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JAM Psychic Jiu-Jitsu Clusmy Concentration and The Twitches Play SUB/MIssion TONIGHT

Psychic Jiu-Jitsu, JAM, Clusmy Concentration and The Twitches offer to guide you through the doors of perception with a night of psychedelic music, tonight at SUB/Mission in San Francisco. Jam is a psych-rock outfit whose music could be the soundtrack to a séance for the spirit of Syd Barrett. Tripped-out folkies, Clumsy Concentration will to make their SF debut with their first ever show, and garage jazz-punks The Twitches are set to kick off the night. Psychic Jiu-Jitsu will headline as this band combines garage rock melodies with shoegaze guitar noise to create a truly mind-bending sound. 

Make it out tonight for a night of face-melting psychedelia! -Ethan Varian

Album Review: The Electric Magpie - Begins

Along with a revolving cast of live musicians, San Francisco-based artists, Peter Maffei and Hunter Stroope have carved out their own rock and roll sound under the moniker, The Electric Magpie. Sharing lead vocal duties and harmonizing like it's their natural, intrinsic ability, they invented their own sound that sits between the realms of modern psychedelic folk and classic rock. After self-releasing their debut single, She Said No (To My Love) in 2012, The Magpie was snatched up by Los Angeles based label, Lolipop Records, who introduced the band to a broader Californian audience by releasing their second single, What's For Tea? in early 2013. A year later, they're finally ready to drop their debut full length album, Begins. We got our hands on The Electric Magpie's upcoming release and thought it be privy for us to share a bit about the nooks and crannies of the album.

Opening with the album's debut single, Mourning Gloria, the record immediately offers a sonic snapshot of what lies ahead within the LP. The first track seduces your ears with a driving organ, acoustic and electric guitar interplay, gorgeous feedback and the tight, effortless harmonies of Maffei and Stroope. Listen to this track with headphones, if only to hear the melodic repetitions of the lyrics, "She's always there", revolving through your headspace.

The Electric Magpie's proclaimed anthem, What's For Tea? is comfortably placed as track two. What's For Tea? is constructed with tireless riffs made to last a life-time, while being laced with warm vocals. The song reads familiar and friendly. During the heavy, distorted riffs of the next track, Airport Blues the album slightly shifts as the song is dominated by the tense dissonance of volatile guitars, but it is continuously uplifted by breezy vocals.

One of the most charming moments of Begins comes in the form of Birds in the Trees. Anchored by steady acoustic guitars, the song is powered by conversational lead vocals that are accompanied by subtle, playful and echoing backup vocals. A handful of masterful moments transform this song about birds fucking up your morning coffee into an elegant affair. After the hungry Hold On (Hannah) and the cerebral interlude that is DEAN, the record progresses onto an acoustic lullaby that is appropriately titled, Springtime Ease. Minimal percussion allows the track to float along buoyantly, withstanding the brief but erratic psychedelic meandering that sneaks into the ending.

What's For Tea? (Reprise) offers the same infectious riffs, but this time is projected through a hazy filter that sets the stage for the finale of the album. Soaring string instruments breath life into the track as an organ rings quietly while Maffai proclaims, "So long, farewell, what a time it's been. Day Is Done but our love never ends." And you believe it. Day's Done is the proper conclusion to this masterful record. It is an amalgam of rock and roll's finest moments from the initial pop-educated British invasion, to the psychedelic underground of the 1960s, 1990s and the present day.

For their first full-length offering, The Electric Magpie proves not only that they are well-versed in vintage and modern rock music, but that they have mastered a rounded, patient and distinctive sound. Begins resonates as a cohesive, collective whole. It offers a sonic experience that is much more important than a mere collection of rocking songs, and it does so without delving into sinister realms or indulging in any rock and roll truisms.

The album's official release is April 15th on Lolipop Records. - Lauren Espina


CCR Headcleaner Marriage + Cancer Stillsuit and Baus Perform at The Night Light in Oakland TONIGHT

Tonight CCR Headcleaner, Marriage + Cancer, Stillsuit and Baus will be coming together for a show at the Night Light in Oakland. Baus is an Oakland-based band with a sound that’s derivative of no-wave and post-punk. This month they released their debut LP, Idol MindsStillsuit is a self-proclaimed experimental band from Oakland. Their music is decidedly noise rock with abrasive vocals and jagged guitar riffs.

