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Drowned in Sound: Ex Hex - Rips

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A Deli Halloween premiere: The Harmonica Lewinskies' new video for "Sitting on My Hands"

We wonder if the mass media's renewed focus on Monica Lewinsky in her new role as an anti-cyberbullying advocate will have any effect on Brooklyn band's The Harmonica Lewinskies, besides getting their youngest fans to realize where that name comes from and what kind of outrageous imagery it conjures. The band certainly embraces this provocation, and this is why they deserve to have their new video for "Sitting on My Hands" (streaming below) premiered here, on The Deli's blog, on Halloween, the most provocative of days. Of course, it doesn't hurt that said video also features people in weird costumes acting weirdly, and is, in essence, a cacophonous rebellion against the boredom of work - in particular the one you don't care about. And isn't that the core value of all parties, Halloween ones in particular? The jazz/funk collective here uses their horn section and electric guitars as weapons, while Roberto Bettega's blue voice leads the song from almost silent breaks to the climax of sonic explosions. The band released a new album entitled "Dad Rock" with a party at The Knitting Factory on October 1st.


Best of CMJ 2014: NYC's Dream Police

From our CMJ Music Marathon Runner JP's Day 1 report: "I could tell right away I was going to like Dream Police (featureing Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi of The Men). I can’t wait for their debut record. Their drum machine test was so loud and in your face, people flocked back inside just to feel it. The band is a 12-string guitar, bass and keys trio + drum machine. Choral synths backed rock rhythms and extremely infectious guitar riffs, gorgeously layering and blending together, getting louder and lulling everyone to a numbing sleep. There was a beautifully long intro to their set, but you never wanted it to end. Chord progressions were perfect and intense. Their second song included a cellist’s bow on the guitar, a la Sigur Ros, jabbing erratically at first, but then the pretty breaks through, backed by organ sounds, bass throbs and serious tones. The set was cut WAY too short due to power problems. They finished simply, and humbly with “Sorry guys…we’re done.”


Tilly Loom

If you are nostalgic for college basement rock than Tilly Loom has got you covered. With the release a new LP Sighs Lord Cromus this past week, you’ve got nine tracks to let the memories flow. Shy lo-fi lyrics over the indie pop cadence of happy guitars and the occasional tambourine. “Cicadas” nails the spirit of Tilly Loom. A little unsureness mixed with the poise of a musician doing what he loves to do. Think Real Estate mixed with Ariel Pink, and that’s a good combination. -Allison Mayoral 


The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Seagulls

One of the bigger surprises of 2014 for us was discovering the band Seagulls’ debut LP Great Pine. That’s why when they took it down from their Bandcamp page, it was also a big disappointment. Well, the band will be releasing it on vinyl via Yellow K Records so if you slept on it the first time around when we made it The Deli Philly’s September Record of the Month, you’ll have a second opportunity to soak in its dreamy, delicate vocals and tastefully arrange mix of acoustic instrumentation and 8-bit flourishes. Until its re-release, you can read our interview with the group HERE from when they recently won our Featured Artist(s) Poll.

The Landing unveils video for "We Are"

Sci-Fi themes, even though central to a very influential band like The Pixies, are not exactly the most common ones among emerging indie bands. Space-pop group The Landing (brainchild of Brooklyn musician Jon Bell) sounds nothing like Black Francis' band, but shares with him a fascination for anything intergalactic and extraterrestrial. Or at least that's what you gather from new video "We Are," whose title is the answer to the question "Are we alone in the universe?" - although the answer gets mischieviously confounded at the end of the song with the tiniest "not." The song is a well orchestrated, hypnotic electro-soul ballad, in which liquid synth pads play the part of space, arpeggiators and sparse guitar notes play the stars, and Bell's falsetto plays the absence of gravity. "We Are" is the title track of the band's latest EP.




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