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Alt Rock

The Deli / Delicious Audio Unofficial SX Show Day 1 (03.15)

We are happy to announce our return to Austin with not one but TWO live show during the famous music festival in the Texan city. The shows are linked to our Austin Synth and Pedal Expo, hosted on the third floor of very central venue Chuggin' Monkey.

This is a free show - RSVP HERE!

Here's the lineup and a playlist for the first night, on March 15, hosted at the Chuggin' Monkey's ground floor right on East 6th Street!


Rikashay - Easy Goin Indie Double Single "Le Hut/Lunaaa"

Easy goin’ indie rock trio Rikashay hail from Markham. They released a double single last fall “Le Hut/Lunaaa”. “Le Hut” opens up with a mellow adult contemporary verse but don’t get sucked in to that world too easily as the song evolves into an all out indie rock attack. “Lunaaa” has a happier tone to the music although I’m not sure the lyrics match that same gleeful tone. The singer’s voice reminds me of Wayne Petti of Cuff the Duke. Rikashay plays Jimmy Jazz in Guelph on March 30th with The Effens and Pacer before hittin' Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto on April 4th. – Kris Gies


Metric Energizes and Electrifies Audience at ACL Live

Trudeau is under investigation, maple syrup is being diluted with corn syrup but Canada’s greatest export are still as potent and powerful as ever.  Indie rockers, Metric, came to ACL Live on Saturday night and leveled the crowd with an evocative and ear-pinning set.  The opening set from tenured Mexican space rockers, Zoe, gave the show an exciting outset, and a sense of North American bonhomie, with all three nations present. A 16-song set from the headliner would eventually satiate even the most rabid Metric fans.

Emily Haines…. That name is enshrined in the psyche of men and women alike as a goddess who deserves to be fanned and worshipped until the pillars of civilization fall. Haines has a cavalier but seductive air about her that has not lessened since the band began in 1998. Yet the transcendental baptism truly immerses listeners when Haines begins to sing, her vocals pristine and effortless. Sauntering around the stage with a panther-like gait, Haines owns every inch of her path, assiduously stealing the focus of every single member of the audience. 

The show erupted with the sugary “Love You Back” and quickly segued into a sneeringly addictive “Synthetica”.  Guitarist, James Shaw, played an electrifying counterbalance to Haines, unleashing his frenetic energy on songs like “Risk” and “Gold Guns Girls”.  An early set crescendo was reached when a newer hit, “Dressed to Suppress” was played with all the cocksure moxie the band could muster, and followed with the vulnerable and uplifting, “Breathing Underwater”. 

A nostalgic reminiscing took place mid-set, where Haines ruminated on earlier Austin shows that featured BBQ, Barton Springs and playing Stubbs. Yet the driving momentum was hardly diminished and the band then plowed into the surprise of the night, “Cascades”, which had disco charm and a futuristic cocktail party vibe. Little did the audience know that a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ was soon about to be foisted on them by Haines.


“This is the existential part of the set where I decide whether to embrace a time of innocence for the band, or a time of recklessness – Should we play ‘Gimme Sympathy’ or ‘Dead Disco’?”


Despite my own decibel and octave levels reaching Everest-esque heights for “Dead Disco”, it was “Gimme Sympathy” that would be played, with little to no complaining on m end. The building inertia was only further propelled by “Gold Guns Girls”, which layered Haines’ sirenic vocals over frenzied drums and guitars.

An encore of “Dark Saturday”, “Now or Never Now” and the audio equivalent of Thor’s hammer, “Help I’m Alive”, would conclude a colossal show. A curious energy shot through the audience; a motley mix of liberation, adoration and even aggression (a fight broke out in front of me) swirled into the ether. Whatever your motives were for seeing Metric, old fans and new, the sheer force of their sound and eclectic emotional range was delivered with devastating effectiveness, and we  the audience, were gifted the with a 90 minute escape from ourselves.


M. Lockwood Porter releases passionate “Get Back to the Wild”

M. Lockwood Porter’s single off his forthcoming EP, Communion In The Ashes (out March 29, 2019) is a what a good folk-Americana song is supposed to be: it’s solid folksy rock infused with cultural heritage and the frustrations of our roots. Think Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel met the passion of There Will be Blood’s Eli--but less creepy, less religiously obsessed. After teaching in San Francisco for over a decade, Porter’s songwriting began to really reflect what he saw. He writes of the frustration of gentrification, of the sometimes heartless culture of change. In his own words, “The tech boom of the last 10 years has totally transformed the whole Bay Area and essentially made it a playground for the rich...Working-class folks and artists aren't welcome there anymore and this has manifested in rising housing costs, closure of music venues, and the proliferation of homeless tent cities.” His album is an angry-beautiful homage to the people of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley. Give this song a listen, stay tuned for the full EP, and catch him at Amnesia on April 19. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Lazy Eye

After seeing fellow Philly artist Kississippi perform at a DIY show during their first semester at college, Hannah LaRocca became inspired to start writing their very own songs. With Lazy Eye, the moniker represents a “liberating” way for LaRocca to put a positive spin on a childhood insecurity. What began as a solo bedroom project has now blossomed into a full-fledged band with support from high school pal Maddie Blank (on bass and backing vocals), brother Connor LaRocca (on lead guitar), and Amber Ferreira (on drums). The band dropped its first album, Mental Chillness, together at the beginning of this year, which was recorded and mixed by Kyle Pulley at the Headroom. The group is looking to hit the road this summer, and is currently in the process of working on new material. Please feel free to check out our latest Featured Artist(s) interview with Lazy Eye's Hannah LaRocca HERE


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