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Album Review: Al Lover - Sacred Drugs

There is such a thing as a psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll DJ. Al Lover has proven that before, and his newest release, Sacred Drugs proves it again. This debut solo LP  blends fuzzed-out, psychedelic and reverb-drenched layers with driving rhythms and trance-inducing melodies that could have you staring at the visualizer on your computer's music player all night long.

The album's first single, Super Strength (Power Plant) featuring Morgan Delt could fit perfectly to a smoke-filled bar scene from some 60s foreign spy film (the entire album would make a great soundtrack to such a film). The track starts with droning synth layers giving way to a slow beat while Delt’s vocals layer over like this city’s thick morning fog.

The track that stands out the most is The Shadow Shadow Self Shake. It starts with a reverb drenched hip-hop inspired drum beat setting up for a solid and danceable track which continues for most of the song. However, just shy of the 2-minute mark in the track, a distant and fuzz riddled guitar makes its presence known adding more depth to what was already a solid track.

Sacred Drugs is sexy and eerie. It is everything you would want to hear in a club or your bedrooms with a drink in hand. The 14-track album dropped on Oct. 9 on vinyl via Psych Army Intergalactic and Crash Symbols (cassette). Love on it. -Skyler Warren


Listen to Two Exclusive Royal Jelly Jive Tracks + Album Release at Slim's TOMORROW - 10/9

San Francisco based alternative swing band, Royal Jelly Jive will be celebrating the release of their upcoming full length self titled album. The event will take place at Slim's in San Francisco TOMORROW and the line up will include, The Highway Poets and Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra.

Royal Jelly Jive is a very unique band here in the Bay Area. With all the underground garage, experimental, psych and folk music dominating the local music scene, Royal Jelly Jive dares to be different as they draw from more traditional music styles. Lauren Bjelde has an intriguing, strong voice and shows her talent and ability to command the stage as the front woman. The band also includes the lead singer and songwriter Jesse Lemme Adams of the band Lemme Adams. We encourage you to support Royal Jelly Jive and buy their new album, Royal Jelly Jive!

Today, we're going to premiere a couple of completely unheard tracks from the new album. The songs are entitled Indian George and H.M.S Soulbay. We're excited to share these exclusive songs with you and we know you'll enjoy them. Do your best to attend their album release show at Slim's tomorrow, October 9th! -je


Album Review: LoCura - Dale De Comer

Difficult to characterize and resistant of traditional genre definitions, San Francisco based chameleons, LoCura have steadily been creating their own sound. Built on the diversity of both musicians and styles, the band’s latest release Dale De Comer is no exception. Elements of son, cumbia, ska, rumba flamenca, afrobeat, and even reggaeton are distilled into the self-described “Califas Flamenkito”group’s third record. This provides for an infectious, multi-layered effort that is a testament to their continual evolution. Started in 2009 by lead singer Kata Miletich and guitarist Bob Sanders in Angel’s Camp, California, the band originally set out to play rumba flamenco-but exposure to San Francisco’s highly charged Latin music, culture, and arts scene opened up possibilities for much more. Bassist Izzy Sergio Duran, trumpeter Danny Cao, and drummer Carrie Jahde joined the group shortly after the duo moved there-a change that greatly intensified both live performances and the stylistic mixture of the band. Unlike their previous records, Dale De Comer is fairly short- the seven tracks total 28 minutes, roughly half the length of their previous efforts. Kata’s voice calls from a reverb-laden megaphone, introducing both “Amarantos” and the start of the colossal, revolutionary swing pervasive throughout the album. “No Ves” begins with a gentle Frusciante- inspired guitar riff, opening up as Miletich criticizes the politics and industrialization of consumerism. “Dos Lobos” conjures the image of an embattled soul struggling with anger and love-the latter part of the song musically evoking what had previously been laid out lyrically. “Dale De Comer” is perhaps the steepest brew of LoCura’s many influences-the reggaeton beat, mariachi horn section accents, and flamenco guitar solo give way to a Sufi-inspired chant in Spanish. Language barriers are broken throughout the lyrics too, as the well-seasoned Miletich switches between both Spanish and English- at times even using a few Italian words. Though less material than their previous works, this album is no less potent. The band reps their Bay Area roots and defines themselves by their constant stylistic ambiguity, keeping in mind that most of it is pure madness.  - Justin Kohlberg


Hibbity Dippity Mark Nelsen Band and Ivory Arrows Play Boom Boom Room TONIGHT

San Francisco based psychedelic rock band, Hibbity Dippity will be headlining a night of stellar music at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. Known for hosting blues, soul and more traditional American rock genres, Boom Boom Room has lately been opening their doors to different genres like psych and garage rock. Hibbity Dippity will be sharing the bill with ultra talented songwriter and guitartist, Mark Nelsen (who will be performing with his full band, Mark Nelsen Band) and the acoustic indie soul band, Ivory Arrows.

We're into this bill and we like that it's going down at the Boom Boom Room. Do you're best to make it out.

Bay Area Desert Stars Pre Parties Go Down TOMORROW -10/1

Don't miss these great Bay Area events! The Desert Stars Festival is around the corner and the Bay Area is celebrating this massive fest with pre parties in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. All of the pre parties are on the same night, October 1st, so you'll just have to choose which line up you want to see the most:

Kymberli's Music Box & Innerlight Presents: Desert Stars Pre Party at Elbo Room in San Francisco:

Cellar Doors
The Spiral Electric
Ancient River
The Shivas

Dj Vikki Vaden
Visuals by Mad Alchemy

The Shivas

Cellar Doors

Ancient River

The Spiral Electric

San Jose Desert Stars Pre Party:

​Cafe Stitch - Doors Start at 8 pm

Silent Pictures
The Soft Bombs
DJs Jafar Green & Jeff Jagged

Oakland Desert Stars Pre Party:

​At Leo's Music Club - Doors at 9 pm:

The Telescopes
LSD and the Search for God
Disappearing People
Magic Castles



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