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Party Boyz Presentz: Ladiez Night

Hey Ladieeeez!

Along with She Shreds Magazine and Kill Rock Stars, Portland's Party Boyz have curated an event at Mississippi Studios to celebrate the guitar hoarding, keyboard slinging, howling vocals of Portland's fairer gender. Wait, fairer? Whatever, The Party Boyz turn gender on it's head. The pod-casting duo are actually two best girl-friends, Rachel Milbauer and Elizabeth Elder, who share laughs with all the local bands for an audience to hear. 
They are also putting together shows with a cause; part of ticket sales from Ladiez Night will assist musical non-profit Rock'n'Roll Camp For Girls. Speaking of Rock'n'Roll, this show is a fresh debut for Sallie Ford, who moved on from the boys at The Sound Outside to start a new all-girl band solely under her moniker. The local ladies that have joined her include members of Siren & The Sea, Viva Voce, and Point Juncture, WA. There will new songs to look forward to, and knowing Sallie, it's bound to get a little rowdy. 
The line-up includes dream-pop outfit Swansea, the intriguing Luz Elena Mendoza (Y La Bamba,Tiburones), and a founding female of indie-rock, Rebecca Gates. It's a celebration of the bad-ass, empowered women making music in PDX. Gurlz, boyz, ladiez and dudez - come one, come all. - Brandy Crowe

Austin 2014 issue (SXSW)
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Mister Tang's Shakin' Bones

Ever get the feeling of impending invasion when a song starts playing? The newest single "Shakin' Bonesby Portland-based Mister Tang could be comparable to accidentally opening the door into a meth super-lab, and running away as fast as you can.  With it comes unraveling emotions of intimidation, disorientation and subtle aggression. Somehow, this song walks the fine line of echoing 1960s garage rock without crossing over to mimic it entirely. Tang's screeching "I wanted it all" over and over again brings the listener back to reality and away from the invasion. You're left realizing that we're all in this together.

- Colette Pomerleau


February Artist of the Month: Cambrian Explosion

After a rocking two week campaign, Cambrian Explosion and their bluesy waves of ethereal psych-rock have claimed victory in our latest Artist of the Month Poll. Their songs move like living organisms, crawling through vivid soundscapes built upon swelling guitar leads, crisp rhythms and textured organ drones. You can dance along with their psychedelic creations for yourself by listening  their latest release, The Sun EP on bandcamp. Congrats on winning the poll, Cambrian Explosion, we’re stoked to call you our February Artist of the Month. - Ben Toledo  


Maps & Atlases // And And And // The We Shared Milk // 3.4.14

Pardon the shameless self-promotion but on Tuesday March 4, my very own band The We Shared Milk will share the stage at the Doug Fir Lounge with local drunken-power-pop favorites And And And, and Chicago’s experimental-math-popsters Maps & Atlases who will have a new album out April 17th. The show is part of a Red Bull sponsored concert series, Sound Select Presents: Portland, and the night's lineup was curated by one of indy rock's finest acts and certainly one of he biggest bands to come out of Portland, Portugal. The Man

RSVP here for get into the show for $3. Doors at 8pm, but arrive early as the space will likely fill up quickly. – Travis Leipzig



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