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Pugs Atomz & Mulatto Patriot “Highly Irregular"

Pugs Atomz released a new album last month called Highly Irregular. The features production from Mulatto Patriot and contributions from Shayna Love, Calid B., DJ Intel, Wes Restless, Maggie Vagle, and more.

Below is a new video from the album for the song “Hi!” featuring Awdazcate.


Mister Wallace "Cool Mom"

Mister Wallace recently released their latest album Cool Mom via the label they co-founded, Futurehood. The album feature production primarily by Jeremiah Meece, and is a huge step forward the talent emcee.

You can catch Mister Wallace on January 27th at East Room with Ka5sh, SWSH, and Dj Miguel Santiago.


Cascader "Me Us You"

Cascader is the instrumental post-rock trio of Ben Chargot, Parker Langvardt, Jeff Schaffer. They released their debut LP, Me Us You, via Worry Records today. This is epic, anthemic, instrumental rock that powerfully tells stories in a wholly unique way.

You can catch Cascader at The Owl tonight, December 13th, with Horrible and Basement Family.


Stunna “Blue Dreams"

Producer Stunna (aka Jay Cappo) recently released a new single, “Blue Dreams” b/w “Cali Nights”. As Stunna has been come to be known, these tracks effortlessly blend Stunna skill as a classically trained keyboardists with savage Drum & Bass techniques.

Stunna also hosts a weekly radio show called “The Greenroom” which can be heard live every Wednesday from 2 to 5pm on Bassdrive Radio.


Miranda Winters "OTO Revised" Video

Miranda Winters of Melkbelly has released a beautifully Jenna Caravello animated video for “O.T.O. Revised” from her 2018 solo album, Xobeci, What Grows Here?.

You can catch Miranda with Melkbelly on February 2nd at Empty Bottle with REZN and Hitter.


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