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Drowned in Sound: Ex Hex - Rips

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Sun Valley Gun Club Releases New Single - Hey Collapser

First, let’s get this out of the way: Congratulations to Sun Valley Gun Club for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco Artist of the Month Poll! Every month, a band comes out on top and this month is no different. This band won the poll by a landslide and we’d like to thank all the readers for voting! We hope you continue to support hard working bands like Sun Valley Gun Club. Congrats guys!!

Sun Valley Gun Club has released an awesome new single called Hey Collapser. This track is a grungy indie rock song that sounds like a nice mix between The Shins and a California drenched Modest Mouse.  Hey Collapser has well placed driving guitar riffs, milky vocals and a tightly composed style. Not all songs can create clean pauses and ebbs and flows that dramatically build and fall while still keeping its underground rock and roll integrity, but Hey Collapser does this. Very cool. This track proves you can be an underground band and still have great production value and a coherent sound. -je



Ladies and Gentlemen,

today's the day when The Deli goes international, eh! Please allow us to introduce you to... The Deli Toronto!

Scary Little Friends The Saucy Jacks LaCerca and Brian Kelly Play The Starry Plough - 8/1

San Francisco based folk band, Scary Little Friends will play The Starry Plough in Berkely tomorrow night. The rest of the awesome line up will include: Bay Area based power pop band, The Saucy Jacks, Tuscon based LaCerca and Brian Kelly of Oceanography, who will be performing solo. This lively group of musicians will take over the Bay Area's favorite college town. Not all cool shows are in San Francisco, you can find great music in the East Bay as well.

With that said, Scary Little Friends will be hosting the August Tuesday Residency at Amnesia in the Mission District of San Francisco! Amnesia is one of the best places to hear live music in general, so enjoy the fact that you'll have a few chances to check out this cool band throughout August. Take advantages of the opportunities!


All Your Sisters Foli and Dub Thompson Play Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT

Tonight at Bottom of the Hill you have the opportunity to enjoy a hyper local show with a couple of the Bay Area underground's coveted projects. All Your Sisters and Foli are really great bands who could probably stand to attract a little more appreciation than they do. They're not flashy or trying to rush and play all around the city for attention (not that there's anything wrong with playling shows all over the Bay Area). These bands simply sound great. We think both band's music is totally sincere and worth listening to.

Dub Thompson is a bit mysterious about their current location, but they're originally from Bloomington, Indiana. Their sound can be described as experimental dub music. It is intriguing, well produced and worth checking out as well. Bottom of the Hill has got a solid line up going on tonight. Support independent music.


Ghost & the City and Gamera Open for Shabazz Palaces TONIGHT

San Francisco based soul electronica band, Ghost & the City will be performing at The New Parish in Oakland tonight! Along with local producer and DJ, Gamera, this sultry band will be opening for the legendary hip hop virtuoso duo and Sub Pop artists, Shabazz Palaces. There are so many reasons to attend this event it's a bit overwhelming to articulate them all, but you'll probably experience one of the most nostalgic nights of your life.

Shabazz Palances is premium hip hop in a time where the definition of hip hop has nothing to do with the music and Ghost & the City will open the show with a creamy soulful flow that will allow you to groove through a night of great music. Make sure you head out to this event. The Deli Magazine San Francisco will be there! -je



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