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Alt Rock

Palm Offering Sonic Refuge Tonight at Goldy's

Gray skies continue to blanket the area, however, this evening’s show at Goldy’s offers a sonic refuge. With a four-pronged experimental psych-rocking arsenal, Palm drifts into the unknown, off the traditional path. The purposefully abrupt deviations develop a sense of anticipatory tension, pushing each song forward to an undisclosed location. Guitars twist in a murky dissonance as the juxtaposing vocals, a ghostly calm, penetrates the periphery. The smattering of backend, meanwhile, provides a steadying hand. Tonight, Palm will joined by the disenchanted daydream of Old Maybe and the introspective experimentation of Microsoft Saint. The innovative exploits of Atlanta’s Hellier Ulysses cap this imaginative evening.  - Goldy's, 723 Chestnut St. - 3FL, $7, 8pm, All Ages – Michael Colavita

Stream "Collective Sigh" The Debut LP From Pinkwash

The highly anticipated release of Collective Sigh, the debut album from the duo of Ashley Arnwine and Joey Doubek aka Pinkwash officially ends this Friday May 13 when it’s released via Don Giovanni Records. Unloading the frustration and anger associated with grieving, the tandem hits the ground running dealing out heavy driving rhythms, which propel the hair-raising primal tear of the vocals. Catch the band’s record release Friday at Lava Space, which also includes SWARM, Andromeda Sky, and King Azaz


Toronto rock trio Womb are getting ready to release their latest album "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up" this spring and they have done us the pleasure of unleashing a new track! "Lotus Twist" has some interesting parts going on. It has almost a circus feel to it with thumping drums and mesmerizing guitar parts. They always find ways to add a swingy-jazz element to their grunge rock sound. Singer/guitarist Ragwax might give you the creeps with his dragging vocals throughout this track. The Lotus Twist will make your head twist as Womb leads you down the path to the unknown world that Womb came from. Actually I think they came from Ajax but you know what I mean. Womb will be celebrating their record release on June 18th at Cherry Colas along with Flamingo Báy, The Ballroom Babies and The Retroaction. Have a listen to "Lotus Twist" below. - Kris Gies


New Lux Perpetua EP Available for Streaming & Download

Since the turn of 2016, Lux Perpetua aka Justin Wolf has been on a monthly EP releasing run. His latest Music for Solipsistic Tendencies meshes frenetic experimental folk with mellower moments of internal contemplation. It’s as if the search party expanded the perimeter, only to realize what they were looking for was too close to originally see. 

Shaking Through w/Hemming

For the premiere episode of the new season of Weathervane Music's Shaking Through (above), the documentary series revamped its usual format a bit, giving us a more in-depth look at their featured artist Hemming (a.k.a. Candice Martello), who has already had quite an interesting journey in the music industry. From getting her feet wet fronting the indie-punk duo Omar to winning VH1's reality show music competition Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, you definitely learn some valuable lessons from Martello's experiences and get the honesty that she's now trying to achieve with her music. You also find her creating a wonderful track, "All I Want," with friends Augusta Koch and Allegra Anka of Cayetana and Matt Schimelfenig and Pat Brier of Three Man Cannon. Take the new single for a spin and download it for free below!


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