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Vow of Volition Make the Final Round of the Battle for Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour was the first festival for many of us back in the day. As young'ns, it's likely we didn't necessarily think about all that went into figuring out the bands to book and play the whole shebang. Part of that process, at least locally, seems to be through a series "battle of the bands" style competitions specifically for landing a spot on the fest. Quite a few Portland bands have been furiously playing against one another for said spot, and djent/prog metal act Vow of Volition are one of the acts that made it to the finals.

Warped Tour was always the type of festival that included much in the realm of pop punk, punk punk, emo and metal, so Vow of Volition's advancement to the final round is no surprise. Their incredibly technical, at times jazzy metal stands out in Portland's pretty linear popular music scene, and is much worthy of the attention its getting.

Those that want to support Vow of Volition in driving home the permanent spot can go to the Battle for Warped Tour finals Saturday at the Hawthorne Theatre.

New The Spirit Of The Beehive LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Hypnic Jerks is the latest album from The Spirit Of The Beehive, and is out now via Tiny Engines. Hovering between a laid-back, melodic cloud and dramatic shifts of intensity, the band finds a mechanism to bring down tensions without eliminating them. An eerie, warped element hangs in the periphery, creating a mesh between odd, groovy precision and gritty abruptness. You can catch The Spirit of the Beehive with Boston's Pile on Thursday, October 18 at The First Unitarian Church.

Samia Releases New Single 'Milk,' Plays Rough Trade on Thu, Sep 27th

With her boundless voice and blistering lyricism, Samia has a special knack for revealing big situations through intimate details. Whether discussing her hamster's name in '21,' or getting a rock star to listen to her music on 'The Night Josh Tillman Listened To My Song,' Samia finds lyrical perch by baring her soul through an itinerary of the everyday.

I thought of this while watching the video for her latest single, 'Milk.' Despite Samia's repeated assurances throughout, I get the impression that the mess she is referring to here is more than 'just spilled milk.' No matter how often she tells you not to worry, or how many interesting details she confesses throughout (bathing in the grease on the McDonald's floor, jumping off the pier at the seaport) you know there's also something left unsaid, lingering like a suggestive gloss under the track's shadowy contours and pulsating tension. It also marks an exciting turn from her previous work. Samia's voice was never a stranger to the anxieties of growing up in a world that tends to shame the thoughts, voices, and bodies of outspoken feminists. But on 'Milk,' the emotional dial is turned up even louder, revealing what in other singers would be vulnerabilities. For Samia, these serve as forceful reminders of just how potent an artist she is becoming. Watch the video below, and see Samia perform at Rough Trade on Thursday, September 27th. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)

New Jo Kusy LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The Vast Glissade, the latest album from Jo Kusy, slides into a hypnotic haze of psych-pop. Gliding in a daydream state, the songs musically achieve a relaxed joy. However, whilst hovering in the ether, hard-hitting, lyrical messages are dispensed. Balancing buoyant instrumentation with a gritty, riff-fueled core and pertinent universal themes, the album is a soothing sanctuary that veers from reality but still addresses it.

Ural Thomas Still Has That Magic Touch

Ural Thomas has a new album, The Right Time, coming out with his band Ural Thomas & The Pain, via Tender Loving Empire. Thomas is best known for opening for legends such as Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones. Now, at 80 years old, Thomas is releasing a brand new album. The album is a great one, proving that time can’t dull a talent and passion for making music. On “No Distance (Between You & Me),” his voice is fresh, bright, and full of a hopeful energy that is heartening to hear. On some slower songs, like “Gotta Say (I Love You),” Thomas’ crooning is incredibly tender and smooth. It easily rivals acts such as The Miracles. Yet, despite how rooted in 60’s R&B Thomas is, it doesn't mean his music isn’t for the modern day. Ural Thomas makes music that could soothe any heartbreak or put some fire in anybody's step, be it the 60s or 2018. You can pre-order the album now, here


  -By Avril Carrillo, Photo By Brud Giles


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