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Harrison Lipton gets smooth on "Cannonball (feat. Huck, Quelle Rox)," plays Zone One 2.15

New York’s Harrison Lipton lays down some heavy alternative R&B vibes on “Cannonball,” with help from friends Quelle Rox and Huck. Accompanied by smooth, jazzy seventh chords and shuffling percussion, the song is a testament to the experience of becoming singularly fixated on a romantic interest, wherein all other thoughts fall by the wayside as paltry in comparison. Lipton’s first verse sets the mood with images of sultry baths and popping pills, enabling Huck to wax poetically on taking tequila shots and the passage of time as the track winds to a close, becoming increasingly more ethereal and echoing as it all fades to black. It’s a suave single, best enjoyed under the haze of cigar smoke and whisky, and guarantees a good time when Harrison takes to Zone One at Elsewhere on February 15th for its release party, supported by Melt the Band and Walker Landgraf. Stream Cannonball below. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


Jovan Landry “Synergy Cypher Pt. 2”

Jovan Landry has released a new single and video called “Synergy Cypher Pt. 2”. This is clearly the follow-up to last month’s Pt. 1, and this time she is joined by Sundé, Tee Spirit, JuJu MinXXX and Tweak’G.

This is the second single from the forthcoming all-woman produced & performed album called Synergy which is due out on March 15th.

You can help Jovan celebrate the release of Synergy on March 15th at Columbia College.

Photo by Courtney Morrison


Bear With Hawk Fist

Last week the newly formed label Disfigured Out Records, the work of the folks behind Volcano Rats, celebrated the life and sounds of a truly unique guitarist Bear With Hawk Fist. They put a bunch of his previously released music on youtube, but also dropped two new singles.

These new singles are “These Are Indeed The Last Days” and "The Parallels Between Life and VHS”. The later has a couple of versions that you will pay as much as $39.95 for the digital file, but all proceeds to the man himself.



Debut The P'ids Demo EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

With their debut five-song demo, The P’ids have got our attention. There’s an immediate impact as the tracks carry an intensity that closes the distance, backed by a swift, lyrical punch. Welding raw, revving instrumentation with a seasoned sound, an enticing energy is ever-present as the force of the band is fleshed out. And think this is just the beginning…

PREMIERE: Explore Andrew Fox's lipstick stained world on "John / Candy"

You'll find a sloppy, lipstick-stained world in the video for “John / Candy,” the newest psych-rock vamp by New York songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Fox. Born from the intention of writing a track about actor and comedian John Candy, Fox's single ended up detailing the two sides of the human condition (the facade and the impulse-ridden inner part), with Candy-inspired lurid lyrics about being a “one time call girl,” sung against acidic backdrop of garage guitars and chorus-laden vocals. The video itself - shot all around Portland, OR - showcases Andrew Fox and friends as they don makeup and wigs, hang out at the playground and eat (you guessed it) candy under the shaky lens of an iPhone 6. The whole production is rough around the edges in the best way, and promises more loose fun when Fox releases Shock By Shock on March 22nd. Until then, check out the video below. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo by Tonje Thilesen


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