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Lollapalooza has put out a question to the mass of music fans in Chicago to name their favorite Chicago music blog. We would love it if you would nominate The Deli Chicago. We are not sure what they are going to do, but I am sure it will be great! Go nominate us please.


Interview: Panda Riot

This week the fuzz-pop band Panda Riot released their ep Far & Near, and is heading back east for a mini-tour. They are originally from Philadelphia and I thought it would be the perfect time to ask them a few questions.

The Deli (TD): What can fans except to find on Far & Near?
Panda Riot (PR): Between our last record, she dares all things, and this new EP, far and near, we've added a bass player, Justin, and an aux percussionist, Melissa. As a result, I think the songs are more dance-y and textured. Also, while our last record was more or less a collection of singles, Far and Near has a stronger theme. It's like a little novella.

TD: The video for “Motown Glass” was very cool. How did you decide to make a video for that song as opposed to others on the EP?
PR: Rebecca and I both started out as filmmakers so we had a few ideas of what we wanted the video to look and feel like. Motown Glass just seemed to match up nicely.

TD: How did you come to score the film Apocalypse Story? How did that process differ from your typical writing process?
PR: When we write a panda riot song, it is intended to stand alone. But in the soundtrack, the music has to compliment the mood, the arc of the plot, and the interactions of the characters. So, it’s a completely different approach. Also, a lot of what you'll hear on the soundtrack was done on the first take.

TD: How does the music environment in Chicago compare to the scene in Philly?
PR: In Philadelphia it was just Rebecca and myself recording songs in a tiny apartment. We had never really written or recorded songs before. As a result, I think that our first record reflects that intimacy and newness in the recordings. So you could say she dares all things was our Philadelphia Record.

Shortly after moving to Chicago Justin joined the band and his bass playing added a new dimension to the band. We also moved into a huge raw loft space where we can record and practice whenever we want. That gave us the time to rehearse and record the songs exactly how we wanted them. So if She Dares All Things was an intimate, spontaneous record, Far and Near is a more expansive dance-yer, more textured record.

Far & Near was released this week and is available here. Panda Riot is currently on an east coast tour.


Deli Fest Friday: April Smith, Motel Motel, Shayna Zaid

While weirdos of all ages, sexes and races will head to Glasslands to witness some of the noisiest bands on Earth, more "normal" New Yorkers (who actually care about their hearing) will fill up Brooklyn Bowl to be entarteined in some kind of old style way by our wonderful April Smith and the Great Picture. Shall NYC party boys behave like gentlemen for one night - her music calls for it. Mellow folk rockers Motel Motel and emotional but fun loving Shayna Zaid and The Catch will be noteworthy openers.


Deli Fest Friday at Glasslands: Talk Normal, Buke and Gass, Miniboone

The Deli's Fest-ivities continue tonight with a rather noisy bill at Glasslands, where we'll have two of our beloved Deli Magazine "Cover Bands" performing (Talk Normal and Buke and Gass). The party will start around 8.30 with super fun Miniboone and their upbeat, enthusiastic indie pop.

Unreal and totally unique Buke and Gass (in the picture) will follow. Now, the recent buzz-plosion of band needs a little self-celebratory comment. We put these guys on the cover of our Summer 2009 printed magazine and to our surprise nobody seemed to give a crap. Well, dudes, Buke and Gass just toured with The National, signed to Brasslands, got an interview on Stereogum AND another one on WNYC Radiolab. So as you now are so many people are finally discovering this band you all may as well pick up one of those Deli issues with them on the cover (there will be plenty at the show) and/or check out their online feature here.
BUT, the band you shall not miss tonight is Talk Normal (in the video), another female fronted bloody noisy duo. These girls have picked up where Sonic youth left off - and the not so young Sonics are aware of it as they picked them to open for them at this summer Celebrate Brooklyn Fest in Prospect Park.
To sum it up: wonderfully nasty guitar tones will hit your eardrums tonight, earplugs recommended!


Deli Fest late party: Gordon Voidwell, Streetlab, Glass Ghost

The Deli's Best of NYC Fest's late Friday night show could not not be an electronic, dancey affair. Tonight at Glassland Gallery we'll have a night party with some very intriguing electronic acts, including: our Winter issue cover band Glass Ghost and their chilled but suspenseful electro-mellow-core (we are SO good at making up genres!); remixers with an indie heart Streetlab (who will be performing with a full lineup at 11.30 and then do their unmissable "live remixing" DJ set late at night): and finally what can be called "The Prince of Bronx" (or TAFKAPOB if you want, as in The Artist Previously Known As Prince of Bronx): this man - namely Gordon Voidwell, in the picture - will make us dance till we drop - can't wait for the song "Ivy League Circus" to start!


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