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Tonight, come to one of Baltimore's best music venues for one heck of a lineup. Opening up for the night is Baltimore's indie rock group Slow Lights, with a sweetly soulful, melodic vibe to share. Following is another Baltimore band, the funky space rock quartet Greasy Hands. Their sound is fun and enthralling, blending guitar riffs and keys to make you move. Up next, Philly's own progressive alt rock trio, The Humble. Working the pedals and belting out some guttural, yet hearty vocals, these guys are guaranteed to surprise. Closing out the night, headliners The Milestones hail from Baltimore and have mastered their unique blend of alt and dance rock. Make your Saturday night awesome and check out these great bands at Ottobar, doors at 9pm, just $10. -Jonathan Goodwin

April 02, 2016

Kicking down the door right away with heavy percussion and cascading guitar work, Ménage À Garage's debut EP is a treat, put simply. With vocals ringing like They Might Be Giants's John Flansburgh and cutting lyrical content, some of the largest classic tropes of punk prevail throughout the record: some storytelling, some angst, and a critical eye for life. You'll be tapping your foot to the beats before you know and then banging your head with the crescendos along with anyone else listening to this fine group. Ménage À Garage has been very busy, playing show after show at staple DC venues, so look out for announcements for spring and summer gigs! -Jonathan Goodwin

March 25, 2016

Looking for hot beats? Gaithersburg-based Bakalis pumped out this sick single a few weeks ago and it should be blasting through everyone's speakers right this moment. He's been busy the past year, laying out new tracks every couple months. Barely pausing for breath but spilling out lyrics flawlessly, Bakalis has somber backbeats that serve to emphasize the strength of his message and make your head start bopping along. He's talented and industrious, so keep this guy on your shortlist for quality DC rap. -Jonathan Goodwin

March 22, 2016

You've heard a lot about them from me, but Wylder is just too good to not write about. That said, here's a little treat to get you through the week: their new music video for Swells. A lighthearted, hopeful track, the music video is equally playful and invokes classic tropes of awkward male friendship and mismatched romantic pairings. Give it a watch because Friday's almost here and this dash of good vibes is just what the doctor ordered. -Jonathan Goodwin

March 10, 2016

Check out the SXSW 2016 issue of The Deli Mag, now available online, and distributed in print next week in Austin during SXSW's Music Week. You'll find copies of it also at our SXSW Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space!

Yes, we've done things a little differently this time: we shaped this rag the size of a 7" record, and created a "concept" issue almost entirely dedicated to Psychedelia, with a feature by our editor Brian Chidester about how this musical genre has become more and more influential in the new millennium. The two cover artists, Yonatan Gat and Lewis Del Mar, serve as the two extremes within which Psychedelia has expanded in recent years.

As usual, the issue also gathers:

- A lot of emerging artists (mostly psych this time),
- The winners of The Deli's regional Year End Polls for Emerging Artists,
- The winners of The Deli's Best of 2015 Readers' Polls,
- A section dedicated to the SXSW Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space

We hope you enjoy the read and get to know some awesome new music.

The Folks at The Deli

March 09, 2016

Singer-songwriter Melanie Edwards's release of this new single, ‘What Happened,’ is an introduction to her ninth studio album and asks the painful questions following regretful breakups. It’s a walkthrough of the dark, inevitable backtracking of the all-too-familiar, guided by Melanie’s tearful and honest vocals and somber melody. This single is not only a reminder of her experience, but an ode to a broken heart. -Justin Bieggar

March 08, 2016

Who's your favorite Emerging DC Area Artist on this list?

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