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Loveskills - Taking Dance Music Back to the Future

Nabbing their moniker from a 1984 adult film with the subtitle, “A Guide to the Pleasures of Sex,” Brooklyn’s Loveskills released the warmly-textured “Multiplicity” EP this past spring, songwriter Richard Spitzer having played and produced every note. A band was quickly formed and lead single “Cover Me” pulled in solid early reviews for its searing Italo-Disco soundscape (think Georgio Morodor’s production of “Maniac,” minus the Top 40 flourishes). The rest of the EP dabbles in dubstep, late ‘80s house beats and hip-hop, all couched in Spitzer’s jazzy futurism. Lyrically, things never veer too far from the ‘we’re-young-and-decadent’ theme, except on “We Say Love,” whose lyrics lament a lack of contemporary empathy with lines like: “The nation’s happy learning math, while they're stuck like I am turning back/But we say love.” - Brian Chidester


CMJ TUESDAY ELECTRO STAGE: In The Valley Below, BrotherTiger, Denetia & Sene, Party Supplies, Loveskills, White Prism + more

Tonight folks!

Our Music Marathon starts with a blip! An all-electro party involving 16 bands playing on two stages at LES' The Delancey on Tuesday October 15. Lots of NYC bands of course, but also a great LA headliner (In The Valley Below) - do not miss!

7:00 Candide
7:50 Night Panther (PA)
8:40 White Prism
9:30 Denitia and Sene
10:20 Brothertiger
11:10 In The Valley Below (LA)
12:00 Cold Blood Club
12:50 Bright Future

7.15 Goste
8.00 New Myths
8.45 Erin Barra
9.30 Party Supplies
10.15 Loveskills
11.00 Futurebrite
11.45 Infinity Shred
12.30 Twin Wave

Full Deli CMJ schedule here.

The Deli's Staff

Video Premiere: Loveskills' "Flash in the Dark" + Release Party at Mercury on 02.15

Loveskills is a perfect marriage of sentimental indie pop and deep booty groove shaking. Because no matter how much stuff singer Richard Spitzer goes through each day, he always finds a way to bounce right back to the dance floor. And good for him. The latest video for 'Flash in the Dark' has him making his way to what's probably the most awesomest club in heaven, all to the stop-start cadence of blank. It's a perfect distillation of sentiment molding to wax. See Loveskills live at his release party at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night (Friday 02.15). First 50 people in the doors get a free 12". - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Indie Electro-Pop: Loveskills

It was just a matter of time before one of these indie-electro bands out of Brooklyn tackled old school Italo-Disco. What never ceases to amaze, however, is the way these throwaway ‘80s genres, with their mildly sexy undertones, get recycled into explicitly tripped-out underground anthems in the hands of bands like Loveskills. Their latest single, “Cover Me,” manages to be both melodically loose and dreamy, whilst highly danceable and tighter than a gnat’s ass, production-wise. All of which makes for an exhilarating track invisible to its source material. Never mind its epicurean video, which feels almost like Daft Punk decided to take off their helmets and start hanging around at beer gardens and local house parties. Viva! - Brian Chidester


Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for ELECTRONIC

Since the beginning of the big recession, Electronic Music in NYC has been experiencing an unforeseen explosion, also thanks to the fact that electronic projects are cheaper and more efficient even compared to the most basic of power trios (no need for band mates or rehearsal studios...). Since pretty much any genre can be reproduced electronically, rather than a genre, the word Electronic indicates "sonic material" (as in: 'these songs are made with electronic sounds'). Hence the variety of styles included in this category.

Total submissions in this category: 43

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting around 01.10)

1. Kiss Slash Crooked Smile - 7.66 (out of 10)
1. Clementine & the Galaxy - 7.66
3. AVAN LAVA - 7.50

Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5)

I Am Lightyear, Loveskills, Mitten, Future Screens, Moon Furies, New Myths, Psychobuildings, Jonka, Late Guest at the Party, Young Heel, Maria Takeuchi.

Jurors: Jason Behrends (Deli Chicago), Jacqueline Caruso (Deli LA), QD Tran (Deli Philly).

The Deli's Staff


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