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Charlie Deets Listening Party

A few weeks I posted the new video from Charlie Deets, and this month Charlie sent me his new album, Power of Suggestion. It has been on repeat all month, and it is hard to explain why. Whether I am attempting to work out, driving to work, or just hanging out at home, this album has such an addictive collection of beats. It the comparisons that keep coming to mind are pieces of the more electronic side of Of Montreal mixed with newer Nine Inch Nails. Lyrically, Deets is closer to Reznor or Lady Gaga for that matter, as he obsesses about sex and clubs and the like. However, the nature his beats will overpower the distraction of his lyrics. It is typically not what I am looking for, Charlie has hooked me and will not let go.

Charlies Deets is have a listening party for Power of Suggestion on Feb. 12th  at 10:00pm at The Gene Siskel Film Center where he will debut films by several talented filmakers for this album.


White Car Viceland Mixtape

The experimental electro-freak’s White Car are back with a new mixtape for Viceland. The mixtape is just as a dark as White Car’s music and is complete with tracks from Ministry, Front 242 and even Prince. The bands debut ep is due from Rainbow Body Records early this year.


Classic Video of the Week

Back in 2007, The Saps made a hilarious video for their track “Coup de Grace”.


Felix Culpa Record Release @ Metro (Tonight!)

I’ve had the good fortune to interact with a great deal of Chicago musicians in the last year, and I can honestly say that none have been nicer than Marky Hladdish. He is just one of the members of the four-piece band The Felix Culpa. Their latest album, Sever Your Roots, finds Marky and the boys in rare form. This is a full on assault of pure rock, and they truly hold nothing back. In fact, this double LP clocks in at over 66 minutes. The band has been together for the better part of ten years now, and this album is really a culmination of that history together. In fact the track “Because This Is How We Speak” talks directly to that history and all of the bands that no longer exist.

The Felix Culpa is celebrating the release of Sever Your Roots at Metro tonight, Jan. 23rd with Loyal Divide, Robbers, and Suns.


Concert review: Brighton MA @ Schubas

I was fortunate to be in attendance for the first of two shows with Brighton MA at Schubas last night. The night's opening band, Flight, made the trip in from Madison and proceeded to win over the slowly building crowd. Lead by the intoxicating force and beauty of Jentri Colello, Fight gave out copies of their demo ep and is currently working on a full-length album. Blending the sultry nature of St. Vincent with the rockier side of Feist and a heavy dose of atmospherics, Flight was a pleasure to hear.

As the room filled to capacity, as the show was sold out, Elsinore took the stage. Coming from down state, the band brought a strong college following with them. Their sound was polished, but a little all over the board. With traces of Phoenix, Wolfmother, and even a Postal Service cover, the band is still searching for a true sound but still making radio ready pop in the process.

Finally, just after midnight Brighton MA took the stage and showed the crowd how it is done. This is a band that should be so much bigger than they are, and we are lucky they call Chicago home. Holding a clinic on alt-country, they played with precision and style and a maturity that is undeniable. Matthew Kerstein controlled the crowd, drank a beer, and sang with a passion and joy that transformed the songs from their full-length Amateur Lovers into something so much more.

The entire evening I was wearing my new set of EarLove earplugs. Created here in Chicago, these Hi-Fi earplugs surprisingly enhanced the sound of the while eliminated the background noise. This morning I report that my ears are not ringing as they would normally be post show.

You can catch Brighton MA again tonight at Schubas with Andrew Belle and Tacoma Narrows.


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