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Ellen O chills with synthy goodness in newest album "You/Sonata"

Ellen O synthesizes her training as a classical pianist with an affinity for hip hop and trap to forge a fresh sounding chillwave blend. The artist’s experimental fusion creates a soundscape of eerie synthesizers driven by a future bass aesthetic, all of which forms the perfect background for her smoky vocals. Ellen O’s second and most recent album You/Sonata features artists Smoke DZA, SHRAF, and Khallee, as well as a more mature vision of her unique aesthetic. Check out Ellen O's newest album straight from BabyGrande Records or wherever you stream your music. --Amanda Ogea

New Track: "Bird of Paradise" - Nymphaea

Coldwaver Marit Rose Stafstrom brings the horror-show vibes to the dance floor with Nymphaea's latest single "Bird of Paradise". Its the first of two unreleased tracks found on their forthcoming album, The Remastered Singles Collection '16-'17 (Iris Obsscura)  - the other being "Via Superia". The seven-song EP will include recordings from their first two sold-out tapes, Countdown to Ecstasy and Abode of the Merciful. You'll also find reimagined, lo-fi covers of New Order's "Ceremony" and Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face" to round out the release. 

Caustic Touch, EMS, House of Low Culture and Daniel Menche share new 4-way split

 Harsh noise enthusiasts rejoice, as today a 4-way split from some of the most deft musicians in that genre field. Featuring dynamically skilled artist Aaron Turner (Sumac, Old Man Gloom, Isis) and Faith Coloccia of Seattle's Mamiffer as House of Low Culture, Daniel Menche, Andrea K.'s of Vice Device solo project Caustic Touch and EMS, the split showcases each artists' ability to make even the most grating of sounds appealing.

Each artist got at least one track on the split, but Caustic Touch surely commanded much of the album having contributed three. The album carries itself almost like a grating tale, with House of Low Culture's "The Pervasive Mind" as the album's exposition, Caustic Touch's "Desiccating Wind" beginning the rising action, "Is She Ectoplasm?" by Daniel Menche as the falling action, and "Hierarchy of Bodies" by EMS ending it as the resolution.

There's a beauty to its discordance that makes the album gripping. What will be even more interesting to see is how each of these artist's translates these tracks into live performances. See how each of them does it at the release show for the split tonight 12.15 at Modular 8.

Soulful synth pop duo Lesser Pieces lay their feelings bare on "Texas"

The sullen, monochromatic synth pop of Lesser Pieces takes a melancholic turn on "Texas," a solemn meditation on moving on after a relationship ends. The duo of Diane Badie and Mike Slott have their hearts entwined as a fractured rhythm carries its inner monologue with an aloof sultriness.

"Texas" is the first we've heard of the duo after last year's release, "You and I (No Emergency)." It is out on all streaming platforms via OCSNL.



From the Digital Submissions: Miserable Chillers makes lush dream pop

The album artwork for Brooklyn-based Miserable chillersA Flower You Would Like to Eat, looks as if it was torn from the pages of an abbot's musical manuscripts, so it makes sense that there's something almost cathedral-like to the EP. The collection of songs starts with "Love Theme (For the Wilderness)," a track that kicks off with Miguel Gallego's vocals accompanied by the starkness of a clean church organ. As the track continues, the organ begins to oscillate until the song explodes into a lush, dream pop landscape. There's a lot to chew on in this album, as Miserable Chillers propel the listener through carefully constructed soundscapes that are certainly not of this earth. Take a listen below. - Olivia Sisinni

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