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Wine Lips


Rock and/or roll from the Nation's Capital. Muelkik play a nice blend of different kinds of punk rock. I don't want to say "pop punk" and I'm not going to classify them as "hardcore" either. Their guitars rip and the vocals howl but they manage to do so in a way that leaves you hooked and wanting more. They could have definitely fit right in on the old Punk-O-Rama compilations from the 90s. I dig it. They have tunes available on their bandcamp page but better yet...go see them at Bovine Sex Club on Saturday with Wine Lips and Possum. - Kris Gies


Newish Toronto garage trio Wine Lips has dropped their debut EP. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a couple months ago. They impressed me then and this EP is spot on. Its noisy and raucous while still keeping you interested with catchy melodies and hooks. It opens up with a quick and to the point banger called "Slaves". They had previously released the tune "Dead Beat" which is a wicked 2 minute track featuring thumping drums and a wacky solo. "The Shakes" sings about what most of us feel on a Monday and has a surfy drum beat to go along with the controlled madness that is Wine Lips. The highlight of this EP for me is "Out of Control". Right from the opening riff you can tell it's gonna be a good song. The verse is tight and catchy but when they slam into the chorus thats when you'll be hooked. Add in a deadly solo/breakdown and you're good to go. This EP is available on their bandcamp page for only 5 bucks. Celebrate their release with them on Saturday April 23rd at Bovine Sex Club. - Kris Gies



Nothin' better than a band of greasy Canadians...and that's what Hold'Em is. These guys hail from London, Ontario and just released their new single "Bender". Definitely appropriate track title. Fast and loud is the only way to describe this track. Clearly some Motorhead influences as they wail away through the verse and chorus. A bridge finds its way in there with a much more melodic tone to it and cleaner vocals giving it a nice dynamic. Totally some 90's vibes in this track too reminding me of a mix between Pantera and the Smalls. Stellar lineup at the Central this Saturday with Hold'Em and Wine Lips opening for Two-Bit. - Kris Gies


Interesting tunes coming from this Toronto group Two-Bit. Experimental jazz hip hop may have an odd ring to it but these fellas have some really cool vibes going. Really nice hip hop beats with tripped out vocal samples mixed in. Their tracks have an atmospheric element to it that could make you lose direction. You might fall asleep listening to them but you'll have THE most intense dreams. There appears to be a bit of a mystery surrounding this group Two-Bit. One way to figure it all out is by seeing them LIVE at the Central on Saturday. Wine Lips and Hold'Em also set to appear. - Kris Gies



By definition Yeomans were attendants in a royal household...until now when Yeomas became one of my favorite rock bands in the GTA. They have top notch garage surf vibes. Influenced by The 13th Floor Elevators for sure and as far as more modern bands go I would compare them to the Allah La’s out of California. They have an EP available that was released in 2014. The opening track “Big Bikes” has some beautifully reverbed vocals and excellent surf guitar solos. “Elijah” takes you on a chilled out adventure to a beach....back in the 60‘s. Very nice psycadellia comin from this 3 piece. They even throw an instrumental at you just to make sure you’re awake. Easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while. It’s worth spending money on. You can choose the price on their bandcamp page. Catch them live on Saturday at Bovine Sex Club with Flamingo Báy and Wine Lips. - Kris Gies


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