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Punk NYC band EndAnd's new EP "Fun Times with Shitty People"

Gowanus, Brooklyn's local punk rockers EndAnd (a band we booked for on of our CMJ shows two years ago) have been embracing the NYHC punk sound since 2011 while giving it a softer, more melodic edge - somewhat reminiscent of Nightbirds. The trio's sound is defined by Daniel Fern's incredibly thick and raw distorted guitar and  by his powerful pipes. They've just released a 6-track EP entitled "Fun Times with Shitty People" that was recorded in just 7 hours to really give it that live, underproduced, fuzzy punk-rock feel - but boy, it's so tight and explosive you wouldn't think so. The EP's intro song 'Art #1' is an unrelenting, tense sonic attack with interesting math moments and a chorus that's borderline grunge, while second track "Choked On Beer" (streaming) follows a more standard (and fun) punk rock script.  The band currently doesn't have any tour dates scheduled, but after coming off a recent performance at Skate Brooklyn Skate Shop on 10.4, some are likely to emerge so stay tuned! -Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Weekly Feature: EndAnd - Live at Union Hall, 11.09

With one album to their name, a second in the making, and already a sizeable fan base, EndAnd are the outsiders to keep an eye on. Thoughtfully split between polished recordings and DIY methods, their "Adventures of Fi in Space" cross the paths of bands like Husker Du, Nirvana or Queens of the Stone Age, finding on their way this tricky balance between aesthetic satisfaction, pop sensibility, and a dedication to hard rocking. Pulling through power chords and fuzzed-up weirdness with a strongly disarming sensitivity, they've managed to reach some unexplored confines of 90s heritage, off the beaten tracks, where everything you thought you knew just suddenly sounds a little peculiar. - See the band live at Union Hall on 11.09, read Tracy Mamoun interview with the band here.


Tracy's CMJ Day 5 -TinVulva, Bugs In The Dark, Life Size Maps, Eula, The Everymen, EndAnd, SLEEPiES & more

And finally, we get to the last day of this CMJ fest. Far from tired, I'm in a place where, buzzing off the large amounts of live music I've been restlessly taking in for the last four days, I'm just NOT sure what to do with myself once this is over. Converse might be hard, as one: I've gone partially deaf, and two: all I've been doing all week is chat and shake hands, to the point where if I have to say once more 'Tracy from The Deli', I might just die. But before I unplug my brain for the whole of Sunday, time to take you through the final leg of this run. Read Tracy Mamoun's report of CMJ's Day 5 here. - In the picture and streaming: SLEEPiES, who by the way have planned a sweet Halloween bash mit Pixies, Ramones, Siouxsie and The Banshees and Joy Division covers, check it out here

MOVED TO XPO 929!!! Deli CMJ Noisy Stage



Finally, here's our last announcement for this CMJ week - on Saturday, we'll be welcoming some of the city's best noise/punk/post-punk up-and-comers to XPO 929's stage, for an afternoon of high decibels and free booze (specifically, vodka and bourbon on the house all day!!!). Kicking off with alternative punk/riot grrrl trio TinVulva, followed by female fronted Bugs In The Dark and their fierce slow-burning indie rock, this show will be bringing to you Life Size Maps, who over the course of three records, have worked out their own brand of noise pop eccentricities and EULA (all in caps, please), another lady-led trio that's been attracting a fair deal of attention over the last couple of years with its wild post-punk jams served with an attitude and a half. And now we get to the this show's two headliners, with first up, The Everymen, eight-piece (the more, the merrier!) rock&roll explosion from New Jersey who recently released their debut LP 'NJHC" and finally, EndAnd, so-called 90s revivalists with the balls to push some aesthetics which not many under that label really seems ambitious enough to attempt, working on the follow-up to their -most impressive- debut. In the picture: Life Size Maps


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