately enjoyed with a slightly sadistic grin drawn across your cheeks, as Tim Presley’s off putting, slightly dark confidence and vocal expression is funny, but also a bit sinister. That said, if you listen closely you'll hear a glimmer of hope and a moral in Presley's troubadour-esque declaration that affirms that true love does exist. Take a listen and look out for DRINKS’ upcoming album, Hermits On Holiday, which is due out on August 21st through Birth Records & Heavenly Recordings.


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