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Five Questions with: Blisses B

Five Questions with: Blisses B

Blisses B

Noah from Blisses B is under the microscope this week. The San Francisco folk rockers fist LP You Should was released earlier this year.

What food item best describes your music?
Macaroni and Cheese. It's something we can all eat and agree on, random cheeses too please.

What instrument have you wanted to include but have yet to find a way to fit into your sound?
Pedal Steel Guitar. I own one but we haven't incorporated it into any songs yet. Nick, Ben and I were fiddling with it last practice and it is coming off the bench soon.

Embarrassing childhood memory?
Fracturing my elbow chasing Rod the Ice Cream Man. People get such a kick out of the story, all I got was a scar on my right arm that grew with me into adulthood.

What musical artist would you like to grab a beer with?
Bill Withers. He has been an integral part of my whole life, some of my first memories were bobbing my head to his cassette tapes in the backseat of my parents car.

And finally, time travel or space travel?
Space travel. Any direction/length of time is fine. I get the feeling the take off part would be my favorite part...

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Published: November 27, 2009 |

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