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DT Rotbot

DT Rotbot Plays Glasslands and NYU - 4/8 and 4/12

New York based avant-indie band, DT ROTBOT are slated to perform twice in NYC this month. On April 8th, they will play Glasslands with Camadrone & Snark and Marble Fawn for an evening of super strange music to drink and sway to. On April 12th, DT ROTBOT will perform their compositional tales of love and woe, as they play “Two Song Cycles”, both of which are musical reenactments or interpretations of the classic stories of "A Place in the Sun" and "House of Mirth" at New York University. DT ROTBOT is an out of the box, and completely unique band.

You’re going to want to check them out. If you’re a DIY art house scene type of person check out Glasslands, and if you prefer a more intellectual environment, enjoy the free show at NYU. - @lovejordannah


Deli CMJ Post-Chestral Stage at The Living Room with Cuddle Magic, Dangerous Ponies, Doe Paoro, You Bred Raptors? + more


It took us a couple of weeks to come up with a title for this Deli official CMJ show. On Wednesday October 17 at The Living Room we'll have a fair amount of orchestral instruments on stage, from You Bred Raptors'? frantic cello to Cuddle Magic's gentle winds and xylophone, without forgetting the sparse piano lines of Doe Paoro and Starlight Girls' retro flute. But even though all these instruments are borrowed from the classical tradition, all the artists on this bill have a forward looking, at times even experimental attitude. This is why in the end we settled with the label "Post-Chestral", which is a term we are happy to notice nobody used before - at least not since Google was invented! This of course implies that we are either geniuses or terrible-new-word creators...

Early that evening we'll have the noir chamber pop of Friend Roulette , In One Wind's orchestrated experimentations, and DT Rotbot intricate post-rock. Later at night we'll be enterteined by the cinematic and atmospheric music of Industries of the Blind followed by cheerful Philadelphia based collective Dangerous Ponies(in the picture, Cuddle Magic and You Bred Raptors).



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