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Performance company CabinFever has released a huge collection of songs that were composed by the ensemble to accompany their live dance productions across the country over the last seven years. The album is called ”Homes” and is chamber folk at its finest.

These tracks were written and performed by Evan Anderson, Doug Barber, Patrick Glennon, Anna Goren, Lia Kohl, and Gavin Price.

CabinFever has also released a 12” vinyl album called “Respire” via the Philly label Dead Definition, which features more amazing experimental folk music.

Photo by Joy Jacobs



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Shy Crooner
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Rockwood Music Hall
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Seán Barna reps NYC's indie folk at this year's SXSW

Seán Barna is an indie folk artist who wears an intimidating amount of hats—songwriter, vocalist, percussionist, guitarist, storyteller, influencer. Beginning with just ‘percussionist’ under his belt at nine years of age, Barna has been building his artist resume since his 2014 debut, Cutter Street. His music is insightful and exploratory, and has gained serious momentum also because of its social and cultural influences. His latest EP Cissy speaks on subjects regarding queerness, mental illness, mortality and national desperation, which far surpasses any 2-D conversation that a drum kit alone might bring to the table. Cissy is candid, calculated and weighed by heavy contemplation on masculinity, creating a stunning and sensitive form of songwriting. This recipe seems to working for the local artist: Barna will be trekking to Austin this year for the SXSW Music Festival. Catch Seán Barna live at SXSW in March and stream his latest EP Cissy on Soundcloud. - Rebecca Carroll

New Goodbye Max Split EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Singer-songwriter Goodbye Max recently dropped a new split EP Out in the Quiet, with music brethren Half Birthday. For his part, the Philly artist counters the chill of this weather with the warmth and isolation of these recordings. It might not bring you completely out of this winter hibernation funk, but the comfort of his loneliness just might help you feel less alone. Go ahead, and give it a try.

Irrevery seamlessly blend country and noise on "Just Like Me"

As far as genre descriptors are concerned, ‘country’ is one that has the most divisive effect on city-dwelling purveyors of alternative music, one that causes most folks to do an about face and run for the safety of less homespun tunes. Brooklyn band / art collective Irrevery, however, do not care for your classist associations with the genre and channel a distinctly rural energy into their self described ‘country punk noise.’ Lead track “Just Like Me” from their most recent full-length Irrevery Volume I is strengthened most by lead singer Paige Johnson-Brown’s lyrics and vocal delivery, rife with imagery of dogs on ropes, flowers in bouquets, and fists full of mud, drawled against a backdrop of discordant punk noise and heavy slide guitars. While such a pairing of seemingly unrelated genres may appear as odd bedfellows, Irrevery shows that the two have more in common than you think, uniting them in an emotionally raw, honest tour de force that encapsulates the most visceral elements of both. Watch the video for "Just Like Me" below and see for yourself - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


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