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A Heart is a Spade: Wye Oak Debuts New Video
Drowned in Sound: Future Islands - Singles

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Brooks Robertson Wins The Deli Portland's Best of 2012 Readers and Fans Poll

Brooks Robertson’s mastery of the guitar is apparent to anyone who listens to his music. He plays fluid, complex compositions that entrance the listener and have garnered him the support to come out on top of the viewer’s choice poll. He surely has a successful career ahead of him, and with the dedication he has shown to his craft he surely deserves it. – Benjamin Toledo


A Happy Death Places 2nd in The Deli Portland's Best of 2012 Readers and Fans Poll

A Happy Death’s relentless gigging, unrestrained energy and vintage style has catapulted them through the past year and brought them some well-deserved attention in the Portland scene. Their songs are both catchy and chaotic; their style dark and riotous with a touch of noir. Keep an eye on these guys, their psychedelic sounds aren’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2013. – Benjamin Toledo


The Mormon Trannys Place 3rd in The Deli Portland's Best of 2012 Readers and Fans Poll

The Mormon Trannys are on a mission to save confused and oppressed souls through the gospel of punk rock and I love them for it. By combining a message of acceptance with a comedic and satirical presentation their performance is without a doubt one of the most unique in town and also one of the most enjoyable. Congratulations to these guys for placing 3rd in the viewer’s choice poll, keep up the good work. – Benjamin Toledo  



Pigeons Play Big Ass Boombox Festival 1.12

Once upon a time great rock and roll was derived from thriving pianos. Fortunately for many, this trend made its return in the middle of last decade during the indie rock revival. Pigeons rely heavily on the same acoustic instruments that gave indie rock prominent place in modern music. They have a very diverse sound that consists of guitars, drums, bass, and a piano; all topped off with a sweet violin. Each song brings something unique as they go from slow and very harmonic to thrashing noise that somehow manages to stay together, which can be heard throughout their 2010 album The Talking WirePigeons have the rare ability to play the softest instruments in the hardest way possible. It’s sweet, smooth, raw and everything in between. - Colin Hudson


Get Your Big Ass (Boombox) Downtown this Friday and Saturday 1.11/1.12

The second annual Big Ass Boombox Festival is this weekend, and you should probably go. You really have no reason not to. There are over 40 bands at 4 different venues in 2 days and it costs nothing, except maybe max rides and PBR. Shows are going to be downtown at Someday Lounge, Backspace, Kelly's Olympian, and Floating World Comics (awesome!). There are going to be so many rad bands, like Wooden Indian Burial Ground (Friday, Someday), Father Figure (Saturday, Kelly's) and Tiananmen Bear (Saturday, Someday). Check out the lineup and set times at It is going to be great and you don't even have to walk far. - Annie Wheeler

The Woolen Men Sign to Woodsist Records

The Woolen Men have received the chance to expand their audience exponentially. The group just joined the likes of Panda Bear, Dan Deacon and Mount Eerie by signing to Woodsist Records and announced that they’ll be releasing their debut LP on the label this March. The band’s explosive live shows and DIY ethics have brought them attention in Portland over the past few years and spurred a series of self-released EPs and tapes, the most recent of which was released last month. Tour tape no. 1 is a collection of recordings made on their most recent west coast tour and captures their kinetic energy amidst lo-fi static. You’ll have to wait until March 5th to own the entire record, but you can listen to the first release, "Mayonnaise", below. 2013 is looking bright for these guys. –Benjamin Toledo


And And And Play Big Ass Boombox Festival 1.12

And And And's No Party is the band's first studio recorded EP. It provides a cleaner separation of the band's recipe which involves a little '60s lo-fi with a dash of garage pop and sprinkles of folk and lounge music. Nathan Baumgartner airs his grievance through whaling vocals abreast the meticulous drumming and stirring of bass, guitar, and the multi-instrumentalist Ryan Wiggans who interchanges cello, clarinet and trumpet. "The Joy of Cooking" concocts bread pudding (or french toast) and insecurity. "Holy Fucking Matrimony" attacks angst with quiet tempo changes, and "Old Folks Home" complains with enough cheer to make you want to say "Fuck it" and just keep moving. I am not sure if these guys have New Year's resolutions, but the lyrics of "Not Going to The Party" sound right: "…just doing what you do, and I'll just do that same thing too". - Brandy Crowe


January 2013
Jellyfish Brigade
"The Art of Being Pulled Apart

In their latest release Jellyfish Brigade have captured the eye of a transformative storm and labeled it The Art of Being Pulled Apart. From the first beat the release exhales a calm sensation and as the vocals enter they bring with them reflective and transparent lyrics describing a moment of separation from oneself. They flow through the title track with vivid imagery and honest emotion on top of pocket rhythms and electronic melodies that provide a musical landscape complementary to the thematic arcs of the album. “The Character is Me” holds the hip hop beats steady and drives the story towards personal alchemy, which the final track, “The Salmon’s Journey Home” cements with uptempo grooves and vocal hooks. The Art of Being Pulled Apart may be a personal account but the emotions depicted are universal. Each person is pulled apart at some point; the art is how we put ourselves back together. –Benjamin Toledo


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