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Drowned in Sound: Ex Hex - Rips

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Album Review: Live in the Map Room by Three for Silver

Three For Silver has the wonderful ability to transport you through time and space to the beautiful warm simplicity of a bygone era, but once you’re there the simplicity stops and the enticing melodies and vocals begin. Three For Silver’s latest EP, “Live in the Map Room” is a hypnotic adventure of rustic storytelling told by a sultry, mysterious voice that quite frankly will leave you wanting, nay needing more. Tension in the songs waxes and wanes under a slew of instruments that take you out of the everyday mundane and into a black and white dream reminiscent of San Francisco in the 1920’s. I was particularly smitten with a track by the name of “Light in the Shade”. The intro is wonderfully serene and unique leading into a song that focuses on melody and elegantly strong vocals. Three For Silver draws on time-honored traditions while turning out a beautifully unique sound. Frills are put to bed and musicianship takes center stage on “Live in the Map Room”. Make sure to check these guys out live and pick up a copy of the new EP. - Cory Huennekens


KZME Presents: Duofest 12.14

Besides the loads of raw musical talent, there’s nothing ultra-fancy about this event; which is exactly how an event celebrating the art of two-piece rock and roll should be. Duofest brings together some of the best power duos that Portland has to offer. Headlined by the root driven and blues heavy Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil, Kelly’s Olympian will be packed with the kind of heavy rock you need to hear to cure the bitterness of this winter weather. Starting the show is the guitar thriving soulful blend known as the Yes-And Band who will be followed by the acoustic and folk rock melodies of Bevelers. After that Machine will take the stage and showcase lead vocalist Madeline’s blissful, harmonizing singing behind beautiful songwriting. And before HJ & HD the Deli Portland’s October artist of the month winners, Bear & Moose will bring their alternative rock to the right place. Come to Kelly’s on Saturday to find out just how much sound two people can make. - Colin Hudson

The Moondoggies at Doug Fir Lounge 12.13

Whiskey twang at it’s finest! This Friday night; put on your cowboy boots, stash a flask in your pants and direct your trusty steed on over to the Doug Fir Lounge to catch Denver, The Moondoggies and The Maldives. Following the release of Adios I’m a Ghost, and rounding out nearly four months on tour with well known regional acts Pickwick (Seattle) and The Maldives (Seattle), The Moondoggies are sure to help get you through those drunken holiday blues with their tasty vocal harmonies and country-grunge sounds. Special guests and local drunken-country legends Denver make this a show not to miss. Tickets are $12, doors open at 8 and show starts at 9. -Travis Leipzig


Party Boyz Present: December to Forget

This Saturday night your favorite local podcasters, Party Boyz (also known as Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer), are living up to their name by throwing a warehouse party with a music lineup that will make your head spin. Old Light will be bringing their vivid brand of garage-infused psychedelia, Hustle and Drone will throw down their addictive beats and The We Shared Milk will bring the hazy indie-rock energy that’s garnered them some well-deserved attention in 2013. But wait, there’s more! Super secret guests, late night DJs, delicious food carts and to top it all off this party’s for charity. Bring a food or toy donation for a few dollars off admission and live it up knowing you gave a little bit back to your community. The festivities are being held at Manifest Station (2020 SE Bush ) and doors open at 8pm. Also, wear a Christmas sweater. - Benjamin Toledo

December 2013
"Get Lost

     When an album has that certain something that sets it apart you do more than simply listen to the songs, you feel them. When a song possesses a depth beyond the notes that are played you move without realizing it, everything else fades away and you lose yourself in the sounds that are created. The layered, emotive psych-pop projected by Get Lost, the debut full length from Genders, has that kind of depth.

     In its entirety it flows through what feel like sonic walls of sound ( i.e. the cacophonous sections of  “Something To Get You By”, “Secrets” and “Twin Peaks”) balanced by hooks that could pull in listeners of any musical preference (“The Wilderness”, “Golden State”) but throughout there’s something being communicated in the space between the sounds, in the lines between the lyrics. There’s an emotional risk being taken, a vulnerability and a transparency within the music that is projected onto the listener. These are the types of songs that you can get lost in, and when you’re in that unknown place you won’t want to be found. - Benjamin Toledo  



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