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Hip Hop

Growing Concerns Poetry Collective "First You Need A Body"

Growing Concerns Poetry Collective has released visuals for their latest single "First You Need A Body". The single is taken from their 2020 sophomore album, BIG DARK BRIGHT FUTURES, and finds McKenzie Chinn describing her journey to love her own body.

This is the blend of Spoken Word and Hip Hop from McKenzie Chinn, Mykele Deville, and Jeffrey Michael Austin.

Appleby "Half Life"

Appleby has released a new single called "Half Life" via the WILDER Records. This is his second single of 2021 and fourth since the release of his 2018 debut EP, "Happiness".


Joshua Virtue "Moon"

Joshua Virtue of Free Snacks, UDABABY, and Why? Records has released a new solo album called "Moon". This is a deeply personal, mostly instrumental project and the first that Virtue has done completely on his own. The album could be classified ad experimental Hip Hop, but as you find yourself getting lost in the beats, sounds, and audio clips the project really transcend genre.

Virtue recently wrote on his Instagram about the making of this album that was actually never meant to be released. Of Moon he said, "When I made it, I was in a pretty low place yet simultaneously reaching new milestones in my spiritual recovery/development, living alone for the first time in almost a decade. I was learning to embrace the quiet and let sound lead my ear rather than the other way around. I was in a sandbox. Digging a hole just to see if I could."


On “SITUATIONS,” Paris Texas Meld Hip Hop & Synthpop Sensibilities

Photo Credit - Jimmy Bui

Compton, South Los Angeles multi-disciplinary creative outfit Paris Texas (the team of Louie Pastel and Felix) have released their debut project, BOY ANONYMOUS. Across the project’s 8 self-produced tracks, the duo span an impressive range of genres and textures, and a particular standout is the single “SITUATIONS.”

The, tense but nimble track is a spare, minimal blend of icy late 70s/early 80s UK synthpop with “slice of life” hip-hop lyricism. The sonic landscape is populated with warm, rounded synth bass, distantly-reverbed vocals, and a jaded chorus repeating the phrase “hey now / these situations / hey now / just keep your patience,” while lines like “leave the house for all the dreams I had to chase,” and “couldn’t stay behind ‘cause shit would stay the same” hint at a desperate desire to escape a dire domestic situation to stake a claim at some sort of autonomy, whether creative or otherwise. And all the while a nervous, insistent synth organ phrase repeats throughout, restlessly peaking over the fence at the rest of proceedings.

The sense of anxiety mixed with fatigue is palpable, but the off-hand style and catchiness of the track keeps things from growing stale. Gabe Hernandez


Lil Eazzyy "Why"

Lil Eazzyy has released visuals for "Why" from his recently released debut mixtape "Rookie of the Year".

The video was direct by Henry McGowan and was filmed in Lancaster, CA at the famous Kill Bill church.


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