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Nice Nice's Extra Wow out TODAY!

Nice Nice’s debut album on WARP Records has been a long awaited one. After churning out damn near one record a year on their old label, Temporary Residence Limited, Jason Buehler and Mark Shirazi have made us wait four years to hear some new discombobulating yet soothing, formless yet melodic tunes.

The duo has a knack for finding order in disorder, and this new album, aptly titled Extra Wow, is no exception. Though as a whole the record flows seamlessly, its fluidity is often threatened with disjointed electronics, guitar riffs, or drum beats. But Buehler and Shirazi handle chaos with such ease that it sounds natural.

The record begins with an apparent ‘60s acid-rock influence. Opening track "Set & Settting" is saturated with psychedelic buzz, static, and electronic bleeps, accompanied by Buehler’s muffled vocals, pedal-addled guitar and cymbal-heavy drums. The track meshes into “One Hit,” which may very well be homage to the great Jimi Hendrix, with Buehler asking his listeners, “Are you experienced?” The track follows its predecessor’s structure for about 40 seconds, and then takes a spastic turn, as if Buehler and Shirazi lost complete control of their hands. But amidst the drastic, chaotic change, Buehler manages to keep the melody with his vocals, and even when the two break into a disorganized instrumental bridge, they manage to effortlessly come back to the original structure of the song.

After “One Hit,” the album takes a calming break with two lucid instrumental tracks, but picks up again with “Everything Falling Apart,” another song with an acid-rock vibe, and “Big Bounce,” an aptly titled bouncy, space-y electronic track, which transitions into the album’s first single, “See Waves.” This track is still heavily experimental, but much more structured and accessible than the rest of the album. Electronic blips lead a quick-handed guitar riff and structured vocals, with tribal drumming exuding a primal nuance.

The second half of the album is much more ambient and mellow than the first, consisting of tracks with little to no vocals, giving your brain a chance to slow down and process everything it has heard, and leaving you with no words to describe the record other than “wow.”

-Katrina Nattress


The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 4/8-4/11

It's another weekend on the horizon and damn it all if the Bay Area is not getting its act together with good shows to get out and see.

Thursday the 8th at Kimo's would be a good place to start for the female-fronted dirty garage sounds of The Mallards with Street Sirens and Trumpet Solo, 9pm.

Of course if you find yourself in Mission on Thursday, instead of up the hill on Polk street, Orchestra of Antlers (who topped the Deli's Year End Readers Poll) will be playing with Not To Reason Why, Clarissa Explainsitall, and Commissure, 8pm.

Reverb-drenched noise rockers Weekend, who currently hold the Deli's Album of the Month award, will be filling up the Hemlock on Friday. Playing with Fever Dream and Australia's Love Diagrams, this show is surely not to be missed, 9pm.

This week certainly seems to have had a lot of mention of the activities of Stomacher (having just won the Deli's Band of the Month followed shortly by the release of a video) and to cap it all off this Saturday they'll be playing at the Great American Music Hall with Tornado Rider, 3rd Rail, and I the Mighty, 8pm. Of course, yet another mention of Stomacher will be garnering some complaints from the peanut gallery concerning overexposure, but to that I say tough titties. I said it once before and I'll say it again, so I can have the credit for accurate prediction: keep your eyes on Stomacher, this will be their break out year.

That about rounds it out for this week. Check back again for another round of picks next week, and bands, do continue to keep us updated on your schedules and you may find yourself mentioned here.

-Ada Lann


Ray Neades benefit show at Church 4/8-4/10


This Thursday through Saturday nights, there will be a benefit show for local musician Ray Neades at Church. Sadly, Ray passed away this past December, far too early at the age of 42. If you did not know Ray, he was perhaps most well known for fronting an AC/DC cover band by the name of Beefy DC. He got so much joy from playing music.

I saw his band perform at Paradise one night and after his set I asked him how he was. His face beaming, he told me he how he had always wanted to play that room, and that he felt like he was on top of the world.

At the time, I worked with Ray at Guitar Center. Outside of performing music, he was honestly one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life. He made my workdays so much better with his sense of humor. He told the kinds of jokes that I retell to people over and over again. He had such a big heart, filled with life and love of music.

The proceeds from the shows will go to help his family alleviate some of the expenses related to Ray’s death. The shows feature a large cast of local musicians coming out in support of Ray and his family, including Jenny Dee and the Delinquents and Andrea Gillis. You can get more info and buy tickets HERE

RIP, Ray. We will miss you.

--James Houlahan


This is Versailles and Light Pollution @ Bottom Lounge


On April 1st we sent our photographer, Daniel Bartel, to The Bottom Lounge to photograph the bands This is Versailles and Light Pollution. For more pictures from the show visit Daniel’s This is Versailles page and his Light Pollution page.


The Approach of Logan

Logan is the full length from Austin trio The Gary & it emerges blinking into the light today. The Gary will kick out their jams on the inside stage during the The Midgetmen's 8th Birthday/Anniversorry Party May 8th at the Mohawk...but don't worry, we'll remind you. 



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