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The Sea Life to release self-titled full-length on Babe City Records

Noise-pop band The Sea Life is releasing a self-titled full-length album on May 26th, on Babe City Records. Blending the angsty vocal stylings of Win Butler and Conor Oberst with up-tempo, minor-key distortion, the D.C.-based band paint a swirling picture of depressive sentiments and full-throated screams of longing. On "Red Eyes," the lyrics suggest aversion toward success: "It's a shame /That you’re trading your passion for a paycheck." The raw power in the band's sonic approach and their energetic musicianship, however, indicate that their passion is very much a driving force on this promising release. The Sea Life is playing a record release show at Smith Public Trust in D.C. on May 26th. Check out single "Red Eyes" below! - Ethan Ames


RVA's Lobo Marino defies cynicism with their soulful world-folk

When I first clicked on the bandcamp page of Lobo Marino, the cynic in me scoffed at the idea of two Americans living in Richmond, VA imitating throat singing and chanting meditatively about the sun setting. However, after listening to a few tracks I was impressed by the power of Lobo Marino's music, the versatile song-writing and moving meditations on the ebb and flow of life.

A lot of bands claim to be making music more for its own sake than the money, but with Lobo Marino one gets the sense that it might actually be true.

-Written by Michael Dranove


My French Roommate EP release at DC9 6.8.17

Washington D.C. based quartet My French Roommate creates bedroom pop that draws inspiration from 70’s euro disco, 80’s synth pop, dance punk, and tech noir (among other genres). On their debut EP MFR (streaming), they combine three singles into one 13 minute long track. The record's sound progresses from upbeat and relatively pop (“CTRL”) to dark and psychedelic (“REPLICA”). Last track “LUV DG” even has clear garage rock influences at one point (with lyrics “love me like a dog” and “I wanna be your dog” drawing a connection to Iggy Pop and the Stooges), blended in or rather juxtaposed to an EDM bass line reminiscent of Daft Punk. The band will be releasing their new self-titled EP on June 8th at DC9 alongside Marc Monet and Furniteur. - Lilly Milman

Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on's latest album is hip hop at its finest

From the moment the beat drops on the opening track, it's clear that the style of Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on's Chapel Road is influenced more by pathos, anger, and crunchy weed than the plush leather sounds of blemish free top 40.  With a voice that seems uncannily similar to that of Brooklyn rapper AZ, Fly Anakin gives the opener a straight ahead, circa 1994 flow that dwells more on mental instability and a desperate need for catharsis than an auto-tuned worship of yachts and Bentleys.

Carrying the flow of Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on are the strong use of lo-fi backing tracks and minor harmonies on songs like “''03 steve harvey remix” and “swanton bomb”. Although there are some tracks which seem superfluous, in general this album is superb, start to finish.

-Written by Michael Dranove

Baltimore alt-dance rockers The Milestones drop a couple demo tracks

Those talented rockers from Baltimore are back with a couple demo tracks in advance of an unannounced EP. The Milestones released "City of Soul" and "Have It All," working to hone the in-studio sound and tame the oft-wild and varied live versions. It's definitely working: the quartet's signature is to shift abruptly yet seamlessly from spacey, soothing melodies into hard licks that get audiences everywhere dancing. Both songs are richly layered with well-produced vocals, energetic drumming, and consistently dynamic guitar riffs, mind-blowing when taken holistically for the variety. Get excited for that EP to come out in the hopefully near future and catch them headlining at the 8x10 on 7/1, $12, with Luna June, Pocket Bells, The Fun Boys, and Far Future. -Jonathan Goodwin


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