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Mint Trip release new single "Pay to Play," play the Hi-Hat on 8/25

Amy Gionfriddo, the bombshell lead singer of Mint Trip, is joined by the talents of Brian Gross (bass) and Max Molander (guitar) to produce an intriguing and retro take on the glam pop/indie rock genre. Expanding their musical talents into multiple genre categories has broadened their expertise and headlined their career paths, with Gionfriddo’s expansive lyrical and vocal techniques somniferous in the most sincere way. The trio's range of talent jumps from gospel ballads to synthesized 80’s pop, alongside subtle hints of laid-back rock and roll to keep audiences on their feet. They take a leap with their music, and it lands them wherever they very well please, and it is definitely worth the trip. 

Catch Mint Trip with Keira Moran at Brewyard Beer Company on August 25, or at The Hi-Hat on November 15th. Kayla Hay


Holy Golden release sunny video for new single "Lost Island"

Perhaps the film industry won't ever die, as long as enough indie acts decide to shoot music videos on old strips of 8mm cellulite. Holy Golden is the latest group to choose the faded film aesthetic, which lends to the clip for their newest single "Lost Island" the familiar, vintage looking bleeding washed-out color and soft edges. The video, filmed on location in a Swedish resort full of 1950s charm, evokes images of a forgotten era, looking like a compilation of footage from colorized teen beach B-movie flicks. "Lost Island"'s dreamy nature pairs well with the video; the duo of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti, who come to Brooklyn from New England's shores, recorded the sunny track in the middle of winter, releasing it just in time for the doggiest days of the summer. It's the first single to come from the group's upcoming collection, called Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way. Watch the video for "Lost Island" below. - Will Sisskind


Post Animal "Ralphie" Video

Post Animal released a thrilling, somewhat post-apocalyptic, video last week for their single “Ralphie”. The video can be streamed here and features an appearance by co-founder Joe Kerry. The single is taken from their recent LP, When I Think Of You In A Castle, which was released by Polyvinyl back in April.

Post Animal’s next local show will be on December 15th @ Metro and tickets go on sale this Friday, August 24th. They will also be performing at Pygmalion Music Fest in Champaign on September 29th.


An Interview with Robby and Ziyad of Fine Prints

A new label, two years in the making, launches this weekend with a triple cassette release at Empty Bottle. The label is Fine Prints and is run by Robby Haynes and Ziyad Asrar. The two, accomplished musicians and producers in their own right, have hand selected three bands, Wage, Mayor Daley, and Desert Liminal, to kick off what promises to be an outstanding local label.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Robby and Ziyad a few questions about the label and the bands they have chosen to work with.

The Deli (TD): You guys, along with Jordan Tepper, recently launched line of liqueurs called Apologue. That alone has to take a lot of time and skill. What prompted the two of you to also launch a record label just a few months later?
Robby Haynes (RH): Ha! We've actually been working on the label for a couple of years now. I think the first WAGE recording sessions at Skye Sound took place in 2016. We really wanted to take our time with the first wave of releases and get things right on our end.

TD: Looking at the three bands you have chosen to work with to launch the label the clear commonality is the presence of strong female musicians. This is refreshing to see and something the local scene has been calling for awhile. Is this something the label sought out and do you see it continuing in the future?
Ziyad Asrar (ZA): I've never really looked at the label through that lens until this month. Faced with the impending releases and as it's become more real, it's dawned on us that we have a lot of female represention in the Fine Prints roster. It's something that was an accident (these artists are our friends) but looking at it objectively, I guess it is refreshing. There are so many incredible women in music- people I really admire and personally look up to- so it makes sense that, when piecing together our initial releases and seeking out good music, there were women involved. We just want to support people making art and do what we can to keep pushing things forward. Seeking the point where it's no longer refreshing and that's just how it is.

TD: With that said, acknowledging the label is brand new, but is there a certain sound or aesthetic that you are seeking from a band? What makes a band a good fit for Fine Prints?
RH: We like working with people that are passionate about what they are doing. Genre isn't really a consideration. What's most important is vibe and personality.

TD: All of three of these bands are also local, do you see the label focusing of primarily Chicago talent or do you see it branching out at some point?
RH: There's such a strong scene in Chicago right now. It's pretty exciting. We'll branch out at some point but for the time being we want to do whatever we can to contribute to the conversation here. All boats rise with the tide and I feel like people making music in this city geniunely understand that. Folks are helping each other out supporting each other. It's really refreshing. Fine Prints is really about us trying to be responsible and do our part.

TD: Ziyad, You have a great track record in Chicago music with your contributions to bands like Smith Westerns and Whitney. Will this label be an outlet for your own music at some point?
ZA: For sure. Robby and I are both constantly making music and the right projects from the two of us will definitely end up on Fine Prints. I have so many works in progress, batches of songs that have a totally separate aesthetic from one another, so its exciting to have the label to help bring these different faces to life. The structure of the label is also creatively fulfilling in and of itself. Robby and I both work really closely on every release. At the very least we're mixing or mastering and at most involved we're producing and engineering recordings start to finish.

TD: We know the first three tapes are dropping on August 26th in conjunction with an event at Empty Bottle, but what is next for Fine Prints?
ZA: After these first three, we're going to keep it rolling. We don't really plan on slowing down. Our next immediate releases will be from Ruins and Robby's project, Ulta. Also exploring other release formats. Not married to tape. Looking forward to 2019! Thanks again!

The Fine Prints launch event, “Everything Is Fine”, takes place on August 26th at Empty Bottle and will feature performance from Wage, Mayor Daley, and Desert Liminal.

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A conversation with the founders of the new label Fine Prints
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We just want to support people making art and do what we can to keep pushing things forward.

Real Friends Announce Headlining Fall US Tour

Last month Real Friends released their latest LP, Composure, and just wrapped up a headlining spot on the final Warp Tour.

Last week they announced a headlining tour kicking off October 17th in support of their album. Below is the video for the album’s lead single “From The Outside”.

You can catch Real friends at House of Blues on November 25th with Boston Manor, Grayscale, and Eat Your Heart Out.


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