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New Music Video: "Dreaming #26" - The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits just premiered a subtly beautiful new music video that perfectly matches their track, "Dreaming #26," from the band's full-length album Cool Cool Cool, over at The Key yesterday. It was filmed and edited by Caitlin McCann on location at HotBox Studios. The Lawsuits will be performing on Sunday, July 27 on the River Stage at XPoNential Music Fest in Camden. Enjoy!

The Lawsuits - Dreaming #26 (official music video) from Dog Days Films


Bear in the Campsite, "Hotel Infinity"

I know the signifigance of Hotel Infinity; it was the only hotel near Joshua Tree, CA where, in 1970, the Beatles, burnt out tripping hard on peyote, decided to move permanently to the States and reinvent themselves as a rock country band.  This isn't true, but it IS the title of the most recent EP of Bear in the Campsite.  And while the group presents as a solid, alt-leaning garage band, there are moments in the EP that are like flashes of an alternate universe.  The way guitar riff opens "Obsession" sounds a little like the Fab Four retracing Gram Parson's footsteps, and "Nothing at All" has a few sharp veers towards 60's pop.  The band is heading into Cherrybox Studios at the end of this month to lay down some new tunes, but not before a few shows.  The first of which will be at fooBar this Friday, with And the Giraffe and Moe's Anthill, followed by a show at Springwater this Saturday.  Check out their Facebook for updates on their new music, which may or may not pay homage to the Beatle's Hell's Angels years.  -Terra James-Jura



NYC Hip Hop goes places: Sisyphus

What do you get when you cross the ethereal melodies of Sufjan Stevens, the quixotic MCing of Serengeti, and the post-rock hip-hop production of NYC’s Son Lux? Like discovering some new breed of Dodo bird with reptilian traits deep in the rain forests of Papua, New Guinea, it’s exciting and bewildering, and it makes your belly jitter like you just ate an espresso omelet. It’s Sisyphus' sweet funk with social awareness. It’s booty popping for peace. It’s a fun house mirror that reveals all your insecurities and makes you feel stronger. Unlike the Sisyphus of lore, it is a boulder you won’t mind pushing up the hill over and again for days to come. - BrokeMc


Darling Din to Release Debut EP on August 9th

Darling Din will release their debut EP on August 9th. Each track of the EP is accompanied by handmade collage works that piece the album's story together. Download their free single "Killing To Be Bright" and attend their release show on August 9th at The Gutter in Williamsburg to understand the story. Representative of their style as an indie pop-rock band, their collages showcase earth tones, patriotic icons, and folkloric items. According to lead singer Jaeggi, "the tracks are textured with vintage guitar riffs, fearless drums, and an elephant bass backbone." Made with love, the digital album cover is a tribute to her father, who passed away recently. -Rebecca Blandon



The punk rock band Counterpunch is releasing their new album, Brusies, on August 5th via Cyber Tracks. The band recently released the album's first single "Destroyed By Lions". The band is touring Europe all summer.




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