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Hip Hop

JusSol "Sunflow3r"

JusSol has released a new single called "Sunflow3r". For this track she enlisted the help of producer Dre Rodner and the multi-talented Mixed By Darwin.

This is the follow-up to her highly acclaimed 2020 single "Couch Surfer".

Cassius Tae "Alone In Blue Hour."

Cassius Tae has released his latest album, Alone In Blue Hour. The album's lead single, "Scoop", dropped back in May and was accompanied by the Ja-Wan The Director created video below.

Tae will be performing live on July 13th at The Promontory (5311 S. Lake Park) along side Booman Forever, Matt Muse, Chai Tulani, Kenny Flowers, Kingpin Rue, and more.


Anastasia Hera Combines Innovation with Accessibility on her new “Big Tuna”

 If you are new to hip hop artist/R&B vocalist Anastasia Hera’s music, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the first 30 seconds of her new single/video Big Tuna. How she manages to open a song that has such a humorous title with art-nouveau soul vibes and a pensively sung “I’ll never comprehend,” followed by the sophisticated piano and then —- “I can never comprehend little ponds that I can swim/I’m infatuated with the lights/I belong in the pond where the whales get it on/Down deep on the floor waiting for my turn.”

A song that I felt certain from its title was going to be a tell-off to a conceited man she’s attracted to with the man in question being the “big tuna” turns out to be sea life as metaphor for her dreams of stardom. The big tuna is petite and sweet Ms. Hera, as she shares her confident pep talk to herself about her singing fame worthiness with the listener.


Although she may be a girl on fire, the video which is directed superbly by Ty On Da Track chose to avoid the special effects included in numerous well-known modern videos such as Girl on Fire and Carly Rae Jepson’s Now That I Found You. The Big Tuna video is all the better for this choice. Following Ms. Hera through a typical day pursuing her dreams, from cooking breakfast at home to working out to recording to auditioning, everything is credible and real without fantasy interruptions, underscoring that she is taking real life steps to achieve her musical goal. This realism balances out the humor of the song’s lyrical metaphors very well.


It is a fine testament to Anastasia Hera’s Hollywood charisma that she will likely keep the rapt attention of anyone who watches Big Tuna go through the grind of her unglamorous day. Think Ciara’s 2019 music video for I’ve Been Thinking About You in which Ciara prepares for a date. Ms. Hera is as beautiful as Ciara and as in possession of a comic streak, whether it’s Ms. Hera’s on-screen antics or her deliberately amusing vocal nuances on the occasional rapped lyrics. 


Able to flow from her sweet singing to rap to back again with a natural ease, she also has excellent songwriting chops, an ability to conceptualize harmonies, and the fluency in soul music history.  Big Tuna is one of six tunes on her new debut album, This Is Anastasia. It was recorded in Austin at Trak Majors Studios with Tim “T-Mo' Moore and at Pleasantville with RJ Maine. Throughout the album are unexpected touches such as the creatively employed vocal reference (not a sample)  to Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely in the indie pop flavored Clarity which speaks of a girl in the third position in a way that shows a definite Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon  touch. Or the first track, Ceiling with its counterpoint harmonies and confectionary soul which might make “Ceiling” this year’s Boo’d Up.


On July 28, Geraldine’s will host the official record release party for the This Is Anastasia EP

(605 Davis St, Austin. Tickets available through OpenTable).



FRESH CUTS: quickly, quickly Makes Magic Out Of Long-Distance Heartache

artist photo credit: Kyle McKenzie

L.A. by way of Portland, Oregon songwriter/vocalist/producer/arranger Graham Johnson is only 20 years and makes music under the moniker quickly, quickly, but he’s showing a talent and work ethic beyond his peers, having just released “Shee,” the third single from his new album, The Long and Short of It, to be released on Ghostly International on August 20th.

“Shee” is quickly, quickly’s love letter to their girlfriend during their long-distance relationship when he moved to Los Angeles. The track begins with strummed guitar and a soulful lead vocal jumping out at the listener, bouncing across the speakers with a subtle but long echo and reverb. Sweet vocal harmonies join in for a verse before a lively but compressed drum groove drops in with force for the wordless chorus, joined by tasty lead guitar lines. A more hip-hop oriented second verse takes shape with strategic percussion drop-outs and some excellent falsetto vocals touches, before taking on more ethereal, Bon Iver-like vibes for the middle. very casual tambourine and hand percussion appear before quickly being swallowed by the drums and lead guitar again, before ending in a final swirl of acoustic guitar and falsetto, ending in abstract electronic whirring and humming, as if the music was disintegrating itself back into the basic elements of sound.

Overall, the track is an intoxicating blend of R&B, psych-pop and hip-hop that has the potential to appeal to fans of either genre, and shows the formidable young talent making musical progress by leaps and bounds. Gabe Hernandez

Rich Jones & Davis "Nike vs. Addias"

Rich Jones has teamed of with the highly in demand emcee Davis of UDABABY on a new single and video called "Nike vs. Addias". The duo dominate the production of Good Food and enlist Nick Hennessey and SCNDCHILD on the fantastic new video below.


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