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Mitchell Jay "DEARMAN Down"

Mitchell Jay of The Weekend Run Club recently released his debut solo EP, "DEARMAN Down".

The EP's lead single is called "I Don't Know" and is accompanied by the video below.


Sean McCole "Fade Away"

Sean McCole of Life of Death has released a new single called "Fade Away". This is his second single since the release of his debut EP, "The Color, Envy", back in 2020.

Life of Death also released a new single, "Disco Decor", earlier this month. Here he is joined by Andrew Green, Dan Silberman, Sean Jacobi, Ben Norsworthy and Sonya Major.


Wild Pink's "A Billion Little Lights"

 The release of new music from the Wild Pink is cause for mellowed-out celebration and so today we're in luck because the band (but not that band) just yesterday released their third full-length LP (yes I realize that's redundant) and it's called A Billion Little Lights. From the first bars of "The Wind Was Like A Train" an auditory spell is cast by John Ross & Co. as a warm-hued synth melody is joined by chiming guitars and marching band snare and weeping steel guitar woven together like a comfy quilt and finally Ross himself as he gently intones a Zen koan about what sounds like a game of horseshoes played on a frozen lake and how he's got your back despite the seeming recklessness of this scenario with the song culminating in a string section flourish all clocking in at an economical 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Listening to the opening track I can't help but think of Jason Lytle and Grandaddy during that group's heyday, or at least their gentler material, but Wild Pink provides an Americana spin on the indie aesthetic that sets them apart, and on the whole, A Billion Little Lights finds many beautiful wrinkles to explore in the veins of blissed out folk and alt-country and roots rock reveries all while contemplating subjects such as the inevitability of time's passage and the violent settlement of the West and social media oversharing and Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Florida retirement homes (Ross grew up in Central Florida before relocating to NYC years ago) with the latter two of these enumerated subjects acting as inspiration for the song below whose video features one of the stars of Schitt's Creek and also features backing vocals (just like "The Wind" above) from Julia Steiner who fronts the Chicago-based band Ratboys. (Jason Lee)


Jackie Hayes "eye 2 eye"

Jackie Hayes is back with her first single of 2021, the Billy Lemos produced "eye 2 eye". This is the first new music from the Indie Pop artist since the release of her debut EP, "Take It, Leave It" in 2020.

According to Hayes, "This song is about feeling lost and not knowing what to do with my life. It was written back in March and I was looking for a direction at the time."

photo by Adam Alanzo


Joe Pug “Crescent Bridge”

Singer/Songwriter Joe Pug has released the opening track, "Crescent Bridge", from his forthcoming fifth studio album, The Diving Sun. The album began as a collection of lost gems and b-sides from various studio sessions over the years, but has blossomed into a full-blown new album after the addition of several new songs.

"Crescent Bridge" was written on a his children's Tom Thumb toy piano; "I almost never play it, preferring the upright piano in my studio, but one night last year I sat down at its keyboard to kill some time,” Pug says. “Almost immediately the opening notes to “Crescent Bridge” came ringing out from Tom Thumb. It was almost as if my fingers themselves were writing the instrumental part without any help from my mind or my ear. Ten minutes later I had the song.”


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