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New Jonny Clousson EP Available for Streaming & Download

Singer-songwriter Jonny Clousson recently shared a new EP, which he has titled Trouble Comes. There’s an earnest exuberance at play. The songs have an exposed, get-up-and-go vulnerability. The capacity to express issues and insecurities with an universal, upbeat energy makes the album surprisingly endearing, with a positive, pop-punk feel.

Supermoon Video

The music video for Havania Whaal’s “Supermoon” was released this past week. It follows the protagonist as they fall asleep underneath a glowing full moon stuck to the wall. As happens in any good dream, everything in the video is out of place yet exactly where it’s supposed to be. It has the snarky attitude of indie-darlings like Ghost World and Juno, encased in the style of silent films. Havania Whaal’s distorted, buzzing music follows the protagonist as they attempt to navigate the romantically campy dreamscape. The characters in the video may be out of sync with their bodies, but they’re perfectly in tune with the music. It’s a playful house of horrors, one you’ll enjoy getting lost in.

  -By Avril Carrillo

New Telyscopes EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Close Types, the new EP from Telyscopes, recently entered our orbit. Turn on to the refreshing, melodic, psych-pop drift. Those jangly, free-floating, futuristic vibes still retain a humanistic perspective that keeps one connected. You'll also be treated to a cover of Smashing Pumpkins' beloved "Drown," which originally appeared on the Singles soundtrack.

Rahkii "Zoom"

Rahkii recently released a video for her latest single “Zoom”. The single and video both dropped over the summer, but truly deserve a second look. The beat of this track is draws you in instantly and Rahkii’s words and melodies truly take you on a journey.

You can catch Rahkii at Chop Shop on December 13th with Chai Tulani, Calid B., and Nola Ade.

Rodes Rollins plays up her spaghetti western influences on "Mystery Man"

There aren't too many country singers that wax-poetic about the larger than life figures of our world. It seems like the cultural focus of the genre has shifted toward different stories with different motifs. Yet artists like Rodes Rollins are trying to change that with songs like "Mystery Man." Appearing like a country-pop mirage on the horizon, Rollins' vocals are watery and obscure, detailing a man in a "forsaken land" that cannot be shot dead. The track is less about a character's arc and more about this legendary figure's reputation, and it plays out over haunting instrumentals that border on psychedelic with twangy guitars that become surprisingly soothing. With its soft sonic palette, "Mystery Man" could fool listeners into thinking it's a lullaby, but there's a sense of unease and tension in the air, like a standoff between two gunslingers is imminent. - Tucker Pennington


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