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Night Panther Opening for Foxes at JB’s Nov. 29

If you had as lazy a Thanksgiving as we did, you’ll be itching to peel your body off the couch and deliver yourself to Johnny Brenda’s tonight for a concert of up-and-comers starting with local area darlings and Deli favorites, Night Panther. Their self-proclaimed brand of “sexy pop” makes for a uniquely danceable and atmospheric show, and tonight’s set should be no different. Headlining the evening is the 22-year-old Brit popster Louisa Rose Allen under her new moniker, Foxes. After the explosion of success from her vocals in Zedd’s “Clarity” and her debut single “Youth,” Foxes stops in Philly to wind down her U.S. tour before she heads back to the U.K. in 2014. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $15, 21+ - Maggie Grabmeier


Brooklyn Electro-Dance Group Firehorse Releases Mini-LP and Plays Mercury Lounge December 3rd

According to the band’s bio, “a female Firehorse embodies all the abhorrent qualities {according to the culture}: independence, assertiveness and a free-spirit.” These virtues appear to be the foundation of frontwoman Leah Siegel’s existence, her own clothing line, and her band’s music as a whole. The electronic rock, dance-inspired group just released a mini-LP titled 'Pills From Strangers.' You can listen to the track “Bloodstream” below, which sounds like LCD Soundsytem meets The Sounds. Coming off of a crazed CMJ performance, the band is known for their live presence and energy. They’re set to headline Mercury Lounge on December 3rd. – Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)


Free Download: "Where Did They Go" - Khari Mateen

Khari Mateen has been steadily building his reputation as a producer in Philly's hip-hop community. However, the classically-trained musician and multi-instrumentalist has also continued to forge out on his own. Here's a track from his latest EP Qualia: Fall that demonstrates Mateen's diverse ear as he blasts through the rollicking garage-blues number called "Where Did They Go," which was created to help draw attention to people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). You can stream the single below and download it for free.


November 2013
Cloud Becomes Your Hand
""Rock of Cakes"

Psychedelia is often associated with big guitar parts, lots of reverb, and a sound that's at once surreal and epic - I guess that's the heritage left by bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd. But there's a less grandiose, more playful and varied current of psychedelia, more interested in the bizarrely kaleidoscopic side of dreaming. Forged and explored in depth by The Beatles, it was rehashed most famously by Olivia Tremor Control at the turn of the millennium, and less famously (but brilliantly) by XTC with their side project The Dukes of Stratosphear in the mid 80s. This is the sonic ground were Brooklyn's Cloud Becomes Your Hand draws inspiration, adding to the mix their penchant for crooked, almost jazzy melodies, which place them on similar songwriting terrain as other heavily experimental but gentle sounding NYC bands like Dirty Projectors and Celestial Shore (both past Deli Records of the Month). These elements make of "Rock of Cakes" a psych-pop album without pop melodies (therefore not really pop music) but nonetheless extremely imaginative and enjoyable. Stream the full album here and see the band live at Roulett on Sunday 03.02.

LINKS: John McGovern Interview with Cloud Becomes your Hand

Weekly Feature: Denitia and Sene's dream soul

There’s something to be said about a newborn band that already has their own, unique sound. Smooth, soulful and dreamy at once, denitia and sene. merge genres to create their own penthouse lounge style music. Self-described as “film noir for audiophiles,” they are both mellow and dramatic, creating that perfect “rainy day” feel. Tracks like 'Again (New Ride)' could easily be featured in a modern day romance flick, while 'Casanova' is almost danceable. Going back to the slow and sensual R&B sounds of the 1990s, d&s play with nostalgia both through their sound and their lyrics, which makes them dangerously charming. - LINKS: Paul Jordan Talbot interview with denitia and sene.




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