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New Video: An Allston Pudding Session - AllegrA

Filmed by Matt Hamer, an Allston Pudding Session, featuring AllegrA, was recently posted. Over the course of three new songs, “Spoon or Fork,” “Subtle Ignition,” and “Twisting Of,” the quartet exhibits an intimate vulnerability, with the knack to hit a somewhat volatile, downhill trajectory. Forging a zoomed-in familiarity and then shifting the dynamics, the songs build up the emotive pressure, before releasing it to the ether.

New Track: "Living Statues (Setting sun)" - Luminous Fins

The trio of Luminous Fins recently shared a new single, “Living Statues (Setting sun)”. Beginning with a rhythmic-rumbling march and tunneling vocals, the song naturally propels with a somewhat ominous undertone. Rolling forward under the shade of darkness, a suspense-laced heavy comes to the surface as the instruments are explosively unleashed. Navigating through murky waters, the track latches onto an unrelenting psych-surf sound.

A Deli Premiere: Adeline Hotel shares new album "Away Together" + plays release show @ Union Pool on 10.26

Sometimes the inadvertent paradox of grandiose music is that the bigger it sounds, the less personal it can feel. The archetype of one artist and their guitar making music that everyone can relate to often only applies to sounds that are stripped down. Yet on Dan Knishkowy's new album as Adeline Hotel, titled Away Together, this pitfall is circumvented. The warm and bare-bones guitar playing is felt immediately on the opener "So Long", but when it builds to a transcendent apex, the same crisp, emotional pointedness can be felt. The album features guitars that paint a hazy picture and pianos that bring back lucidity as Knishkowy's lyrics push through the gossamer of life: relationships and time passing by as reality blurs. Away Together is a record that furtively slips into your own memories, demolishing the barrier between listener and artist. While songs like "Lightning" and "Plastic Stars" bring a brash urgency to the record, it's the eponymous coda that cements how versatile Knishkowy can be in creating personal music. Adeline Hotel will be playing a release show at Union Pool this Friday, Oct. 26, but you can stream the album in full below. -Tucker Pennington 

New Sleepmonster LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sleepymonster, a.k.a. Shane Luckenbaugh (American Trappist, ex-River City Extension), recently shared his new LP You're in the Family. Co-produced with fellow bandmate Joe Michelini at Berlin Studios, there’s a sticky strangeness to the songwriting - one which locks into the snap of the groove and takes on a pop-psych bend. Balancing that heady environment with a bit of carefree, garage-rock swagger, the record potentially could be the soundtrack to your dreams, or maybe more like your nightmares. 'Tis the season.

Pool Boys: Millennial Morse Code

Pool Boys have released their debut single, “Millennial Morse Code”. While Pool Boys have spent most of the past year as a popular opening act, listening to the single it's clear that playing live shows hasn’t been the only thing the band’s been up to. The song is incredibly refreshing. It has notes so clear and smooth listening to the song is akin to drinking a tall glass of ice water. The undertones of the bass intermixed with guitar riffs that strike like lightning give the song a darker edge. It’s clearly a finessed final product, but it still has the earnest heart of a young band looking to make their mark.

You can catch Pool Boys at Bunk Bar November 23rd alongside Kulululu and Sheers

-By Avril Carrillo, Photo by Steve Montague


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