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Drowned in Sound: Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer

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Aan Record Release at Mississippi Studios 2.1

Aan was my first introduction to the Portland music scene. I remember venturing out into the unknown, alone, struggling to even find the venue. It was hard work, convincing myself to gaze out into a sea of strange faces. When the band started to play, my focus was still and unable to be broken. "Wake Me With A Kiss" brushes a cold, white sheet over your eyelids, enticing you to believe you're in the scenario of waking up next to someone special on a hazy morning. Bud Wilson's vocals are something to take note of. Through the curls and the snarls of his intriguing twang, there's this never-ending maze of new sounds to explore. The lingering bass flirts with a build up, the guitar distantly trickling down your spine. This song posseses a theme true to the entire career of the band; anything is possible. Aan's enthusiasm for mystification draws in the attention of many, but their incredible talent is responsible for keeping us excited. - Colette Pomerleau


Album Review: And Now... by The Moonshine

In their debut album, And Now.., The Moonshine have crafted eight songs reminiscent of a trip across country, capturing the beauty of traditional sounds with banjos, fiddles and harmonizing vocal chords. Opening with banjo, stomps and hand claps, “Never Know” starts the album off on an uplifting note; the interplay between the calling vocals leave the listener needing to sing along. This energy moves and transforms to fit into range of folk-inspired song structures, changing in an almost cinematic way. “Hard Times” comes off with an undercurrent of noir, “Shadow Song” as a bluesy and poetic confessional and the powerful closer, “Enough” has enough emotional punch to give you chills. And Now… is an example of the folk genre at its most dynamic, the nostalgic sounds within balanced by a crystal clear production. The next time you’re getting ready for a trip out of town be sure that you have this album to keep you company. - Benjamin Toledo  


She's Not Dead Win The Deli Portland's Best of 2013 Readers' Poll

After two weeks of promotion and bringing in nearly 500 votes, She’s Not Dead have been chosen as the reader’s pick in our best of 2013 poll. Influences of hard rock, pop punk and alternative music shaped their style and have brought them through a year filled with energetic shows, explosive songs and an ever-expanding fan base. Congratulations on your victory, She’s Not Dead, here’s hoping your next year is even more exciting than your last. - Benjamin Toledo  


Just Lions Take Second Place in The Deli Portland's Best of 2013 Readers' Poll

Just Lions have brought in a ton support from fans in their second Deli poll (they were our Artist of the Month way back at the beginning of 2013) and have taken silver in the Best of 2013 readers’ choice poll. Their rocking, at times anthemic compositions have worked their way through most every venue in town over the past year and garnered them attention for their dynamic hooks and tight arrangement. Listen to their music below and be sure to keep an eye on them this year; it’s bound to be an exciting one for Just Lions. - Benjamin Toledo


Adam Brock Takes 3rd Place in The Deli Portland's Best of 2013 Readers' Poll

Taking third place in the readers’ choice segment of our year end poll is Adam Brock, who you may recognize as the winner of this year’s open submissions segment. His tasteful blending of indie pop, folk and electronic elements combined with the pristine production of his recordings have brought him support from the Portland music scene (as well as few choice Deli editors across the country) that continues to grow. The creativity contained within his songs may only be exceeded by his passion for the music in general, which has shown through every interaction I’ve ever had with him. Congrats, Adam, may 2014 be your most successful year yet. - Benjamin Toledo



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