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Indie Rock


3 piece indie rock from Toronto...Ready the Prince. They just released their debut self titled EP last August. The EP opens with “Your Way Or Mine”...a good introduction to the band...solid rhythm section and nice guitars laying nicely over top. I catch some Kings of Leon vibes right away. The track has some interesting dynamics which give guitarist Daniel Prada the opportunity to show off his fast fingers...almost throwing in some flamenco licks. The next track is called “Drunk Without A Drug” and I’m not sure if that is supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing. This track is a bit more relaxed to start with a bit of an atmospheric feel to the verses. Again the dynamics in the pre-chorus take you through a sonic tunnel leading to a bit of an epic chorus. It’s a well recorded and well played EP. I would have to think they know what to do live as well. So go see them on Friday February 12th at the Rivoli in Toronto! - Kris Gies



Pete and his crew of blues rockers from Hamilton have been lying in the weeds for the last few months. I started to wonder if they were soon to be relegated to the “Where Are They Now?” category....just kidding...but I havn’t heard much from the Second Hand Band lately. Just last April they released their self titled record. 7 tracks engineered and mixed by bass player/vocalist JD Norwood. The album opens up with “It Just Keeps On Comin’”...a straight ahead rock track setting the tone for what’s to come on this album. The fellas pick up the pace on the next track “Talk Of The Town” which was their lead single of the album and came with a video to boot. They chill out for the chorus though and lead shredder Eddie Van Dyk gets to soothe your weary bones with some sweet licks. I really dig the tune “Bad Scene”. A true blues track that’ll make you head straight for the bar for another whiskey. Pete’s howlin at the moon in this one and it adds a nice spicy mustard to this bluesy rock n’ roll sandwich. The sustain of the guitars will make you weep. By the way this record is available for any price you want at their bandcamp page. Pete Van Dyk & The Second Hand Band return to Homegrown Hamilton on Saturday! -Kris Gies






Emotional Prepares to Release New Album AHH...THE NAME IS EMOTIONAL, BABY!

Editor's Note: "AHH...THE NAME IS EMOTIONAL, BABY!" is a play on the Bootsy Collins and Bootsy's Rubber Band album and album cover...just in case you didn't catch it! -je

Emotional is the lovechild of Death Records founder and long-time Bay Area music community leader, Brian Wakefield. Brian has been a part of the Bay Area music scene since early ‘00s, and has worked with numerous bands in the SF music scene.

Emotional’s LP "Ahh…The Name Is Emotional, Baby!” floats us away into a hazy, yellow daydream of synthy, easy-going guitar chords and genuine vocals that narrate your most treasured nostalgic days. The heavy layering of slow, synth sounds beats upon aching melodies and raw lyricism and are the pieces of this album that make it one beautiful, progressive oxymoron. Heartbreaking sentiments with carefree beats, songs like “Hand 4 Hire” will make you want to press repeat and lay in a perpetual state of stoney thoughtfulness.

In support of their upcoming LP release of "Ahh...The Name Is Emotional, Baby!", in perfect timely fashion, Emotional will be playing a live set in San Francisco at Amnesia on February 14th alongside The Memories and Idiot Glee. Whether it’s a time of celebration for your and your lover, or a single night out with your beloved friends, Emotional is there to hold our hand this Valentine’s day, share their new sounds, and remind us that it’s ok to get emotional sometimes. -Lindsay Stickney

02.14 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ The Memories,Idiot Glee
02.21 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ Magic Trick, Grace Sings Sludge, The She's
02.26 - The New Parish - Oakland, CA w/ Parquet Courts, Chris Cohen, The World
02.28 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ Sam Flax, Friendless Summer, Cole Lodge


Asher Horton cleans out the skeletons in his closet on "Mystery Bones"

With a guy like Asher Horton, you get the sense that creating music is a compulsion and much as a choice. If you feel like you've heard that name recently, maybe it's because you followed our strong recommendation to check out Sun Seeker, Horton's newest project and Third Man's most recent gem. Otherwise, you may be familiar with his longtime sunshine pop outfit with Ben Parks, Fox Fun. The two haven't gotten around to putting together a full-length release and only play sporadically, but Mystery Bones gives us some indication what Horton has been doing in the meantime and—surprise, surprise—what he's been doing is writing one catchy, beach-friendly pop number after another.

This collection of solo recordings has been available on CD and Bandcamp for a little while, but it's just now getting a proper tape release courtesy of OSR Tapes. Check it out below and get your copy of some sweet analog media on its way to your analog house and your tender little analog ears. -Austin Phy.


PREMIERE: Force Publique - "Bind (Live)"

Let's say you dig hip-hop and shoegaze, and really wish there was something out there that seamlessly blended them both? Well, if you haven't dabbled in Force Publique yet, you probably should start now. The duo, consisting of Cassie Graves on guitar and vocals, and James Wayne on synths and MPC, produce such a full sound using only a few tools, eventualizing a sound alike if Beach House were to be a trap band.

The video we're premiering for Force Publique today is a live performance of their song "Bind," off their latest self-released tape, Bloom. "Bind (Live)" is a colorfully artistic interpretation, with its filming taking place at the Museum of Modern Life in Southeast Portland. The video casts you into an almost psychedelic trance aesthetically, so sit back and trip out with "Bind (Live)" below.

-Cervante Pope


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