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2015 Year End Polls For Emerging Artists: Results Scene by Scene

Album Review: Sun Valley Gun Club - Self Titled

The opening track, Even Before I Learned to Write is like the exhale of a lengthy drawn-out drag, armed with a cold beer and your best friends sitting in a circle discussing how weird life really is. Sun Valley Gun Club’s self-titled album generates a yearning for those authentic, unassuming moments that you don’t truly appreciate the beauty of until it's gone. Consistent with the energy of the album, Sun Valley Gun Club's self titled album is casually addictive. The album is so good, you can catch yourself naturally mouthing the lyrics, floating home from work half-dazed after the long day. SVGC is reminiscent of the vocals of your favorite classic 90’s jam and at first listen could be mistaken as simple Indie revival rock. However, the most surprising and incredible element of this album is the heartfelt, powerful 80’s guitar riffs that decide to make a pleasantly surprising appearance at the most unexpected times. What is initially perceived as a simple, rock album reveals itself as a unique, fresh sound that draws itself from the highlighted elements of two classic musical eras that when combined create a sound that is as nuanced and innovative. Drop the needle on It Came From the Moon, light one up and start again. - Lindsay Stickney



Still Flyin' Releases New Single - Love Both Sides

The San Francisco based band, Still Flying has released a new song from their fourth upcoming album, Perfect Future. The new album is entitled Love Both Sides!

Still Flyin's Sean Rawls had a child at the end of 2012, a few months after their most recent album (On A Bedroom Wall) was released, which spelled a day job and no more world tours. In his words, "My identity as 'dude in a band' turned into 'new dad who used to be in a band.'" Once an endless tinkerer who crafted songs constantly, he suddenly found himself with little time for any of that. He ended up having to carve out songwriting time between his son's naps, and one of these short bursts of songwriting resulted in three of Perfect Future's tracks ("Get Out of My Car", "Navarone" and "Tea Leaves").

The band ended up recording in much the same way -- all of the basic tracks were bashed out in three days of recording, which was much quicker than they were used to. Keeping with the general theme, the record was mixed very quickly by Phil Manley (Trans Am), and the result is raw, immediate, unedited and undeniably fun!


Music Video Premiere: Lords of Sealand - Architect

It is yet again an honor and a pleasure to premiere music from another great Bay Area band! Check out the newest music video from the San Francisco based indie, prog rock band, Lords of Sealand!

Architect is a track from the band's second EP, Found Fiction. Lords of Sealand are known for their haunting lyrics, dynamic rhythms and poetic storytelling. The music video for Architect is the culmination of their aural explorations brought to life in a visual medium. The video explores the conflict between creative freedom and the constrictions of modern societal norms. The video features Bay Area artists Allison Kane of Vanwave and painter Leslie Lambert. The video also includes life models Alexi Belchere of the band, The Y Axes and Carmen Caruso of Capybara.

Lords of Sealand will be hosting a video release show at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on Wednesday January 13th, 2016 with Ghost Parade headlining and Cash Pony opening the show. The show starts at 9:00 PM with doors opening at 8:00 PM. The show is $7 in advance and $10 at the door.


Album Review: Foxtails Brigade - Time Is Passed

Foxtails Brigade’s Time Is Passed is like a cohesive compilation of adult lullabies for the broken-hearted romantic. With beautiful instrumentation and soft, delicate vocals, this album will resonate with the nostalgic lover in you. The San Francisco based band- Weinbach (lead vocals, nylon guitar), Anton Patzner (violin, electric guitar, percussion), Joe Lewis (bass), Dominic Mercurio (drums, percussion) and Joshua Pollock (electric guitar, vibraphone) are known for their interesting orchestra ensemble and complex layering of instrumentation. Laura Weinbach’s quirky lyricism coupled with Victorian-reminiscing guitar plucks, provide a unique sound with unexpected tonality and variation. Listeners can expect whimsical songs like “Lost” and “We’ll Always Have the Moon” to pull them into a jazzy, adult fairytale. Although they aren't currently touring, you can catch Foxtails Brigade in small venues all around the Bay Area. -Lindsay Stickney  




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