Portland-based pissed pop band Marriage + Cancer is in town for their second Bay Area and has been supported by great local bands for both events. Known for their reverb-laden vocals and up-tempo riffs, this band is not to be missed as they make their way through California. CCR Headcleaner wages and aural assault on unsuspecting ears. The Bay Area band is loud, sludgy and chaotic. Their most recent release is a split EP alongside Ty Segall's side project, Fuzz, for the Less Artists More Condos 7 inch series. - Erin Dage

Shannon and the Clams Mane and Marriage + Cancer Play The Knockout TONIGHT

Shannon and the Clams will be sharing a bill with Mane and Marriage + Cancer at the Knockout in San Francisco. Opening the show is Mane, an all-girl band from San Francisco. Drawing from '80s goth and post-punk, they have cornered the market for music that is "garnet meets violet meets meatlocker."

Marriage + Cancer is a band based out of Portland, Oregon. Playing a brand of music called "pissed pop" with reverb-filled vocals and almost surf rock guitar licks, the band is not be missed as they make rounds all the way from the Northwest. Throughout their career spanning multiple albums, Shannon and the Clams have demonstrated their love for all things '60s. Whether they be under the influence of '60s pop, surf rock, or R&B one thing is for sure - they put on a hell of a show. -Erin Dage

Review: Split Screens - The Sinner

In Split Screens’ new 7 inch single entitled, The Sinner, Jesse Cafiero takes an experimental twist on psychedelic, feel-good vibes. The title track tenderly greets you, as cool effortless guitar leads flow with warm basslines, and a clean cut production value. Clear and soft vocals gently coo a one-sided conversation, bursting with a struggle of contained passion, ever so delicately accented with cymbal crashes. An echoey chorus leads into a reverberating organ-touched ending. The B side, Meeker Hollow, features a simple piano melody and a slow, steady beat that is joined by components of an orchestra as well as a hint of electronic inspiration. The smooth quality of sound shines through to the lyrics, and segues into a wave of a melodic jam.

This new 7 inch release from Split Screens fails to disappoint and pushes the boundaries of chillwave psychedelia. - Kat Collins


Austin 2014 issue (SXSW)
Read it here


Congratulations to Dancer for Winning the Deli Magazine Artist of the Month Poll

Congratulations to the Bay Area based power pop band, Dancer for winning The Deli Magazine San Francsico Artist of the Month Poll! Dancer won over voters with their style of hook-filled power pop that incorporates '77 punk attitude in the vein of Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell. Recently the band came out with a 7-inch called Bitchin' Heat on Grazer Records. The release packs a serious punch with jams on it such as "Heart Failure". We're happy about their success and wish them the best of luck in their power-pop filled musical endeavors!!


The Greening Album Release w/ Everyone is Dirty and Sweet Chariot at Slim's TONIGHT

Pop-rock explorers, The Greening will be hosting their vinyl release show for their upcoming album Eon v. Aeon, this Friday ay Slim’s in San Francisco. The band describes their music as Collage Rock, infusing catchy rock and roll hooks with all manner of fuzzed-out, psychedelic space tones. But make no mistake; The Greening is definitely still a guitar band as evidenced by the heavy riffage on new tracks like “Into the Fugue” and the prog-rock inspired “A Victory”.

Also performing are Oakland’s Everyone is Dirty, who combine the grit of 90’s era Sonic Youth with the pop sensibilities of Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley. Lead singer Sivan Gur-Arieh’s darkly seductive vocals and electric violin are the highlight of the group’s transfixing live performances. Kicking off the night is Sweet Chariot, a local SF group who plays americana biker rock in the spirit of Tom Petty and Gram Parsons. 

Stop by Slim’s this Friday to check out some of the Bay Area’s best rock and roll! -Ethan Varian


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