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Portland Based Nonprofit Record Label Releases New Compilation

Fertile Ground Records is doing great things in Portland. This nonprofit, self proclaimed artistic co-op is working to become a hub for independent artists in the United States and globally. This generous record label has just released a new compilation highlighting their co-op artist roster. The album is entitled, Fertile Ground Records’ Ear to the Ground Volume 1. The compilation consists of bands whose genres range from punk rock to experimental folk, and all the bands have a keen sound and great talent. It’s really cool that there is a label who is putting the artists first, make sure you check out the compilation help out Fertile Ground Records any way you can! - Jordannah Elizabeth


May 2013
Morning Ritual
"The Clear Blue Pearl

In The Clear Blue Pearl, Morning Ritual has collaborated with Shook Twins to shape an album that is as progressive as it is nostalgic. The album borrows elements of soul, folk and R&B then filters them through modern production that accents the poignant arrangements and soaring vocal harmonies. Working with the classic instrumentation of keys, upright bass, drums and an occasional banjo The Clear Blue Pearl is structured with clear intent. The music revolves around the story of a husband and wife on a search for a new home and this collection of tight compositions vividly reflects the thematic arcs of the concept. The opening chords of “Drought” set a calm and melancholic tone of loss that builds into “The Search”, a track that showcases mystical vocal melodies and ethereal percussion. The title track projects light and an uplifting energy that is cut by “Dolphin Song” and reworked into the soulful groove that moves through “Tunnel of Light”. Each track supports and complements the next as the album leads up to the triumphant closer, “Geyser”. The Clear Blue Pearl is a tasteful and well-orchestrated release that, above all, displays an artistic ambition and original style. It’s refreshing to hear.  - Benjamin Toledo

Barbara in the Attic Make Your Ears Feel Groovy and Ecstatic

Here's the skinny, Barbara in the Attic (or BITA for short) simply impressed the hell outta’ me. I happened upon this talented group one night and was fixated with what I heard. The first thing that caught my attention was Barbara, the slightly short chick with the microphone belting out unbelievably soulful notes reminiscent of the greats like Aretha and Janis. The rest of the band was no less impressive, each member bringing a unique flavor. From the rhythm section to the violin, it was a seamless exercise in genre blending. Like a master chef, BITA draws on a number of musical ingredients to make something tasty. BITA recently released their first EP (self titled) with four tracks, my favorite being a haunting little number entitled “Anthem”. The band was cool enough to hook me up with a copy of their EP which I promptly listened to repeatedly. Do yourself a favor and look these guys and gals up or, even better, check them out live! - Cory Huennekens



Review of "S.S.D.D." by Heart Full of Snakes

Summer is fast approaching and that means BBQ's, beers and friends. Luckily for you Heart Full of Snakes has the soundtrack for all those events and more. The album is called S.S.D.D and revolves around a smooth bluegrass sound, with a punk spirit making itself evident in the lyrics. Among my favorite tracks are "Bridge Song" and "Dance Card", which indeed made me want to have a few drinks and dance, in that order. The sounds you'll find on S.S.D.D are rich and have a sort of roadhouse elegance to them giving the album a very "down home" feel. Powerful yet silky vocals bathed in "punkgrass" lyrics and instrumentals drive S.S.D.D like a trusty old pickup truck bouncing down dusty back country roads. If you're looking for a great album to add to your summer soundtrack, you'll do well to fire up the grill, ice the beers and put the new Heart Full of Snakes album on the player. - Cory Huennekens



Dresses Debut New Music Video; Play Doug Fir 5.9

On May 9th Doug Fir will be indy-folk-popping with Portland based band, Dresses. Dresses have a sound that is 2 parts adorable and 2 parts cool. Mix it well with some electronic garnish and add a cool new music video and the result is the perfect sound for a summer day. Surly Portlanders will be bumping these sounds all summer while Dresses are doing shows with the likes of Kate Nash. The dreamy sounds of Field Mouse and the crystal clear Laura Stevenson will be sharing the bill that night. Keep an extra close eye on Laura Stevenson as she hopefully performs some of the heartbreakingly perfect songs from her new album, Wheel. Show starts at 9pm and tickets are $10 in advance or $12 in person. - Joy Pearson


Free Deli/Eleven Magazine Showcase at Alhambra Theater 5.2

On May 1st the Alhambra Theater (formerly Mt. Tabor Theater) will be celebrating their hundredth year as a Portland venue. To commemorate the occasion they are throwing a five day music festival featuring the talent of Red Fang, Y La Bamba, Black Prairie and over a dozen more. For the second day of the festival The Deli Portland and Eleven Magazine worked together to put together a special showcase featuring 8 of the best bands our city has to offer. Social Studies, Hustle and Drone, Glassbones and Pheasant will be sharing the stage in the concert hall while Catherine Feeny, Sama Dams, Summer Cannibals and Jolliff will be gracing the lounge with their phenomenal range of sounds. Get to the Alhambra on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30pm to take part in the best birthday party of the year for the reasonable price of completely free (seriously). I’ll see you there.  

Adventure Galley at Rontoms 4.28

It’s easy for an indie rock band to rely on the synthesizer so much that they fall into a stigma and end up sounding like thousands of other bands before them. This is not the case, however, for Portland’s dance inducing rock band, Adventure Galley. They’ve been dubbed under the genre synth-rock, but they cannot be limited to this. There is a clear, primary focus on songwriting while the complementary sounds and effects throughout the thriving riffs and glorious hooks turn each song into an anthem. Their uniqueness correlates to a European style pop-rock with protruding vocals similar to Franz Ferdinand. Their sound is produced well and encourages the audience to dance and have fun. So if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to dance and have fun do not go to Rontoms this Sunday night for a free show by Adventure Galley. - Colin Hudson


Industrial Park Celebrate the Release of a New 7" at Recess Gallery 4.27

The complex and experimental sounds of Industrial Park have been embraced by the goth-rock/post-punk band scene in Portland, and for good reason. The chemistry between this duo is refreshing and honest, while the music is always exciting and straightforward. With a new music video out and the debut of a 7'' this Saturday, things don't look to be slowing down. Industrial Park will be sharing the bill this weekend with two great bands. Hausu, a rock group from Portland that pairs poetic lyrics with a rocking performance and the ambient and lovely Warm Hands. It's all going down at The Recess Gallery at 8pm on Saturday, April 27th. - Joy Pearson



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