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Premiere: Abbot Kinney - It's the Middle of the Night + Upcoming EP

The San Francisco based rock band, Abbot Kinney has been kind enough to share a new song with you through our wonderful music blog portal! Abbot Kinney has been consistently putting out great music and their new song, It's the Middle of the Night is leading us all towards the official release of Abbot Kinney's upcoming EP, The Night which is due out on April 29th. The Night's album release party will take place the same night at Bottom of the Hill as Abbot Kinney will celebrate by opening for Panic is Perfect!

Take a listen to It's the Middle of the Night and we'll continue to keep you posted on the release of the full EP, The Night!

You can pre-order the album at http://www.abbotkinney.com.

Abbot Kinney is a rock band that thrives on big vocal hooks, a heavy, intricate rhythm section and an ambitiously grand scope, and while lead singer-songwriter Jared Swanson was certainly influenced by the “alternative” label of yesterday, his music wholly belongs to the 21st century. The group’s new EP The Night not only challenges the listener’s conception of what an indie rock song can sound like in a scaled-down, irony-charged modern music scene; it also represents a sonic evolutionary step forward.


Premiere: YOURS - Goldmine

We're very excited to premiere the San Francisco based band, YOURS new track, Goldmine. Make sure you listen to this track and support local artists!

"Realizing the drastic changes happening around us in San Francisco over the last couple years opened up the doors for writing Goldmine. As SF continues to become this money making machine, it also starts to have an impact on a lot of struggling industries. The massive flood of tech driven individuals, increased house prices, and expensive day to day living has made it hard for the creative minds to make a living. However, the upside is that you hope with all this money laying around some good may come out of it for us like new venues and more spending on music sales or commercial opportunity. We'll see what happens to this golden city in the next couple of years...."

The birth of YOURS started long before the name, when founding members Kazmo Vilmar and Milton Nieves met during the college days in Tallahassee, Florida. It was in this place that their musical bond bloomed; it was during this time that they shared experiences which would spark a common interest. From the time they met up until graduation day, Kazmo and Milton with the help of some friends played the hits all the college kids were talking about while compiling some ideas of their own. After getting some degrees, the summer of 2010 they packed all they could fit into a trailer and drove across the country to their destination and place that they would call their newfound home of San Francisco, California. Walking on historic Haight street one day, the concept of YOURS was brought to life, and for them it came to represent all they would hope to.

After 2 years of songwriting and recording, YOURS debut EP was released in early 2013, followed by a handful of shows at local venues including Bottom of the Hill, Brick and Mortar, El Rio and The Knockout. After cycling through some additional members to help make the live show that more appealing, YOURS decided to start prepping the release of a new record. The latest EP was recorded and produced at one of the greatest analog labs in the country, Tiny Telephone Studios. Headed by the legendary John Vanderslice, Tiny Telephone Studios enabled YOURS to experiment with all their funky analog equipment and state of the art tape recording. It was a great experience for the group and with the help of well known Bay Area producer, Jamie Riotto, the band is stoked for everyone to listen to these new tunes.

Press Photo (credit: Russie Sanders)


Emotional Prepares to Release New Album AHH...THE NAME IS EMOTIONAL, BABY!

Editor's Note: "AHH...THE NAME IS EMOTIONAL, BABY!" is a play on the Bootsy Collins and Bootsy's Rubber Band album and album cover...just in case you didn't catch it! -je

Emotional is the lovechild of Death Records founder and long-time Bay Area music community leader, Brian Wakefield. Brian has been a part of the Bay Area music scene since early ‘00s, and has worked with numerous bands in the SF music scene.

Emotional’s LP "Ahh…The Name Is Emotional, Baby!” floats us away into a hazy, yellow daydream of synthy, easy-going guitar chords and genuine vocals that narrate your most treasured nostalgic days. The heavy layering of slow, synth sounds beats upon aching melodies and raw lyricism and are the pieces of this album that make it one beautiful, progressive oxymoron. Heartbreaking sentiments with carefree beats, songs like “Hand 4 Hire” will make you want to press repeat and lay in a perpetual state of stoney thoughtfulness.

In support of their upcoming LP release of "Ahh...The Name Is Emotional, Baby!", in perfect timely fashion, Emotional will be playing a live set in San Francisco at Amnesia on February 14th alongside The Memories and Idiot Glee. Whether it’s a time of celebration for your and your lover, or a single night out with your beloved friends, Emotional is there to hold our hand this Valentine’s day, share their new sounds, and remind us that it’s ok to get emotional sometimes. -Lindsay Stickney

02.14 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ The Memories,Idiot Glee
02.21 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ Magic Trick, Grace Sings Sludge, The She's
02.26 - The New Parish - Oakland, CA w/ Parquet Courts, Chris Cohen, The World
02.28 - Amnesia - San Francisco, CA w/ Sam Flax, Friendless Summer, Cole Lodge


SF Queer Legends Deep Throat Gear Up to Release New Album

The San Francisco based trio, Deep Throats has been a vital piece to the art, queer, and punk scenes in the Bay Area since the '90s. Their new album, Good, Bad, Pretty will finally see an official release next month after 15 years of being shelved away due to health issues (which inevitably broke up the band).The album was recorded at the Starcleaner warehouse, a popular punk fixture in SF’s Mission District that Jennifer Shagawat ran when Shellshag first started out.

Deep Throats are releasing their upcoming album 'Good Bad Pretty' on February 26th via Castle Face Records. Take a listen to the album's single, Good, Bad, Pretty and pick up a copy when the album is released later this month!


Antique Naked Soul Performs Live at Oakland Museum of California - 2/5

Antique Naked Soul is stepping out to perform on their home turf with two free shows this week. Singer Candice “Antique” Davis and her beat boxing counterparts are using nothing but their vocal chords to bring their audiences to a soulful hip-hop haven.

The team of hip-hop preservationists are putting on a two part event in Oakland on February 5th and 9th bringing together music, film, and activism . They will be performing at the Oakland Museum of California on friday at 7 pm, and at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on Tuesday. The latter performance will be accompanied by a screening of “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution”.

The group released their debut album back in 2013 to an exceedingly satisfied audience, and have since been working on a follow up release due some time this year. Thus far Antique Naked Soul’s formula involves looping and layering vocal percussions and melodies to establish a full base sound, on top of which Antique’s soulful lyrics contribute the crucial layer that beautiful ties together their innovative, distinct, and powerful sound. The leading lady of this ensemble, is not only a talented creative, but also a proactive educator. She teaches the necessity of social and racial justice, both in the classroom and in the studio. This weeks performances serves as a direct example of Antique Naked Soul’s desire to utilize their creativity to inspire transformation in people and culture. -Julia deAnda



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