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Thin Lips

Clique Opening for Old Gray at PhilaMOCA June 25

The four-piece of Clique link together in emotive, melodic tones that have a subdued solemn vibe. Fleshing out those internal questions and doubts into songs that lyrically pull from those “what if” parts of the mind, while hitting home in a subtle yet resounding fashion, it's the type of music that lingers in the pit of the stomach. With vocal harmonies and a persistent interlocked musicality, the band moves forward, acknowledging the pitfalls and working through them. Tonight, R5 Productions presents a showcase at PhilaMOCA that throws all those feelings out in the open as fellow locals Thin Lips, who approach those disagreeable heart hitters head-on, transforming sadness into pop-punk combativeness. The emotionally raw, melodic force of New Hampshire’s Old Gray headlines, while Wisconsin’s Milo, a.k.a. Rory Ferreira, provides free-flowing hip-hop in compact experimental packages. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 8pm, $12, All Ages - Michael Colavita


Left & Right Crank the Gas at A House Named Virtue June 21

Left & Right have a sound that etches into one’s system. With songs that provide unaltered snapshots, developed at varying tempos, the band can ride a slow-burner that gradually gathers musical steam in a subdued yet emotionally poignant place or crank the gas to full blast and accelerate the process, cooking up pummeling backend. As we await the release of their forthcoming album, Dogs on Acid is set to perform as is the roaring, riff-tastic pop-punk trio Thin Lips, whose EP Divorce Year is in constant rotation. Austin psych-pop quintet The Sour Notes fills out this evening's lineup. A House Named Virtue, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 8pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Left and Right - Five Year Plan from Robin Comisar on Vimeo.

Night Market w/Needle Points, Thin Lips, The Bul Bey & More in the Eraserhood June 18

The Foodtrust's Night Market comes to the Eraserhood this evening, and our friends at PhilaMOCA will be helping to provide the entertainment while you stuff your faces and wait in ridiculous lines. The Moz's Director, Eric Bresler, has put together a diverse lineup that consists of the psych-garage boogie of Needles Points, the riff-heavy pop-punk of Thin Lips, hustlin' Philly emcee The Bul Bey, Puerto Rican Bomba/Plena outfit Los Bomberos De la Calle, and synth-driven alt rockers Wild By Law. You'll also find Mitch Esparza (The Love Club) roaming the streets as a one-man mariachi band, 12-year-old Mayor of the Eraserhood, Lil Sean, providing a few laughs, and other short performances by the PhilaMOCA family of freaks. Protip: Come to the Night Market before it officially starts to scope it out and get your food. Even Better Protip: If you can only get there in the middle of the event, head on over to Jose's (469 N. 10th St.), and grab yourself a delicious burrito because those long lines aren't worth it. Eraserhood, 12th & 13th Sts. between Spring Garden & Callowhill Sts., 6pm-10pm, Free, All Ages - Q.D. Tran

Socialite Help Escalate the Situation at Hong Kong Garden June 11

The four-piece of Socialite featuring Ian Dykstra (Little Big League, ex-Titus Andronicus) and Perry Shall (Dry Feet, Hound) is part of a stacked billing tonight at Hong Kong Garden. Socialite arrives with an undeniable menacing intensity. Roaring vocals, an unrelenting attacking style of backend, and those raunchy guitar licks unite creating a force of sound that comes right at you, turning up the heat and escalating the situation in a fury. The earnest pop-punk of Thin Lips catches you in a web of relatable scenarios, as polished punches of instrumentation are wielded with vocals that demonstrate the threshold of strength and vulnerability. Catchy lyrics laid over smashing percussion and searing guitar create the dynamic stuck in your head when you hear power-pop duo Slow Animal, while the noise-punk of Kerosene complete a bill that may induce you to start the weekend a day early. Hong Kong Garden, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more information.), 8pm, $5-$7, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Slow Animal Proves to Be Not So Harmless at A House Named Virtue May 28

Simply because an animal appears harmless doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye out as it roams in the periphery. The duo of Slow Animal proves it by executing power-pop that shakes the status quo with emotive crashing waves of guitar and percussion smacking down in a reality-oriented awakening technique, establishing a setting for those personal contemplative lyrics to roam. After a recent run of dates with Hop Along, the trio of Thin Lips has returned home, and its latest EP Divorce Year finds Chrissy Tashijan delivering strong-willed, heartfelt vocals, reinforced by consistently catchy pop-punk instrumentation that steadily rolls clean, while hinting at a raw base. Former Deli Philly Featured Artist(s) Poll Winners Twiin continue to impress with their garage-punk aesthetic and their latest single “Anxiety.” The lineup at A House Named Virtue also includes emotive Baltimore rockers Phantom Lanterns, whom instrumentally embrace a well-oiled math-rock precision and the psych-pop combo of Toronto’s Blonde Elvis. A House Named Virtue, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 8pm, $5-$7, All Ages – Michael Colavita


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