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Indie Rock

Remote Control Unite in Haunting Harmony at KFN June 29

A sinister murkiness compounded by the lure of percussive immediacy frame the dark wave of Remote Control, the latest project from Nicky Kulp (Far-Out Fangtooth, Creepoid). Male and female vocals hypnotically bounce off each other before ultimately uniting in haunting harmony. The trio brings their foreboding, night-crawling sound to Kung Fu Necktie tonight. A pair of Funeral Party Records labelmates in Nashville’s Western Medication, who bring a spring-loaded, daydreaming air with a heart-pounding push, and with a freshly released self-titled EP in hand, Australian outfit Death Bells create a steamy dream-pop landscape. The seductive, sinking-in, shoegaze-noise combination of Dulls gets things started. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Michael Colavita

West Coast Tour for The Unending Thread, Split to Come

In July The Unending Thread brings Southland twinklecore up the coast during the summer tour circuit, and are slated to release a split with Berkeley Emo quartet Forget It. through Old Press Recordings. From July 7 to 18th, The Unending Thread will trek up the 5-Interstate to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington before coming back down for two more shows in San Francisco. The US-based, self-proclaimed "mediocre [tape] label" (with amazing bands) made the announcement on June 27 following a relocation to Utah from Maryland.

The San Fernando trio perform next at The Hi Hat on July 2nd with Youtube controllerist R!OT to support nu-jazz duo KNOWER's homecoming. Post good boba tea houses to hit up in the comments. - illustration: Renzon Sanchez

Chatrooms release debut EP "Negative Tension", play at the Echoplex on 7/5

We regularly hear about new bands that balance the early days of emo with post-hardcore coming from either the Northeast or the Midwest. There's always the odd exception of course, like Torrance's very own Joyce Manor, but there's still a general lack of representation coming from the West Coast. Consider Chatrooms as that next promising act to bring some meaning into the current emo revival: they're the type of band that defies categorization, sporting a guitar-driven sound that is spiked with vexed, passionate vocals, sure, but they also experiment with more steady rhythms that are plaited together with lush atmospheric touches. The title track off of their debut EP, "Negative Tension", is an urgent, melodic rocker that places emphasis on yearning chord changes with drifting guitar passages.

Chatrooms are playing at the Echoplex's monthly emo night, Taking Back Tuesday, on Tuesday, July 5. - Juan Rodríguez


Turnover takes over Strange Matter tonight 6.28!

Hailing from the coastal town of Virginia Beach, Turnover has charmed with spellbinding riffs and powerful melodies. Deriving its roots from pop punk, Turnover doesn’t shy from confronting the doubts and nuances that so often plague everyday life; questions of identity, insecurities, and love, which they so beautifully explore in their more indie centric Peripheral Vision. With reverb laden and treaded guitars they manage to evoke a sense of warmth and tenderness in each song tinged with a touch of melancholy and nostalgia through Austin Getz’s vocals. Turnover continue their transition into a gauzy dream pop and indie rock with their most recent single, Humblest Pleasure (streaming below), where it feels like being submerged in a memory of muted colors, speckled by brilliant bursts of vivid colors brought to life with the intricately beautiful guitar work. “What a thing it is to grow” Gretz sings, what a thing it is indeed. Turnover takes the stage tonight at Strange Matter so make sure to catch them! - Adriana S. Ballester


Stove plays Shea Stadium on 7.04

Stove is the new solo project from Connecticut native, Ovlov member Steve Hartlett and other friends mostly based in Brooklyn. The band released its debut album Is Stupider in November of 2015 on Exploding in Sound, opffering a brand of slacker rock heavily influenced by '90s acts like Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. Catchy melodies and memorable choruses abound in tracks like “Wet Food” and “Dusty Tree," and so does the tendency towards introspective and self-deprecating lyrics. “Dusty Weather” (streaming) is the cleanest sounding track on the album, deviating from the band signature sound, until the fuzzy burst of melody at the end. Stove will be playing Shea Stadium on July 4th. - John Honan


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