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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Alta Violet

Well, it doesn't happen often that a band you're researchin' changes names part way through your looking into 'em, but that's exactly what happened when I started digging into Alta Violet, formerly known as Sweet Shine. But hey, young band, they can still get away with a moniker jump or two.

Alta Violet is Austin psych-indie with some real variety to the few tracks they've put out so far. Where I hear Death from Above 1979's pounding fuzzed-out bass and, interestingly, a bit of a schoolkid rhyming thing (which some other early 2000s bands got into for a bit) in track "Stare at the Sun," and "Emily in the Rain" is just pure 90s alt-rock, "I've Seen the World" is a song with its head fully in the 1960s harmonic folk-psych scene. This diversity of sound over three available tracks (preludes to an announced album, according to the info) that each manage to hit the genre target they aim for makes Alta Violet a band to watch out for. If they can make this all work together in a whole album, and maybe keep blending up the different influences they pull from, they could end up being a major local player at Psych Fest next time that thing comes around. Let's just hope to whatever lung gods are out there that it's a less dusty stage that Alta Violet sets up on than we got this last year. Goddamn that dust to hell. Check the heaviest available track from Alta Violet below, and get on over to their Soundcloud for the other noises this very new band can make.


Psych NYC band to keep an ear on: Street Smells

It's become quite rare to stumble upon the word "demo" these days, since the term was made somewhat obsolete by the rise to relevance of lo-fi (and even "mid-fi") music. However, NYC droney psych rockers Street Smells have a four song demo drenched in fuzz and reverb on their Soundcloud page, and since they recently played Pianos, it's quite safe to assume that they'll be releasing a new record soon. Fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain will rejoice. Check out the demo of 'Rapture Of The Deep' and single 'Jerky Ride' from their 2012 album 'Creamy LP,' both streaming below.



Best of Kansas City 2014 for Emerging Artists: Readers' Poll results

Deli Readers,

The Deli KC's Best of 2014 Readers and Fans' Poll for local emerging artists is over, thanks to all those who cast their vote in support of the emerging local bands and artists in our list of nominees.

1. Kangaroo Knife Fight

Congratulations to The Deli’s 2014 KC Readers’ Choice artist, Kangaroo Knife Fight (pictured above)! The four-piece rockers recently released its debut self-titled EP, which can be found below. We’ll be featuring them in an upcoming interview very soon. Until then, check out their tunes!


2. Yore
Before even playing its first show, Yore has taken second place in our Readers’ Poll! This new project includes former members of The Cherry Tree Parade, Mother Culture, and Gentleman Savage. Yore recently released its first video; keep your eyes peeled for a new single from them soon.
Coming in at third place is The Blackbird Revue, the husband-and-wife duo whose folk pop melodies have been winning over audiences in KC and around the country (they’ve been featured on The Voice and The Discovery Channel). The couple recently released a video in advance of a 2015 album. Here’s a Q&A we did with them.


Here's this poll's top 10 chart, full results can be found here

Kangaroo Knife Fight
The Blackbird Revue
AY MusiK
Scruffy & The Janitors
Jorge Arana Trio
The Gorlons
The Thunderclaps

Stay tuned for the composite chart, to be released soon, which will include the point nominees accumulated from the jurors and Deli writers' votes, and will crown The Deli's Best Emerging KC Artist of 2014.

The Deli's Staff

Obscure, Brooklyn based, electro brilliance: Kid in the Attic and Genghis Hans

Isn't there something beautiful about finding a great song born from a collaboration between two bands that, together, don't even reach the 500 Facebook likes thereshold? Ok, ok, FB likes mean nothing, but still... Check out this minimalistic gem entitled "Locomote" (first track streaming) by atmospheric pop trio Kid in the Attic (pictured) and solo electro tinkerer Genghis Hans, both based in Brooklyn, and let's call it our new little secret. The track is from 2013, but the two groups kept active since then, and they seem to have a busy live schedule. Kid in the Attic, who released a couple of covers in 2014 (of Bjork and Will Stratton songs) will be playing Trans Pecos on February 17, while Genghis Hans, whose latest, 2013 EP 'Reptilian Regions' is a lush example of imaginative electro-pop, will be performing at Rought Trade on 2.13 with American Royalty and Syd Arthu. Check out the title track single below.


Buzzmutt Releases New Music Video - Stumble Forward

The San Francisco based avant-noise post punk band, Buzzmutt has released a new music video for their single, Stumble Forward. The song is a track off their entrancing 2014 release, Strange Planes of Surveillance.

The Stumble Forward music video is a crisp pastiche of images starring an oddly charming robot. The video looks great and shares a number of clips from Buzzmutt's local live performances. Watch the video and see if you can make out where the band is playing. If you go to enough shows, you can recognize any stage! We like robots, dioramas, cardboard cities and rock and roll! Stumble Forward has it all!




New Poll Coming Soon!

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