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In the studio with Chloe Makes Music

In the studio with Chloe Makes Music

For some artists, their time in the studio can be a working environment that is rather personal and closed off, not for the public. For those of us on the outside of the event, it can seem like a mysterious and secret process that piques the curiosity of those that appreciate a persons ability to communicate through song.  That's why when Chloe Roth of Chloe Makes Music contacted The Deli to see if we'd like to sit in on a recording session at Studio SQ we jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't want to observe and listen like a fly on the wall in the moment that an artist puts their creative expressions into a fixed medium?

Twice a month, the readers of The Deli SF vote for their favorite nominated artist of the month. These artists not only rewarded with a banner on the site but also with free studio time from the poll's sponsor Studio SQ. As a musician trying to make it in the second most expensive city in the US, free studio time is a very good thing. Back in the second half of October 2009, Chloe Makes Music was chosen by the Deli readers as the Artist of The Month and this was the first time that anyone at the Deli was able to see the poll process come full circle.

We visited Chloe in the studio on day 5 of a 6 day recording marathon as she laid tracks with producer Chris Chu [vocalist for The Morning Benders] for her upcoming debut LP. Studio SQ has a nice warm welcoming feel. You're greeted by a friendly brindle boxer the door who naps on the couch when shes not monitoring the activity around and the studio itself is large and open and filled with a lot of wood which gives it that comfortable, home-y feel. It's almost hard to believe that such an intimate place can exist in what is a primarily industrial part of the city.

Chloe is recording backing vocals for the current track that they're working on, "The Puppeteer," and Chris is preparing to sit at the piano for the next segment of the recording. Chloe explains, "I want it to sound like there are puppets singing" - an appropriate request for a song about a person that manipulates marionettes. Chloe was concerned that I might be bored but I wasn't, not even the slightest bit. Boring is watching me sit in my small studio apartment trying to create sentences to describe what had taken place. Mostly, I was intrigued by what sounded to be an almost complete track with some lovely haunting harmonies.

As the afternoon begins to wind down, Chloe and Chris discuss which elements are left to record and begin to coordinate their final day in the studio. I decide to take this as my cue to slip out and allow the creative flow to be uninterrupted. I say a quick goodbye and quietly leave. Outside, the sun is almost gone and I realize that there is a catchy melody of puppets still singing in my head.

The Deli SF would like to thank both Chloe Makes Music and Studio SQ for allowing this unique opportunity and we look forward to hearing the finished product!

-Nicole Leigh

Published: February 17, 2010 |

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