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Venn covers New Order in a deliciously retro music video

Here was a music video that put a smile on my face: DC Deli emerging artists of the month Venn covering one of my all-time favorite songs, Ceremony by New Order. Venn does a nice job capturing the sound of the original track and wrapping it in their own shoegaze sound, setting it all to a cute, superbly retro video.

Being such a huge fan of the original it’s hard for me to refrain from nitpicking. I do wish the guitars were more lo-fi and the vocals a little less intelligble among other things, but reservations aside a fantastic homage to a classic.

-Written by Michael Dranove


DC indie shoegaze outfit Venn drops a great EP

The first song on Venn's self-titled EP, "Surreal", starts out on solid ground, but before you know it the dreampop kicks in and this EP never comes down again.  The textures of the album, to put it simply, are pretty.  The sounds of shoegaze, dreampop, and indie psychedelia blend nicely.  Specifically, the vocals sound almost like what might happen if Morrisey did shoegaze, insolent but cool as heck and full of passion.

All in all a great first original release from these DC youngsters.       

-Written by Michael Dranove       


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