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Hip Hop

Hip Hop

10:00 PM
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Jackson Whalan
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Wed, 04/05/2017 (All day)

DXTR Spits "Black Mail"

Sofar Sounds Chicago posted this video with DXTR Spits this week. The group is fronted by recent Chicago transplant Jordan Holmes and is mixture of spoken word, R&B, Hip Hop, and jazz.


Portland Does SXSW: TYuS

Once one of if not the biggest genres of the '90s, R&B was known for being the go-to soundtrack for making love and karaoke jams. R&B has been making a comeback lately, with many artists of a younger generation turning to the styles their parents loved (and possibly used to bring them into the world) to drive their musical creations. Portland's arena for the style is pretty open, but local young'n TYuS wants to make sure we "never forget" him.

The title of his album, Never Forget is fuilled with tracks that incorporate the best of the new wave of trap beats and the sensual, archetypal sounds that serve as nostalgia for most of us. He must be doing something right since he's now signed to Warner Brothers Records, but his more DIY approach to romantic hip hop is something we all can't help but appreciate. TYuS doesn't play around Portland much but whenever he does, panties are sure to drop.


DC rapper Airøspace combines trap and Marshall Mathers for a stunning performance

The first thing that pops out in DC rapper Airøspace's music are the vocals; the listener knows exactly what the rapper is saying at all times.  With this in mind, Airøspace tries to lyrically ramp up the intensity with each verse, his rising voice reaching towards a climax that doesn't always arrive. Lines like, "bloody sickle like a sinkhole in my chest i feel a little take my soul up out my ribs inject my thoughts into the fickle" set to the gloomy minor backing tracks gives the music a real Marshall Mathers sound.

In less skilled hands, songs like these could easily come across as overly maudlin. However, rather than being trite, Airøspace's tracks come across as wholly original, and some of the verses are really stunning.

Great production values makes this album a must listen.

-Written by Michael Dranove



Portland Does SXSW: Danielseventwo

Portland is rich with many things, particularly wealthy people. Though the city is becoming incredibly gentrified and the few diverse cultures we used to have are being steadily pushed out, the music and creative community is trying its hardest to hold on to its roots. Musically speaking, the city isn't in any way wealthy with rappers, but Danielseventwo has firmly kicked his foot through the door.

At just 21 years old, Danielseventwo (aka 72) has been coming up in the rise of Soundcloud rappers, sticking to rhyming about what he knows about while others tend to use their bars for flexing on faux memories. His tracks swing between slower paced jams and quickly delivered flows, offering great variance by keeping listeners intrigued. He's dropped two EPs and a number of popping singles, including one of his newest trap heavy bangers "Priceless." Hopefully we'll be seeing more from him soon.


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