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June 2013
Christopher Reyne
"A Stranger at the Wheel

While listening to A Stranger at the Wheel, the first album released by Portland singer/songwriter Christopher Reyne, the composer's drive is apparent. The ten song album has an emotional, musical and stylistic range that is ambitious and satisfying. Kicking the album off with “The Notorious Kelly Monroe”, a catchy pop-esk hook and complex musical textures pair with Reyne's melodic voice to make it clear that this performer is dedicated to entertaining his listeners. Dedicated may be the perfect word to describe Reynes. The entire project has been in his hands, from the writing and performing to the recording and mixing. Literally every vocal track and instrument on the album you here is Reynes himself, save the drums that were added by a friend after all the songs were finished. As the album unfolds, the lyrics remain story-driven and vulnerable, the arrangements are thoughtful and interesting, and it is clear that Stranger at the Wheel captures what Christopher Reynes is: a driven entertainer and talented musician. Joy Pearson 

Marisa Anderson Record Release at Mississippi Studios 6.16

Marisa Anderson is not a psychic consultant and medium from Scarsdale, New York. Stupid google. She is a musician who dropped out of college at 19, set to walk across the country and didn't stop wandering for 15 years. She is kind of like what I'd imagine listening to if I were on a long, sultry walk on my way to bear my sticky palms to a mystical voodoo clairvoyant somewhere deep in the reeds. Anderson is the sound of somewhere woozy and southern, where the air is fat and steamy and where real, lonesome, booze-kissed music drips out of the pores of the natives like some bittersweet birthright. She's a born picker - a soloist who is staggeringly at one with the guitar and lap steel. Even if live solo guitar shows aren't your thing, I assure you that this is your chance to hear those forever longed for, never quite found, Delta-blues of yore in person. We're lucky to have her home, in our blanched northwestern atmosphere on the bloated edge of summer, this coming Sunday the 16th for her record release show at Mississippi Studios with Dragging An Ox Through Water. Go feel it. - Morgan Talkington


PDX Pop Now! Compilation Release at Backspace 6.14

PDX Pop Now! is the culmination of the best aspects of Portland’s music scene. For the past ten years this free, three day festival has sought out our city’s most promising local acts and put them in front of an enthusiastic and diverse crowd of all ages. There isn’t a stage in town that can bring as much attention to a local band. You’ll have to wait until July 19th to enjoy this year's festival, but you can get a taste of what’s to come on Friday, June 14th at Backspace to celebrate the release of the 2013 PDX Pop Now! compilation album. This forty-three track, two disc release might be the best representation of the Portland music scene, featuring the sounds of Sama Dams, The Woolen Men, NTNT and many more. The release party will include performances by Sapient, Summer Cannibals, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, and Wishyunu. Be there to be the first to get your hands on the compilation and find out who’s going to be playing the festival this year. I’ll see you there. -Benjamin Toledo

Bike Thief at Doug Fir 6.5

Bike Thief has quickly made an impact on the Portland scene. In just over six short months they’ve shared the stage with many of this city’s premium bands, and more importantly Bike Thief has accomplished all this with an original and vibrant sound marked by timeless songwriting. Transcended by their modern folk heroes, they learned to play folk songs and make them rock. There are beautiful vocal harmonies with up to four singers that weave into heavy choruses brought together by the sweetness of a viola player. With the success of their debut EP, Ghost of Providence, they are slated to headline the Doug Fir this Wednesday with support from Rare Monk and De La Warr. This is a band that has come a long way and will reach amazing heights, come to the Doug Fir to see a greatness in the making. - Colin Hudson


Alameda at Holocene 6.2

Alameda, the Portland-based five piece band with sophisticated instrumentation and smooth harmonious vocals has found a sound that is settled and sure. The tracks on Procession, the album released in 2012, contain a range of emotions and stories that grab you instantly. “Swollen Light,” the guitar driven heartbreaker, swells to a head and shows you exactly why this band is doing so well. Strings and clarinet keep things classy without getting bogged down in traditional frameworks. Their experimentation has payed off. This summer the band will be touring and surely met with open arms by current and new fans alike. Kicking off a summer of touring can't start at a better place than Holocene, and this Sunday they will do just that with the amazingly talented Mice Parade. Mice Parade has proven versatility and a relentless energy that takes advantage of an amazing percussion section and pop laced melodies with ease and lightheartedness. The combination of these bands is going to make for one heck of a night this Sunday, June 2nd.  Doors open at 7 and tickets are $10 online or at the door. - Joy Pearson


"Remember Where You Are" at Hollywood Theater 5.31

Tonight the historic Hollywood Theater will present Remember Where You Are, a film documenting a 12,00 mile, 50 show living room tour taken by local musicians Catherine Feeny and Sebastian Rogers. The film depicts the need for music and expression on a personal level as the two journey across the country playing for complete strangers in their homes. This engaging and emotional documentary is not to be missed. It starts at 7:30 pm and you can find tickets here. Stick around for a Q and A with director, Wayne Watson Jr., after the show. - Benjamin Toledo


Asher Fulero Releases New Album at Doug Fir 5.30

Solo piano compositions have become a lost art over the years. Thankfully in Portland, many great things never go completely away. Asher Fulero is ready to release his second full-length solo piano album at the Doug Fir. The new album, Liminal Rites is thirteen songs deep of classically trained and emotionally connected songs. They are baroque with a little jazz and move from note to note with technique and improvisation to explore the way we transition and what he refers to as "liminal space". Following Asher will be Melting Pot Soundsystem until the event is headlined by Asher Fulero’s other project, Halo Refuser. This is a trancey down tempo with lots of drums and a little dabbling with dubstep; quite a leap from Asher’s day job as a pianist but nonetheless a dance party that should be attended no matter what. - Colin Hudson


Crag Dweller at Kelly's Olympian 5.31

What would the end of the world sound like? I can’t really say for sure, but I imagine it would be something along the lines of Crag Dweller. Loud, scary, and totally badass. Musically, Crag Dweller draws on a tried and true formula of loud heavy guitar, racing bass, thundering drums, and great riff work. The vocals tie perfectly with the music, combining elements of heavy metal with jagged punk edge. I recently had the chance to sit down and listen to their album, Magic Dust and I was more than pleasantly surprised with what I heard. All seven tracks on the album draw on the finer points of various metal, from classic heavy-grinding power chords and riffs of the early 70’s, to the galloping fast paced rhythms of the 80’s.A standout track from Magic Dust is "Motel Burnout." The opening riffs set the stage for a heavy metal journey through Hades that could make Dante blush. Crag Dweller will be unleashing the sonic hounds of hell this month, May 31st at Kellys Olympian. - Cory Huennekens



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