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Buddies since they attended the College of William and Mary, Richmond-based Griff’s Room Band has a full plate of festivals this summer to bring you their upbeat indie vibes and high-energy performances. Behind every song is a fierce fiddle setting the tone and dutiful drumming and guitars keeping the pace with three vocalists. GRB’s sound is invigorating, mixing bluegrass roots with indie rock and pop influences, creating a sound like a Sublime-Avett Brothers fusion on their new single, "Wasted Time." Check out their most popular track Cornerbooth from last year's 'Shut the Case' EP. Griff’s Room Band will be jamming at Richmond’s premier music venue, The National, on 8/8, so go check them out! - Jonathan Goodwin

July 23, 2015

In horror movies, you're never supposed to go into the woods, but that's exactly what Richmond-based Black Water Gold did to record their EP released early last month, "Round Up." Blending their Virginian country roots with a penchant for chill rock, this four-piece carefully weaves twang with acoustic repetition and tireless backbeat drumming. Their sound also caters to indie lovers with a lo-fi recording style and vocals like a younger, scratchier Van Morrison. If you’re looking for chill tunes with rock overtones, check out Black Water Gold at The Camel on 7/25. - Jonathan Goodwin 

July 18, 2015

This June Surf Harp released a new single titled "Leather" on bandcamp - their first release since "Machete" back in 2013. Fellow Batltimore based musician and electro-pop indie celebrity Dan Deacon has already marked his stamp of approval. The track's lyrics contain suggested hand amputation, sewing, pill popping, hair receding, leather purchasing, and a pair of lipstick stained boots all disguised in the fuzzy, summery glow of surf pop instrumentation. This 5-piece group recorded locally in Baltimore's The Compost Loft and The Annex and will be playing a show in Baltimore at the end of the month at The Crown on 7/30.

- Leora Mandel 

July 17, 2015

There’s nothing strange about loving DC-based (Stop Worrying and) Love the Bomb’s gripping punk chords, throaty vocals, and drumming worthy of aerial imitation. Featuring both female and male pipes at the mic, SWALTB’s sound is heavily influenced by the heyday of historic punk venue CBGB and reaches out to the eardrums with end-of-the-world lyrics and slick transitions from tantalizing guitar solos to meaty choruses. Their six-track LP released back in January, “Nouns,” is sure to please any fan of punk or the band’s self-carved niche of proto-post-revival. Treat your brain on 8/16 at the Black Cat to some top-tier punk. - Jonathan Goodwin

July 15, 2015

DC based artist DÉVÅZ released his first EP this May titled "Narcissist". The sound is lush and mysterious, sometimes pulling samples from unlikely sonic-pals Ariana Grande, Drake, Charles Manson, Billie Holiday, Interpol, Anna Kendrick, and Iggy Pop (to name a few) into a foggy, paranoid brew. This is a mix for the listener who likes their house music in the context of a psychological thriller (or maybe an H.P. Lovecraft narrative guessing from the aesthetic of the album art). Though washed and ambient in structure, the beats keep this twisted story on fast, nimble feet from beginning to end. We're looking forward to further releases and hoping this newcomer will start DJing some of our local haunts. 

- Leora Mandel

July 15, 2015

DCRadaR only has one single out so far, "GUN (Give Up On The Now)", and already you can pinpoint their interesting play on genres (listen below). Their self-proclaimed sound is "electro-shoegaze," but there's also hints of pop-punk, making it surprisingly easy to dance to. They've got more singles to come, and they're playing July 19th at Metropolitan in Annapolis.

July 14, 2015


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