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Drowned in Sound: Ex Hex - Rips

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Song Premiere: Buzzmutt - Stumble Forward

​San Francisco experimental post punk band, Buzzmutt will be releasing a new ​EP next month. Today, we have an exclusive first single from their upcoming album entitled, Strange Planes of ​​Surveillance​.

This new single, Stumble Forward is a strange grungy collage of urban drenched tribal instrumentation mixed with​ a catchy vocal melody. A cool thing about Buzzmutt is that they sound just as grungy, raw and intense live. It's hard to find a live band that keeps the integrity of their recordings, but they do.

​Stumble Forward and Buzzmutt are a breath of fresh air because this band obliterates the laid back, washed out Cali garage rock style that we know and love. They bring a gritty east coast underground sound that derives from Baltimore/DC punk and experimental vintage rock like, CAN. Get into it. The music may be a bit of an acquired taste, but it goes down easy.

You can catch Buzzmutt live on September 11th at their album release show at the Hemlock Tavern. ​


The Deli SF Exclusive: The Frail Album + Ticket Giveaway

Oh yes, we're giving away a copy of The Frail's brand new album, LoveDeathLegend which isn't due for release until August 26th!

On top of that awesome gift, The Frail wants to give the lucky winner of the album a spot on their guestlist for their album release show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on August 29th. Which one of you will be the winner? Shoot us an email - sfeditor@thedelimagazine.com and we'll announce the winner next Monday! Good luck!


Album Review: Wicked Man-Fingership EP

He brings to you the power of his slithering eel voice, drenched in teenage bravado and sensitivity. He slinks along, gathers steam, strikes, and retreats. Wicked Man makes his silent appearance. Though a simple person, Berkeley-based songwriter Yonatan Tietz’s uniqueness lies in the subtle tease, the unselfconsciousness of both listener and musician that speaks to a suburban, midnight-hour insomnia that many have indeed felt before. Completing the ensemble are Matt Fisher-Keller playing bass and keyboards and Nick Blossom playing drums.

The musicianship is not virtuosic by any means, nor does this record intend for it to be. It is an open letter, written on the paper rolls of a traveller, a quiet beckoning towards the unattainable. The three songs on The Fingership EP give exactly what they should. “Solitude” introduces a conflicted introvert shunning the disdain of domestic routine in favor of something larger than himself.

Cautious though he may be, he is driven by the will to continue. “We Are Near” is an intimate trap-door that turns uncertainty into something worth fighting for. Shades of turquoise fall into the cracks between his words. He finds comfort in leaving the mundane. “Selfish Indeed” sets itself apart both in tempo and intensity from the surrounding material. He breaks from the traditional method of self-deprecating lyrics, instead choosing to let his words flow like a stream of consciousness declaration. He turns on the listener, confides, then chides-himself included. Slippery eel has done his job, turned you on. -Justin Kohlberg

The band is currently on a tour of the Pacific Northwest through September, and their EP is available through www.wicked-man.com and wickedman.bandcamp.com.


Music Video Premiere: Lemme Adams – Toys Director’s Cut

We have an awesome premiere for you today! San Francisco based psych alternative rock band, Lemme Adams has given us the opportunity to premiere the Director’s Cut of their award winning music video, Toys. You may have heard that Toys has won top honors (Best Song) for 2014's Music Video Race.

This semi violent, anti/uber masculine music video is drenched with dark humor and irony. Putting a motion picture behind Adam’s dark pop songs is probably one of the best ideas…ever. We watch him teeter between childhood and manhood while obliterating a number of archetypes that are supposed to represent what it means to be a male human being on planet Earth. It’s all done in a starkly exaggerated manner, and we can totally tell why this music video won an award.

Enjoy it. Dig the art, dig on the humor but try not to soak in the testosterone spurting moments in the video too much! Or you can, but it might not do you much good because Lemme Adams and his bandmates are really sweet guys and we’re always into covering their badass releases and music videos. -je

You can catch Lemme Adam's next show in San Francisco at Elbo Room with Hungry Skinny and Talk of Shamans on September 19th.


Sun Valley Gun Club Releases New Single - Hey Collapser

First, let’s get this out of the way: Congratulations to Sun Valley Gun Club for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco Artist of the Month Poll! Every month, a band comes out on top and this month is no different. This band won the poll by a landslide and we’d like to thank all the readers for voting! We hope you continue to support hard working bands like Sun Valley Gun Club. Congrats guys!!

Sun Valley Gun Club has released an awesome new single called Hey Collapser. This track is a grungy indie rock song that sounds like a nice mix between The Shins and a California drenched Modest Mouse.  Hey Collapser has well placed driving guitar riffs, milky vocals and a tightly composed style. Not all songs can create clean pauses and ebbs and flows that dramatically build and fall while still keeping its underground rock and roll integrity, but Hey Collapser does this. Very cool. This track proves you can be an underground band and still have great production value and a coherent sound. -je




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