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Hailing from Leesburg, VA, Car Seat Headrest is making a huge splash on both coasts and across the Atlantic. What began as Will Toledo producing ten albums since 2015 has erupted into a full band getting covered by Rolling Stone and going on an international tour. They put out an LP last week called Teens of Spirit and it's killer. Toledo built his vocals in the vein of The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas and The Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff and the overall musicality inspires a wide range of feelings and energy. The new album would fit with any party, rife with roughly hewn instrumentals and angst-ridden lyrics. These guys are going to be huge, so catch them at DC9, 12/7, and Strange Matter in Richmond, 12/8. -Jonathan Goodwin

November 07, 2015

A Friday morning better than any other, Daybreaker did it again. This time, the show was hosted at the Rock & Roll Hotel and attendees grooved away the early hours in costume. DJ Alejandra SstudD and MC Haile Supreme brought together their talents and put on a kickass show, spinning out awesome mixes and pumping up the crowd. Haile danced onstage, in the crowd, in circles of other dancers, keeping the juice-swilling, costumed crowd energized and exuding positivity. With the talents of a trumpeter, a trombonist, and a drummer, the atmosphere was the perfect start to a Friday. If you like lots of audience engagement or diverse EDM, make sure you catch Haile Supreme or DJ SstudD live. Check out DJ SstudD’s sick new remix below and don't miss the next edition of Daybreaker DC!

November 02, 2015

He’s brash and crass, laying down wisely juvenile verses in his oddly delightful Australian dialect. Rapper Allday is touring the US to support Startup Cult, his album released last year. He uses his music to share his uniquely down-under energy and inspired lyrics about life and relationships, and he’s coming to U Street Music Hall next week on 11/4. Sharing the stage that night with Mod Sun, New Beat Fund, and Benny Freestyles, you won't want to miss Allday for his sincerity and pleasing voice. Doors at 6:30, $15. -Jonathan Goodwin

October 29, 2015

Remember the 90s? Drive-in movie theaters, cassette tapes, and Al Gore have faded, but the music has persisted most. Richmond’s own Sideways Orange has cultivated their sound from such influences, with a bedrock of punk, alternative, and garage rock, dressed sensibly in postmodern lo-fi and indie. It’s the kind of soundtrack kids would use for skateboarding videos, but is mature and high-energy enough for the underground venue of your choice. Get yourself a copy of their latest album, We Are The Moon Dogs, and check them out when they play a Halloween show at OUR House on 10/31.

October 25, 2015

At the intersection of blues-rock, Americana, and folk, you’ll find Baltimore’s Red Sammy rambling along, thumb out for a ride. These guys have concocted an effective and relatable sound from life’s tumbles, love, loss, and pain, reaching deep into their roots and pulling out blue-collar gold. If your heart has an ache or need to wave your lighter in the air, look no further than Red Sammy and their spare yet poetic new album Creeps and Cheaters. -Jonathan Goodwin

October 24, 2015

Reaching from Baltimore to your heart, Parks Landing has a great swirl of pop and rock topped with some indie, rife with sweet riffs and tireless drumming. Their new single, Little Plane, is radio-ready and has chart potential thanks to its upbeat, hopeful sound, perfect grasp of repetition, and energetic female vocals. Their melodies are reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie and Best Coast, so keep a weather eye out for the full EP which is due soon!

October 22, 2015


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