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NYC Record of the Month: Pupppy - live at Aviv (08.25) and Palisades (09.05)

Originally the solo project of singer and songwriter Will Rutledge, Pupppy (yes, three "p"s) is a Purchase and NYC based indie-rock outfit that has since evolved into a quartet. Debut album "Shit in the Apple Pie," was released back in April and the band just recently finished touring in support of it. The record is an oddly satisfying mixture of poppy melodies contrasted by rough-sounding instrumentation and filled with an assortment of cynical and depressive lyrics. The first single from the record, "Beans," perfectly embodies the group's overall attitude, as Rutledge sings, "My foot is stuck / In my mouth / Until I shove it all the way down / To the bottom of my throat / Then I puke / Truth all over you." Influences from early slacker pop pioneers such as Pavement and The Lemonheads, and at times also The Pixies (who only slacked on Kim Deal's songs) are present throughout the record, especially on the tracks "Puking (Merry Christmas)," and "Or Maybe We're Not." Overall, "Shit in the Apple Pie" is a solid debut containing 9 refreshingly catchy indie-rock / pop tunes. The band's second album is currently in the works and you can catch them at Aviv on August 29th or at Palisades on September 5th. - Patrick Wolff

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


New Track: Honey Radar "Bird Bath Math"

Take a listen to “Bird Bath Math” off of Honey Radar’s latest EP The Cop’s Dream. Available via Milwaukee’s Stale Heat Records, the Jason Henn’s spoken from the mountain top vocals find a casual jangly guitar and snappy percussion in the psych-garage valley. Honey Radar drifts into PhilaMOCA August 28 with Sheer Mag and Royal Headache.


The Aches @ Lincoln Hall

The Aches released their latest EP, Your Broken Hand, back in April. The EP is an addictive blend of shoegaze and folk rock. Colin and Christiana Flanigan blend their vocals perfectly to add a complexity to the band's storytelling.

You can catch The Arches @ Lincoln Hall on August 13th with Clip Art, The Jellies, and Art & Letters


Premiere: Guy Fox - Antique Furniture

It's an absolute pleasure for us to premiere the San Francisco based band, Guy Fox's new single, Antique Furniture! Guy Fox's brand of avant indie pop music is always well produced and encompasses unique electro-pop touches that raise the bar for emerging independent artists who yearn to stand out from the crowd. Their upcoming full length album, Night Owl will be released on August 21st! Night Owl embarks into evolutionary territory for the band. Staying true to their signature sound this record is a listenable version of the energetic live set for which they’ve become known for.

Peter Granquist can be found behind the drum lending vocals along Nate Witherbee who also plays host to synthesizer, guitar, piano and song writing. Greg Waters primarily contributes guitar and saxophones, while bassist Charlie Moore accompanies on vocals and synthesizer.

"This album is the labor of nearly two years of recording at Tiny Telephone Studios in Sand Francisco's Mission District. We sculpted each track over days of recording, using analog equipment to construct the most unusual, ear-catching sounds we could find and recording them to 2 inch tape. The album's theme is the aimlessness and endless reinvention that is a communal trait of today's 20-somethings. These themes are set to upbeat, dance grooves, trying to convince the listener that the answer to life's uncertainties can be found in the release of a good dance party." -Peter Granquist


Brooklyn-via-Helsinki singer/songwriter Janita’s latest album, ‘Didn’t You, My Dear?’

Blending such disparate genres as R&B, folk, and blues into a darkly beautiful meditation on life’s inherent dramas, ‘Didn’t You, My Dear?’ by Brooklyn-via-Helsinki singer/songwriter Janita is perhaps the most ideal kind of album: striking in both musicianship and emotion. Radiohead’s seminal ‘OK Computer’ seems to have influenced the anxious yet ultimately serene aura of these songs—particularly the guitar-guided search for peace, “Easing into Sanity” (streaming below)—but Janita’s deft ability to put ferocity atop warmth is what is remarkable. “I used to do tricks,/I used to run after sticks,/I used to play ball with all you pricks,” she brusquely sings over waltzing guitars and drums on “Who’s Gonna Tell the Wolf She’s Not a Dog,” anger giving way to calm. – Zach Weg


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