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The unique electro-pop duo A Simple Life have a released a track called “PokerKids” which is a live-mashup combining MGMT and Lady Gaga.


Last Minute Plans: Leaves @ The Whistler

Leaves have been championing Chicago’s post jazz scene for four years now, but tonight they will perform their last show. Tyler Beach, Charles Gorczynski, Charles Rumback, & Daniel Thatcher will take the stage at The Whistler tonight at 10pm, but they are leaving one last recording in their wake. Plustapes announced last week that they have released a self-titled cassettes of some of the bands unreleased material. The actual approached the label and asked for the tape to be released before tonight’s show. Plustapes agreed and those in attendance will be the first people with the chance to buy it.

The tape is limited to 100 so fans should make their way to The Whistler tonight, and as always there is no cover at The Whistler.


The Vindits & SimCo @ The Beat Kitchen


Back on April 22nd we sent our photographer Daniel Bartel to The Beat Kitchen to photograph The Vindits and SimCo. You can find all of Daniel’s photos of The Vindits here and of SimCo here.

SimCo will be performing at Cole’s Bar on May 14th.


JT & The Clouds on Giant System

JT & The Clouds rock Giant System this week and you can check it out here.


CD Of The Month: Sonoi

The press release for Sonoi’s debut album defines their sound as experimental pop, and with an album that is diverse and complex I can see why they defaulted to that verbiage. However, this album is very accessible, melodic, and clearly driven more by pop than experiment. What adds that extra element and excitement are the layered and textured sound that the listen will find hidden throughout the album. Yes, there is cowbell and catchy rhythms, but the band does expand their sonic palette and breaks some patterns with horns and other surprising elements. A song the really brings all of this together is the albums very first track, “Red Ant”. The track begins with what sounds like flutes or horn and then transitions into a calculated guitar rhythm before giving way to Adam Busch’s creative vocals. My favorite track on the album is the mysterious and eerie “Rotativa”, it’s all instrumental and beautifully constructed. Coupled with the closing track, “Friends In Dry Places”, Sonoi becomes more closely related to the likes of The Books than anything else. Sonoi made it live debut just over two years ago at the Hideout, and since then have culled a strong local following that with this worldwide release on Low Transit Industries should begin to spread.

Sonoi plays at Empty Bottle on May 14th.


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