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Submit to play during SXSW! - Music Tech Mashup Party!

Deli readers who play in bands,

The Deli has reserved 3 showcase slots at Music Tech Mashup during SXSW, which will take place at Rusty Spurs in Austin, TX on 7th St. on March 17. Rusty Spurs features 3 stages with an 800 person capacity in the middle of it all and is an official SXSW venue. During SXSW it will host shows by heavy hitters like Echo and the Bunnymen, Vega (Neon Light side project) and Semi Precious Weapons (recently on tour with Lady Gaga) amongst others.

To apply to play this SXSW show all you need to do is fill in this form HERE and click on the confirmation email you'll receive (this will simply add you to our mailing list and enter your band in our fabulous charts organized by genre and region - one day we'll also create band profiles!). 3 artists will be selected by the organizers (one of them will be a local Austin, TX artist). Any band that is available to travel to Austin is eligible. Submission deadeline is Monday 02.22 at 11.59 pm.

Music Tech Mashup Showcase (hosted by Coast to Coast Models & Events and presented by The Deli, Hunnypot, GreenShoeLace) will celebrate the convergence of music and technology and the opportunities it presents for everyone involved just as SXSW itself switches gears from Interactive Week to Music Week.This is a list of some of the artists already booked: Jada - Universal Motown Records (Boston, MA) - Bamboo Shoots - Epic Records (New York) - Shinobi Ninja - (Brooklyn, NY) - McAlister Drive - (Boston, MA) - Odd Modern - (Los Angeles, CA) - Keys and Crates (Toronto, Canada) - Curtis Santiago (Toronto, Canada) - Keith Masters (Chicago, IL) - FutureCop! (UK) - Mark Foster (Los Angles, CA).

The Deli's Staff

Sammy Stewart & HORSEFINGER at Melrose Billiards 2/10/10

For anyone who hasn't witnessed a Sam Stewart performance since he cut his hair, shaved off his beard and revamped his band, you missed quite the show on Wednesday night at Melrose. After a brief acoustic set by Simon Kerr, Sam was joined by his new band, Horsefinger, as they opened up the stage for the recent group, Colorfeels, and Nashville staples The Hollywood Ten and Evan P. Donohue. With the addition of Horsefinger to Stewart's setup, old fans can tell he is already moving in a different but more intentional direction with his music. While Stewart remains on guitar, Horsefinger thickens the bluesy, folk-rock sound with Ben Ford (of the Hollywood Ten) on rhythm guitar, Clint Wilson (formerly of Darla Farmer, Max and the Wild Things and Frank the Fuck Out) on drums, and Graham Knight (the only member of Sammy's original entourage) on bass. With an understanding of the incestuous tendency of Nashville musicians to frequently form new bands with friends who play in other bands that play together all the time, it's surprising - and somewhat disappointing - that Stewart's new ensemble didn't come together sooner.

It was during songs such as "Better Off Dead" and "Windshield" where Stewart and Horsefinger definitely demonstrated the different musical influences that each of the band members contributes. There was a fairly noticeable presence of the Big-Band, deranged Darla Farmer style and the raw, intentional grooves that The Hollywood Ten always seem to slip into. "Better Off Dead" was a dark, circusy number that would have been appropriate to hear as Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, rather than the musical accompaniment to the smokey air and smacking pool balls ever so prominent at Melrose Billiards. Few songs could enhance the character of that establishment; this one did. The next song, "Windshield", was particularly memorable because it was oddly reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out." As it turned out, this was the audience favorite, evidenced by the girl who sprung up from her spot laying down on the pool table and then began dancing wildly. In her defense, the choppy guitar riffs and thumping kick drum, paired with Stewart's occasional screams and broken wails, made the song pretty irresistible.

So if you weren't there on Wednesday, check him out this February 25th at The End. With a name like HORSEFINGER, how could he disappoint? - Erin Manning


Cheer Up Charlie Daniels New-ish Album - Live in '79

So Cheer Up Charlie Daniels' album has been out since November of '09, which means we're a little late in discovering it. My bad. But this album is great, and you need to listen to it. It's as if they filled up a bag with 10 or 12 different genres of music and blindly picked them out, one by one, making a song for each selection. You can twist to "Back in Time", you can swing to "Bunsen Burner Baby Blues", or you can lounge beachside while listening to "Murray". Check out their multi-colored vinyl, titled Live in '79, for the (somewhat) most recent music Nashville has to offer. Plus there's a robot on the cover! - Fletcher Watson


La Paz Late Night, This Friday


Come and support local electronic artists DJ Potamus with Special Guest DJ Hands Off Sam (of 12th and Porter Saturday Night fame) this Friday at La Paz Restaurant on Elliston Place across from The End. Enjoy cheap drinks, syncopated lights, phat beats and beautiful people. Who knows how much longer this even will keep truckin', so hurry and catch the action. See you there!


From The Deli's Open Blog: Buffalo Clover, Real Roots Music

Buffalo Clover is a rare plant that grows in the wake of stampeding buffalo. It is also the name of Nashville's most eclectic band. The songs are original, energetic, rootsy and anything but sappy. Their styles range from underdog gypsy punk to motown boxcar blues, vaudvillian acid rock to train wreck folk. Their songs are a unique blend of carnival dirges, quirky waltzes and dark nursery rhymes. "Roots music isn’t synonymous with the stripped down sounds of Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie though those two are widely credited as the fathers of American roots music. In fact, the genre’s massive legacy includes bluegrass, jazz, gospel, country, even vaudeville. Hailing from Nashville, Buffalo Clover takes this wide-angle view of roots, fearlessly stitching together blues, rock, country, folk and gypsy music into an eclectic, theatrical tapestry." -Kate B., Ourstage Blog "Margo’s vocals have a Southern charm but also the melancholy warmth found in Jenny Lewis’ material. -It\'s like coming home." -Tiffany Daniels, God Is In the TV Zine. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



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