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Alt Rock

Elvyn Charge You Up w/"Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour"

 So I came across this band called Elvyn. Let me tell ya; if you're feelin' like some easy going pop rock tunes, you're in for a treat. They happen to have just released their second album "Valley of the Kilowatt Hour". Opening track "Ellie" is a solid tune, like a Tom Petty rhythm section layered in some Blue Rodeo guitar work and some sweet melodies all over it. The vocals could be straight from the 60s. Muchos catchy, that's for sure. I will be humming this track in my head for a while. They're mixin’ up some straight power pop with almost a Nova Scotian edge to it and I think you'll like it. Elvyn is doing a double album release party with Run With The Kittens (as well as the Alpacas) on Friday December 11 at the Horseshoe Tavern.



And And And's Bim Ditson to Launch His Mayoral Campaign Tonight at Bunk Bar!

*photo by Todd Walberg. 


And And And's kooky and lively drummer Bim Ditson announced late last month that he's gunning for Portland's 2016 mayoral seat. As a staple of Portland's music scene, Bim's announcement (spurred from a long-running joke) came as a welcomed surprise. Since he's so tight knit and beloved within the community, it's guaranteed he'll focus on what's important to us locals, stating that affordable housing will be the main focus of his campaign. "I want people to be able to afford their rent, " Bim told the Willamette Week. "Things like that are really important to me."


Those things are important to all of us out here in the streets, too, which is why heading down to Bunk Bar tonight for his campaign launch party is really important. There, he'll have all the necessary paperwork needed to get him officially on the ballot. The more people to show up and help out, the better his chances! Sam Coomes and Wooden Indian Burial Ground will be providing the tunes, we just need to provide the signatures. Doors are at 8pm and music begins at 10pm!


Be sure you're registered to vote in Oregon and to bring along a non-perishable food. The launch party is doubling as a Thanksgiving food drive to benefit the needy for the holidays. 


-Cervante Pope

NJ's Charlie Szytk premieres music video for 'Wed'

A little less than a month after releasing his two-part debut LP 'The Arc,' New Jersey folk-rock musician Charlie Szytk now premieres the hauntingly poignant music video (playing below) for album track "Wed." A worrisome dream of romantic regret and nocturnal solitude, the crisp clip shows Szytk strolling through a quiet town and spotting, or imagining, a possible former lover, going onto dance with her amongst friends at a potentially fictional party. Side Saddle's Ian McGuiness co-produced the guitar-blistered song for these visuals and, like the video for his own band's "Legs for Days," this one impresses with its subtle devastation. While Charlie Szytk doesn't currently have any upcoming shows listed, 'The Arc' is available on Bandcamp. - Zach Weg


Buzz Alert! Dilly Dally soars in popularity + plays Horseshoe on 11.27

Four piece grunge band from Toronto Dilly Dally is starting to make a serious buzz. Currently making their way all the way through the USA, they get a brief break back home before heading to Europe in the New Year. I'm diggin' their latest single "Desire" (streaming) from their recently released album "Sore". This track just oozes 90's rock n roll. Basically soft grunge with beautiful atmospheric "ooohs" that would almost make Kim Deal jealous . You can tell they're still just dying to unleash some intense overdrive all over the place. The track "Purple Rage" is a good example of this, showing off a little more anger, although they never lose the tight rhythm and catchy melodies... by the way as I'm writing this I got completely off track while playing the video game on their website... but uhm, regaining some focus... Dilly Dally is doing some cool shit and you can see them live at the Horseshoe on November 27th. - Kris Giles


Pretty Odd Release "The Drab"

  Pretty Odd is a pretty fitting name for the Mississauga based 5-piece alternative rock band, and they just released their impressive latest album, The Drab. “The Drab” really encapsulates with catchy drum beats, mellow psychedelic guitar riffs and smooth vocals, but pushes the band into more of an experimental rock sound. Pretty Odd loves to change groove and time, which takes a lot of talent, and keeps a first time listener on the edge of their seat. Vocal heavy songs like Stood in Waves show off and emphasise the clever songwriting without coming off as pretentious. The diversity in the album's sound listening through almost feels like listening to more than just one band - after a couple songs, I had to check to make sure I was still listening to the same artist.  Overall, The Drab is a unique experience that sucks you in and keeps you there until the end of the album. I can’t recommend this enough to anybody looking for a new sound that combines a whole range of alternative genres. Keep an eye on Pretty Odd, because they’re only going up from here. Check them out with fellow Deli band Denim Skeletons, Nov 27 at Clarke Memorial Hall in Mississauga.

Mike B


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