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Album Review: Devotionals by Big Haunt

Portland three-piece, Big Haunt, just released their 5-track album, Devotionals, and if I can say one thing, it’s that the band certainly lives up to their name. At the risk of sounding silly, what we have here is some damn spooky indie folk. They tag themselves beneath “dark garden music” which, though cryptic and oddly specific, is fitting for the soundscape they so expertly craft throughout the record. Songs like “Burn Me Up” feature chilling harmonies coupled with ominous lyrical content that practically has you looking over your shoulder for assurance. When front man Lars Ballard sings, “Like a lover on a cold night, death she held me in her arms oh baby,” you damn near have to reach for a night light. “Bitter Water” was my favorite track with a foreboding harmonized refrain like some twisted spiritual to a reverse baptism. Believe me when I say Big Haunt is a welcomed ghost, providing catchy folky tunes that will undoubtedly take up residency in your aural attic space. - Ted Jamison


Old Age Release Wildlife 2.20.2014

What has 8 legs, weighs half a ton and sings like John Lennon? Old Age, and they’re releasing their first full- length album, Wildlife this Thursday February 20th at Mississippi Studios.

This is a big deal for those in the know. Considering the explosion of growth Old Age has shown in both their songwriting and live performances throughout the releases of The Whale EP (2011), Ancestors (2012), and The Rain Won’t Ever Come (2013), a first full length recording is certain to blow minds. The album’s nine tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Harney at Deep Search and Flora Studios.

The boys were rad enough to share exclusively with The Deli track 8 off of Wildlife, ‘My Prerogative.' This is a tune I have had the pleasure of enjoying live somewhere in the double digits, but the recording is on another level. Take a listen for yourself.


Sharing the stage with Old Age Thursday night are the tremendously talented Nick Delffs (of The Shaky Hands, Death Songs and Tiburones) and Paulo Zappoli. I'll see you there. 

-Travis Leipzig



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The Hugs Release New Video: "Let It Go"

The Hugs have just released a video to accompany “Let It Go”, a calm and reflective song that explores the emotions that surface as a relationship comes to a close. The video, directed by Sean Allen, features images of the shores on the Willamette beneath an overcast sky that mirror the intonations of vocalist Danny Delegato’s voice as he recites and sings his lyrical content into the camera. Watch the video below and be sure to listen to The Hugs latest album, Love Led You Here, on bandcamp. - Benjamin Toledo


Party Boyz Season 1 Finale

In the epic, two part season finale of the Party Boyz podcast our favorite hosts turn the microphones on each other and we learn a bit about the rad girls (boyz) that make this podcast a possibility. The two brilliantly curated playlists that illustrate the conversation include songs by St. Vincent, Aan, Harlem, The Ghost Ease and a lot more. Listen to the first part below, check out the second part here and be sure to give Party Boyz your attention via facebook to keep up with their latest news. - Ben  




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